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Hurricane Prep

posted 9/6/2017 5:46:06 PM |
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tagged: hurricane

The news has chaos going on all over FL making people panic and turn into ass holes in the stores or lines for commodities. Rude Rude Rude, glad I'm not witnessing it first hand but pics and posts are flying like crazy.

I did pick up on some good hurricane hacks off of FB. Tonight I am charging up the rechargable batteries, the laptop, flashlights and candles. I brought home all my important papers, passports etc and will enclose them in the dishwasher for safe keeping. Freezing up bags of ice. I have two bathtubs that can be filled with water and the washing machine can be filled with ice.

I need to get rum and vodka but won't get around to it, I'm sure. Still have not commited to leaving yet but I may have to make up my mind tomorrow. I don't think I will go in my son's SUV because I don't want to leave my poor car behind. If it gets in waist deep water, it will be ruined, of because i JUST paid the damn thing off. HA HA you got to love the irony.

And as in many years past, all this prep and the hurricane may never come, then again Harvey didn't hold back on Texas. It's just a crap shoot.

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Sep 6 @ 5:48PM  
My downtown office is in like a glass building. I wish it luck. There are some old oaks right outside my floor to ceiling glass wall. I have the heeby jeebies thinking of that building.

Sep 6 @ 5:53PM  
If it comes your way, the south of Florida should slow it down quite a bit.

Sep 6 @ 6:10PM  
This is not a hurricane that is bearing down on FL.'s a monster. Compared to this thing Harvey was just a sneeze.....185 m.p.h. sustained one even thought that was possible.

Good luck on whatever'll need it.

Sep 6 @ 6:20PM  
Whever this storm hit's...this is a whopper of a hurricane..

Sep 6 @ 6:36PM  
You be careful Fay!!
I mean that!

Sep 6 @ 7:23PM  

Sep 6 @ 7:25PM  
there's still people trying to leave texas and can't......

Sep 6 @ 7:29PM  
Gotta agree with Drac on this one. There is this little island by the name of Barbuda. I've never even heard of it. They just now showed on t.v. what happened when Irma hit it an hour ago. It looks like it got blasted by 1,000 nuclear bombs!
Get out now...head up kidding!

Sep 6 @ 8:23PM  
Its certainly not looking like a pretty picture !!

Sep 6 @ 9:08PM  
I agree with Drac as well...

Get out while you still can!
Safety first!!!

Take care!!!

Sep 6 @ 9:08PM  
I agree with Drac as well...

Get out while you still can!
Safety first!!!

Take care!!!

Sep 6 @ 10:22PM  
Be safe! My downstairs neighbor has two brothers, both living in FL. We have our fingers crossed.

Sep 7 @ 1:37AM  
Stay safe.

Sep 7 @ 3:07AM  
If you are staying in Florida because you don't want to miss work, then you are a fool, if you sacrifice your life for your boss, then that only proves that you really never had a life to begin with. The hell with that thinking, that's called stinking thinking. Take care of yourself, jobs will always be there, GET THE HELL OUT.

I got no reason, to lie to you
What's in the cards, that's what I do
I was born a-running and laughing out loud
With my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds
You better run, oh baby you better run
I got a blade like lightning, silver bullets in my gun
I'm short and I'm tall, I'm black and I'm white
Sometimes I be wrong, sometimes I be right
I'm iron and steel, I'm bad to the bone
This hurricane's big trouble, honey you better leave your home
I seen 'em come, and I seen 'em go,
but this one's a monster, and it's gonna blow
I'm talking in pictures and I'm painting them black,
I seen Irma coming honey in a casket Cadillac

Sep 7 @ 3:12AM  
I appreciate the updates on the situation even though you're potentially in danger. You'll always have my support because that's what we should do for each other as a country in crisis.

I also think it's good to laugh about it(as you did). Sometimes a very serious situation can steal all of your peace and joy until there's nothing left.

Sep 7 @ 3:28AM  
Irma and jose are on their way to florida.

Sep 7 @ 4:54AM  
People up here in NC are prepping for that storm as well, If it missed Florida and cmes up the east coast with all that rain the Cape Fear will have most of Fayetteville under water, My house on the other hand sits on high ground well away from any waterways, Learned my lessong back in the 90s when I lost almost every thing my kids and I owned in a hurricane flood,

Sep 7 @ 8:04AM  
Well this blog scared me worse than the news. I thought my decision would be to stay today because all the roads are jammed pack with southern Floridians heading north.

Maybe, just maybe I will head north in the morning with my son's family.


I'm certainly not staying for the job nor would my boss ask any of us to. Hell our building is closing down - with no one in or out after a certain time.

I'm thinking my complex is safe in central FL however there is a good chance I will lose my Tampa home if the Gulf coast gets hit.

Crap crap crap.

Sep 7 @ 8:38AM  
I might be completely wrong but I feel Irma will hit Cuba hard and then do a strong right turn to go back into the Atlantic. Sometimes the Tao has a sense of humour to find all those vehicles on the roads back home. I'm the eternal optimist, you have to be.

Sep 7 @ 8:39AM  

Sep 7 @ 12:52PM  
The way I look at it, is if you stay and have to balls to face something that extremely huge, then I wouldn't mess with you
and i'm loco.

Sep 7 @ 6:18PM  
Bad news, experts are amazed at how Hurricane Jose has doubled in power in the last 24 hours. This thing is 3 days behind Irma and is heading for Florida they tell us. And get this, behind Jose are 2 more tropical storms which are gaining power and are expected to morph into hurricanes.
This means that Florida could get slammed by 4 hurricanes back to back in the next 2 weeks!

Get out now, head north and stay there for the rest of the month!

Sep 7 @ 9:40PM  
It just keeps getting worse. Now hurricane Jose has TRIPLED in power. It has already turned into a cat 3. They are saying that it will easily become a cat 5 in 2 days.
This means that whatever is still standing after Irma hits will be flattened by Jose.


Sep 8 @ 2:00AM  
I'm not saying I will survive this storm but I've decided not to run. I'm stocked up. Four hurricanes ran over FLORIDA in 2004. Charlie went right over my house. It was my husband's first hurricane and he didn't want to run. We went out in the eye where the twilight zone dead quiet is. So Eerie. We ran for the next hurricane but the hurricane turned and once again we were right in it but in Tampa that time.

I'm going to say I'll probably lose power, be miserable, get wet but I should survive.

I better get some rum.


Sep 8 @ 8:44AM  
Finally some positive news! Irma has just now been downgraded to a cat 4 hurricane. Instead of a cat 5 with sustained winds of 185 and gusts of 215 it is now flying at 150.
Also hurricane Jose's trajectory is now going to take it north up the Atlantic ocean, probably missing landfall.


Sep 8 @ 9:16AM  
It turns out that no one I know is leaving, even my son's family chose to stay today, they went and got sand bags. My daughter has to work today. My boss flies in from Lithunia tomorrow (Sat) at 3pm, the airport is closing at 5pm until further notice. She is cutting it close.

I never have sweets in this house but I broke down this morning and bought two kinds of cookies and milk. When the power goes out, while I'm listening to the screaming winds, gonna much on some cookies and milk by candlelight.

Sep 8 @ 9:19AM  
I figure it this way, it is a nightmare to evacuate, the roads have been non-stop, bumper to bumper, fender benders galore, no gas or terribly long lines. Nahh I take my nightmare in my own home, rather than a chance of being stranded in a car or dealing with all the miserable assholes on the road.

Sep 8 @ 10:43AM  
There is more positive news, but it's all relative I guess. A senior meteorologist says that Orlando will get between 105-110 m.p.h. winds. Now that's not a good thing, but it's a hell of a lot better than the 150 m.p.h. that Miami and the keys will be getting.

Sep 8 @ 5:40PM  
Most of the claims here are outdated, exaggerated, or just plain wrong. For accurate information, shut off the TV and ignore the outdated or fake internet news. Go to National Hurricane Center

Click on the Irma icon on the map, and get the Facts. You can click on "Wind Probs" and get numerical, factual data, by city, on what you can expect in wind. Other people rehash NOAA's data, but NOAA/NHS is the most accurate. It is updated every 3 hours, while other broadcasts continue with older information. NHS has experienced, professional meteorologists, not empty headed, pretty boy/big boob presenters trying to build an audience with exaggeration.
A neighbor told me we are dead on target for 185 MPH winds. In fact, Irma is downgraded to Class 4, at 150 MPH, will weakens as it passes over land, and the center of probable path is 140 miles East of us. Get the FACTS and ignore the doomsday prophets. Stay safe, and hopefully I can post when Irma has passed.

Prep, yes. Panic, no. Stay calm. I'll end with a bit of poetry, albeit, paraphrased:

All I require my love,
Is a bottle of rum and you.
And if thou art not available,
The bottle of rum will do.

Sep 8 @ 6:00PM  
he ^ is so brave, he will stand in 150 mph winds,,,,,,,,he^ is full of shyt. He's a blow hard old man who hates God. Put you faith in him, NEVER!

Sep 8 @ 6:51PM  
I tip a glass of rum to you Tom!

I'm prepared. I am not panicking but also I did not get a wink of sleep last night. I don't feel nervous but I am, not for me but for all family and friends. No one is running. We all want to be in our own homes.

My sisters beach house and one niece so far has had to evac. One co-worker too.


Sep 8 @ 11:54PM  
Irma is back up to a cat 5. Orlando is slated to receive 3-6 feet storm surge. I hope you are high enough up. Your vehicle might be in rough shape when this is all over.(wet) Best of luck to you.

Sep 9 @ 6:36AM  
Yep - this very well may be a decision to buy a new vehicle after this is over.

I so remember after Charlie I wanted to move away from FL but I've grown up with hurricanes for over 60 yrs. I've walked in waste deep water to get to my house.

I'm scared a little, okay maybe a lot but I will probably survive. I live near the Maitland Police Dept so my electricity should be on one of the grids to come back up first along with the hospitals.

First floor apartment is going to get wet. It is much to late to run, nothing left to do but ride out the storm. I wish all Floridians luck, especially to those of you in south FL - you are going to take the brunt of the storm and weaken it for us some.

Things can still change. All our phones went off around 5 or 6 with hurricane warning sirens. That scared the bejezuz out of me.

When the storm passes, is when Facebook shines and we can all check in with our stories, there will be a hurricane Irma check in for all in her path.

I am surprised at how many people abandon their pets. My folks and myself have never gone to a shelter because they didn't use to be pet friendly, however many are now and hotels lifted their pet restrictions.

What will be, will be!

Sep 9 @ 8:47AM  
Irma has shifted slightly to the west which is good news for Miami. They are still expected to get minimum 6 foot storm surge.
All the high rises on the beach will get flooded which means that the elevator shafts will get water. People that didn't evacuate will be stuck up in their apartments for a few days.

Naples will get the full brunt of the eye. Orlando is now slated to get 100-115 m.p.h. winds. Even as far north as Atlanta they are projected to get 70 m.p.h. winds.....CRAZY!

Sep 9 @ 10:19AM  
Northern, stop spreading fake news. You must be watching CNN.

Sep 9 @ 10:58AM  
ttom is right..

spreading old or spun news is not helping anyone..

I noticed today they are all about jose... while ignoring Irma..

but what little info I could see is that tampa will be hit the hardest..

while all of florida will be hit by a hell of a lot of rain..

meanwhile... no updates from Harvey....since congress appropriated 15 billion more dollars...

that SOME GOP diehards voted against..

what I want to know is...

what do they Know???

that I don't


Sep 9 @ 11:27AM  
Ttom, Drac is right..... you mare full of shit, don't ever tell me what I can and can't do old man.

Anyway Irmageddon has shifted 20 miles to the west which means that Miami will get 85-90 m.p.h winds. Not good but Miami will be o.k. Tampa on the other hand will get it far worse than was previously thought.


Sep 9 @ 2:20PM  
The experts are saying that Tallahassee will receive a minimum of 20" of rain in the next 5 days with a maximum of up to 30". There will also be storm surge along with that. Serious flooding will occur ....

Sep 9 @ 3:02PM  
Don't you have Mandatory Evacuation there.

Sep 9 @ 3:10PM  
Good luck to you Fayv. I was going to leave to go up north but Irma has changed course so stayed here in Savannah, things look good so far. We're going to get some high winds but nothing like you will get.

Sep 9 @ 3:16PM  
Well do the safest things .. get aways from windows, I still have memories of my windows blowing out from just the side winds of a tornado. So get away from the windows. I saw a couple that stayed through Harvey.. in their bathroom, with lots of comforters and pillows.

Sep 9 @ 3:26PM  
OK Northern, I'll tell you what you SHOULD do. Learn to read for comprehension and learn how to spell. Then you should check your sources so you will not appear so much a fool.

How's that?

Sep 9 @ 3:33PM  
PS Nrthern. Orlando will get no storm surge at all It is an inland city, not on the coast. You SHOULD study geography.

My Aunt Betty used to say "Empty boxes rattle the loudest" .

Sep 9 @ 5:49PM some respect, this is NOT your blog. Everything was humming along just fine until you had to do your little control/troll thing. Time to do some growing up, you old bastard.

Anyway back to topic, Tampa is now set to get first landfall as to Irma...good luck Tampa.

Sep 9 @ 8:20PM  
Funny ttom how those least affected and living in an igloo in Alaska become such experts on coastal regions and hurricanes. Reading some of their insensitive and absurd predictions isn't funny though. As in any crisis, it quickly becomes apparent from whom you should get your information.....and it isn't from some loon in the moon, or some Eskimo in Alaska.

Thanks for your on the scene comments and info. Both you and Fay stay safe.

Sep 10 @ 8:10AM  
Stay safely indoors Fay.

Sep 10 @ 8:26AM  
WOW Northern says Tallahassee is getting a storm surge ! ! !

With an altitude of about 175 feet above sea level, and being 50 miles inland that must be one he11 of a storm……..or a very cruel and vicious little man trying to panic gullible people at a very dangerous time.

Sep 10 @ 9:23AM  
^^^That is Tampa...not Talla...I'm not overly familiar with Florida cities and will admit that I got the 2 mixed bad. I wonder how versed you are with Alaska cities? An error like that could happen to anyone while typing in a hurry from your phone.

Sep 10 @ 12:24PM  
Posted 2 hours ago. A blog memoir of Miami destruction from Irma.

Crane broke in Miami, I kid you not. Scouts honour, do your own research,


Sep 10 @ 12:28PM  
Crane Collapses In Downtown Miami As Irma Hits Florida.

Sep 10 @ 12:31PM  
stock photos...

that have NOTHING to do with Irma...

two drama queens are now commenting...


Sep 10 @ 12:33PM  
f*** off jerk.

Sep 10 @ 3:38PM  
Remember I've been posting blogs for a year or more about how Orlando is under massive freeway improvement construction? Well there is construction equipment all over this city out in the open. This storm is going to do some massive damage to "under construction" progress.

Phone is staying busy with family and friends all checking on each other. I got so many invites to go to Tampa when Irma was first forcasting hitting Orlando. I was hoping it wouldn't go up the Gulf dammit but it looks like it is.

One thing for sure, you can't predict the path, this wind changes it's mind every couple of hours, warble east, warble west.

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