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If You Are The Child Of An Illegal You Are a "Dreamer"

posted 9/5/2017 5:13:22 PM |
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If You Are The Child Of An American You Are A Racist, A KKK Member A Nazi.

*Why are the children of illegals given preference to get into colleges taking the place of our children just because the sick America hating left calls them "Dreamers?" And why are OUR children paying for THEIR tuition? Sure these people have a dream. It's called come to America and get everything free.

*Why are the children of illegals taking the jobs that should be filled by the children of AMERICANS when our own children can't find jobs?

*Why are our children paying taxes to pay for the children of illegals to get a free education, free college tuition and a free welfare ride AT THEIR EXPENSE when they should be saving that money FOR THEIR OWN CHILDREN!


*And where are all these illegals who are living on welfare and handouts from taxpaying Americans getting the bus fare to infest our cities with these fascist protests?

Maybe they should try going back to the sewer countries they came from and protest there and see what happens! Shut down a street in YOUR country to protest and see what the result is.

I hope they round up all of these ungrateful jerks AND DEPORT THEM. They are not part of MY children's dreams. They are part of their nightmares.

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Sep 5 @ 5:50PM  
780,000 dreamers.... f*** them! What about the 950,000 African American youth of dreamer age that are unemployed? What about the 750,000 Latino American youth of dreamer age that are unemployed? Who the hell is taking their jobs?

These dreamers are not picking tomatoes. They are driving trucks, working in factories and restaurants. Boot them out! My people belong here because our voices were first heard here thousands of years ago...we belong. You guys came over and paved it all...but you worked and built it up.

Together we are Americans...through blood, sweat and tears we built the place up...we showed you guys how to survive the 1st few winters...then you showed us tech stuff and here we are.

Now these illegals want a piece of the pie...our way jose! Jobs for and you both.


Sep 5 @ 7:42PM  
Dear DACA Kids:
Want to be angry at someone today?
Be angry at Obama who, 5yrs ago, abused and usurped the US Constitution.
Be angry at Obama. He brought you here.

Sep 5 @ 8:23PM  
Northern... I have to comment on your post.

That is a perspective from a Native American I have never heard before.


So glad to hear your point of view about all of us being AMERICANS first and the contributions we have ALL made to building this country,

And you are absolutely right. How can you justify even a single person who is here illegally holding a job when even ONE American doesn't have one? Black, brown, red, yellow, whatever... we are all Americans and WE SHOULD COME FIRST. .... PERIOD.

Sep 6 @ 2:14AM  
Wow you people are scaredy cats. everyone who gave kudos to this blog is afraid of illusions. Don't fret they won't outbreed you.

Sep 7 @ 5:22PM  
At some point in order to stem the tide of Modern liberalism civil and individual rights must be reexamined and modified, even sacrificed. A good place to start is with our immigration policy. Congress will now have the opportuniy to do so but who has any confidence in them? Current Law is clear......they are illegal aliens. Sacrifice them before us.

Sep 7 @ 5:34PM  
Wow you people are scaredy cats. everyone who gave kudos to this blog is afraid of illusions.
I beg your pardon. I gave a kudo, as I always do on DR's blogs, and I'm not afraid of anything.

Sep 7 @ 6:30PM  
Liberals love the label 'Dreamer'. It just FEELS right to them with its positive connotation. DEPORT

Sep 7 @ 6:55PM  
You see to the left this is asymmetric warfare. The same kind all terrorists are fond of.

Make all illegals out to be YOUNG and DREAMERS.

Then make all Americans out to be OLD and RACIST.

Once you have brainwashed people into believing these false representations just try and argue against it. The idea is to box anyone who dares challenge them into looking bad.

IGNORE IT! Fight them with everything you've got. These are FASCISTS.
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