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Ye hurricane Melvin.

posted 9/6/2017 9:49:47 AM |
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tagged: satire

Ye hurricane Melvin beist right behind Irma. This beist ye monster hurricane full of ye hot air. It wanders aimlessly but will comest at you. No one wants it but here it beist.

Go away Melvin! Thou art just trouble! It bringest only strife and angst and destruction.
There beist no rhyme or reason to it. It beist not intelligent...after all it beist composed only of hot air. A giant ball of flatulence as it were.

Prepare for Melvin dear brethern as it is like a bad smell that just won't leave. Not a force of nature, but rather a farce of nature.

God bless all.

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Sep 6 @ 10:15AM  
A giant gas ball of methane. That describes Melvin pretty good. Hopefully the thing will just break up on it's own and we won't have to deal with it anymore.
Kudo for lighting things up. With all the hurricane related stress out there, a laugh or two is sorely needed at this time.

Sep 6 @ 10:22AM  
Verily sister Zulu,
our thoughts and prayers beith,
with ye folk that beist,
impacted by Harvey,
and those soon to beist,
with Irma.

As to those who allow,
Melvin to get under,
thy skin,
Melvin is to be mocked,
as the gasbag beist,
merely hot air.

God bless thee,
sister Zulu.

Sep 6 @ 10:30AM  
Great blog Fred! Kudos

Sep 6 @ 10:39AM  
Thank ye brother Willy,
be wary of Melvin,
as this beith not ye,
wind of gifts and merriment,
but rather it beith ye wind,
of crap and irritation.

Best to avoid hurricane Melvin,
at all costs.

God bless thee,
brother Willy.

Sep 6 @ 10:47AM  
Verily. And a most interesting blog. now that
eYe have appeared-- with my pal,
Big Government Duck.

489. Lost in the Supermarket/ ye clash
Oo1. Love will tear us apart / joy division

490. Like a hurricane* / n young
...} kexp 539. Seattle WA
But technically an insane Himacain.


Sep 6 @ 10:53AM  
Verily cryptic brother Roberto,
ye "Himacain" cat 6 beith ye myth,
as cat 5 beith ye max.

A very merry birthday,
to thee,
and a very merry unbirthday,
to the birth of ye,
hurricane Melvin,
may it dissapate into a wisp,
of empty rhetoric.


Sep 6 @ 11:01AM  
The creepy story of Melvin

Sep 6 @ 12:01PM  
Now for something more interesting. The 3 Tenors O Sole Mio 1994,

Sep 6 @ 12:24PM  
Thank ye brother Willy,

Sister Pompometh,
ye deliberately tried to streeeeeeech mine blog,
with thy -----------,
ye therefore forced me to delete,
kindly grow up dear sister,
as thy art 62 years old,
according to those in the,
know here.

God bless thee brother Willy,
a curse apon thee,
childish sister Pompometh.

Sep 6 @ 12:27PM  
Even the strongest cat Hurricanes, wind down and disperse eventually, after running out of hot air and resistance due to 'landmarks' beyond their control!!


Sep 6 @ 12:30PM  
Fredie, I truly was not going to comment on your blog. I will admit that it gave me a chuckle. But now I see that asm is threatening anyone who dares to comment on this blog.
Well asm I have just done bring it on MELVIN.

Kudo just to piss asm off.

Sep 6 @ 12:30PM  
ye deliberately tried to streeeeeeech mine blog,
with thy -----------,

A simple line cannot stretch the page, you obviously missed why I posted it.

Sep 6 @ 12:35PM  
Brother Z, yes landfall will do this,
Cuba beith 6,500 feet above sea level,
this should weaken Irma.

Northern brother asm (Melvin),
seeks to control by intimidation,
but ye are of sterner stuff,
as are all who had the fortitude,
to comment without fear of,
ye reprisals.

Sister Pompometh,
ye post did streeeeeech mine blog,
when I did delete,
mine blog went back to normal.

God bless all 3 of ye.

Sep 6 @ 12:40PM  
P.S. mine full name beith,
Frederick Putz.

Sep 6 @ 12:46PM  
Oh forgive me Frederick Putz, my page didn't stretch.

Sep 6 @ 12:48PM  
Hey Fred. This is fun. That line in the sand sure has people scared. I'm shaking in my boots. How about you?

Sep 6 @ 12:48PM  
Sister Pompometh,
that beith because ye use,
Firefox, most of us do not.


Sep 6 @ 12:50PM  
Brother Willy,
the line in ye sand,
beith in Melvin's sandbox,
as he beith ye child,
we do not so easily,


Sep 6 @ 12:58PM  
"Line in the sand"? Who the heck does Simpleton think he is? Anyway we here in Georgia have been getting wet with a bit of wind from what is left of Harvey. Not really much of an effect.
I think Irma will hit us here harder. As to hurricane has been said by others...just a lot of hot air.

Life is but a peach...enjoy.

Sep 6 @ 1:04PM  
Pssst good brother Fred.... methink the sad name caller likes you .... Either that or most likely, jealous that you get comments on your blogs.... that your blogs are entertaining and not political and, lastly but mostly.... that you have a whole harem full of lovelies. If that makes you a putz, more power to you! Enjoy it all my brother!

Sep 6 @ 1:04PM  
Sister Sock, didst thou givest me ye kudo?
if ye didst I thank ye,
this beist mine blog with the most kudos,
that I ever gotest.
As to hurricane Harvey, we (Arkansas) didst get ye,
strong winds with some trees snapped,
and a few roof tiles off etc.,
much rain as well.

God bless thee,
sister Sock.

Sep 6 @ 1:07PM  
Brave brother First,
yet another who fears not,
but will post as he sees fit.

I Frederick Putz of MD,
do thank all posters who refuse,
to be intimidated.

God bless thee,
brother First.

Sep 6 @ 1:14PM  
Hey now Brother Putz... virtual threats from a sad and lonely paper tiger safely behind his little scren, surely are nothing to be sneezed at

Sep 6 @ 1:17PM  
But brother First,
he beist not merely ye,
"lonely paper tiger",
he beist ye,
Hurricane Melvin!


Sep 6 @ 1:20PM  
Brother Z, yes landfall will do this,
Cuba beith 6,500 feet above sea level,
this should weaken Irma.

Sorry, brother fred... I was referring to people who live here in MD only to badger others (hot air) that don't think like they do and eventually will 'disperse' with enough 'landmark' resistance (opponents) in their path!!


Sep 6 @ 1:24PM  
Brother Z,
I beist from Arkansas,
if that beist not enough,
of ye excuse for my lack,
of comprehension,
then tell me brother,
what would be?


Sep 6 @ 1:44PM  
I try to tell people that want to move to FL not to because we have extremely windy summers, brutal heat and if we aren't on fire then we are flooded.

Not to mention we can't count or vote properly.

But we can throw a real mean hurricane party!


Sep 6 @ 2:03PM  
Mine is the pain of regret, that I shouldst miss the frivolities of slanderous ravings whilst
away during mine trek to distant kingdoms. Be it said thusly: He who sketches ye
lines in yon sand useth an instrument of pink, with ink amber in colour and of foul stench.
Better that said artist lose his quill than foul thy virtual canvas with verbal vitriol, trollsome
in nature.

I choose not to discolour mine armour with insignia of allegiance; let Common Sense alone
be the arbiter of whose oath be true and just, and whose blather be bullshit.
Sir Milk of Magnesia

Sep 6 @ 2:28PM  
Brother Z,
I beist from Arkansas,
if that beist not enough,
of ye excuse for my lack,
of comprehension,
then tell me brother,
what would be?

Well... I could have been more direct about my meaning instead of being 'cute' about it but, at least we're on the same page now!


Sep 6 @ 2:40PM  
Sister Fayv, methinks that,
I shall not retireth,
in ye Florida paradise.

Brother Smoke,
verily thy art the,
poet laureate of MD.

Brother Z, creepy brother Moon,
doth writest today thus:
"He writes so stupid" or something,
to that effect on Melvin's blog,
once he wrote "Fred writes like he's gay",
but I am the one with 305 maidens,
on my friendship list,
while brother Moon can't even,
geteth his dog to play with him,
even if he hath raw liver,
hanging from his belt.

God bless ye three.


Sep 6 @ 2:52PM  
So...if we comment on this blog @A_Simple_Man is going to presume that we have "crossed a line"?
I don't know too many members that will run in fear of that. Count me in as a line crosser.

This is a cute blog and here is another kudo.

Sep 6 @ 2:58PM  
Sister Beetle, there beist,
13 line crossers on this blog, will brother asm,
turn into his alter ego,
namely "Hurricane Melvin" and lay waste,
to all of us?
Methinks he may have bitten off,
more than he can chewiest.

God bless thee,
sister Beetle.

Sep 6 @ 4:09PM  
Frederick Putz, don't be too hard on asm, 'cause if you are then you might end up chasing him away. Every site needs a laughing stock and Melvin is ours.
Just think of how it would be without him. The guy is nuts. But nuts are is really fascinating to see him trying to be normal and to fit in. Let him be, yes poke fun at him but don't go too far and chase him off. We need him for comic relief in these trying times.
Thanks for all the laughs Fred, even if it is at asm's expense. .../kudo/.

Sep 6 @ 4:22PM  
Brother Stat,
brother asm beith "nuts" as ye,
hath stated, being thus ,
he knoweth not that he beist,
ye "laughing stock", he doth indeed,
taketh himself rather seriously.
So dear brother,
crazy Melvin will remain,
and doeth his job,
performing as ye MD clown,
a job he doith so well.


Sep 6 @ 7:18PM  
Not nice!

I get it... We all don't get along sometimes.
If you have a problem with him.... Call him out and say exactly what the problem is.

If you don't like his opinion... Okay, but we are all entitled to our opinion.
This meeds to stop.

That's my opinion...

Sep 6 @ 7:24PM  
Self righteous sister Angel,
verily taketh ye valium,
if ye don't like it,
then don't read mine blogs,
or better yet,
don't comment on them.

In ye meantime,
continue to preach to everyone,
as thy are wont to do,
ye must verily beist,
ye life of the party.

Sep 6 @ 8:21PM  
Alrighty then...

Was just trying to help keep the peace...

Carry on and enjoy your shit fest!
I can see how proud of it you are..... I guess I thought you were a better person than that...

Sorry...... My mistake!

Sep 6 @ 9:24PM  
Petty sister Angel,
have to have ye last word do ye?
well sister I knowest ye feeling.

So quickly...
ye true colors doth come out,
if pressed just a little,
I hath seen this from ye before,
with many others.

I shall pray,
that the angel of humility,
visit thee as she beith sorely needed,
by thee.


Sep 7 @ 7:10AM  
How did your blog about a certain pitiful individual become the catalyst for a pity party for another pathetic one? It takes so little to unhinge some people

Sep 7 @ 10:32AM  
Brother First,
liberals, all liberals havist ye,
mental health issues.
Brother asm is on ye permanent pity trip,
"I've been blocked! How could they!"
Sister Angel hath written about her,
battles with ye bottle,
so liberals helping liberals,
beith ye blind helping ye blind to see.

God bless thee,
brother First,
and may God help ye liberals.

Sep 7 @ 10:44AM  
Melvin has really turned into a hurricane! He has yet another the blog where he is threatening anybody who comments on this blog. "I've got a long memory".

Funny thing is that he has made a virtual career of insulting and mocking other members on here. Does he not realize that the members he put down over the years, have long memories too?

Does he not get that there is always a karma/payback to this type of behavior?

His chickens have finally come home to roost and he just doesn't like the eggs that they are laying. It's an inconvenient truth, but the facts are that YOU asm are the real "PUTZ" here, not Fred.

Sep 7 @ 10:56AM  
Brother Stat,
ye beith wrong,
for I am Frederick Putz of MD,
therefore I beist ye,


Sep 7 @ 11:16AM  
With the neverending insults and derogatory terms both continually throw at most other members (no doubt to attempt to appear superior in some way ), I've been wondering if Melvin might not have some kinfolk in the great state of Kentuck ! And his threats and trying to control who comments on whose blogs are as pathetic and sad, as they are ASSinine!
And yea... it's easy to see those who hit the bottle once too often
And Brother Fred is the one and only original Frederick Putz of Maryland! Wear it proudly my brother

Sep 7 @ 11:20AM  
Brother First,
I beist in Arkansas,
but if ye hurricanes cometh here,
I shall travel to Maryland,
Baltimore beist as goode,
a place to take refuge as any.


Sep 7 @ 11:30AM  
Humor is subjective Fred. @A-Simple-Man had a choice here as I see it. He could have been good natured about this light hearted blog and gone along with the joke, as a man with a big heart would have. Or he could have become defensive and lashed out. His friend came on here and in a depressed/anxiety type of mode turned it all into drama.

It's all subjective and levity is in the eye of the beholder or it's not.

Sep 7 @ 11:35AM  
Fred, you know why I said Maryland??.... it's where my fiancee is, and I must have had her on my mind (as always . When I see "MD", I think of the state... not of this dusty little old site !

Sep 7 @ 11:41AM  
I do thank both,
goode brother First,
and sister Beetle,
for thy perspectives.

Verily we all see the same things,
but interpret them differently.

Liberals do not laugh,
instead they cry,
and complain,
and in weakness ask ye,
government to do all,
while conservatives,
feel pride,
and fend for themselves.

It all has to do with,


God bless ye my 2 conservative friends.

We see the differences here,
even on this blog.

Sep 7 @ 11:57AM  
And now for a musical interlude. Homeless Man Plays Piano Beautifully (Sarasota, FL) (ORIGINAL) Looks like he hasn't had a meal in months.
But he's in the zone enjoying that piano.

Sep 7 @ 12:01PM  
Stat...I know who you are. I also know that you created this sock because Drac was stretching the blog pages. But lately Drac has been flying straight and even giving good advice. So leave him alone please. I am asking you to delete your it for me o.k.?....thanks.

Sep 7 @ 12:01PM  
Count your blessings one by one.

Sep 7 @ 12:08PM  
Sister Pompometh,
please do not hijack.

Brother Northern,
in spite of thy,
anger management issues,
ye havist ye goode heart.


Sep 7 @ 12:11PM  
Fred I notice you are quite unkind.

Sep 7 @ 12:13PM da man......(but you're actually a woman) I'm going to e-mail you on my hunch........THANK YOU!

Sep 7 @ 12:18PM  
Sister Pompometh,
I beist ye assistant,
supervisor at ye workplace.
I needest to beist unkind,
in order to produce results,
it beith what I doith,
but while I beist so,
my heart beith not in it.

Some of ye here beist as ,
petulant children,
and children,
needest ye guidelines,
and needest to be scolded.


Sep 7 @ 12:24PM  
mean-spirited is a better description.

Sep 7 @ 12:28PM  
Yes sister Pompometh,
I can beith so,
an eye for an eye,
a tooth for a tooth.

I beist not a lamb for the slaughter,
the Christian knights in the holyland,
were terrible in nature,
but offered food and comfort,
(Knights Templer) to those,
who they deemed salvageable.

God himself shows little mercy,
to ye unjust.
Verily I havist ye,
two sides.
I at least am honest about it,
while ye profess to be all goode,
but we seeist the truth....hypocrite.


Sep 7 @ 12:31PM  
How do you know I am not good at everything I do?

Sep 7 @ 12:35PM  
Fred....for the love of God block the bitch or just ignore her!!!!! This is what she lives for. Its' always about her. She comes on everyone's blogs and makes it all about her.
Please it or she takes over yet another blog.

Sep 7 @ 12:39PM  
^^ and who is the bitch? I'm not playing your game LIAR.

Sep 7 @ 12:39PM  
Wise sister Zulu,
ye beith right,
I thank ye for setting me straight.
I shall ignore her,
if she posts one after the other,
I shall just delete.

God bless the,
sister Zulu.
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