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My mistake...

posted 9/6/2017 10:38:53 PM |
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I make mistakes... I forget I shouldn't care.

I don't like to see people fight.
If you need to defend yourself then by all means. Go for it! I think people have the right to stand up for themselves.

I forgot when I see someone being attacked I'm supposed to stay quiet. Turn my head and don't look.

I forgot when I don't agree with something I should keep it to myself.

I forgot I'm not supposed to feel bad for people.

I forgot I'm not supposed to show compassion for anyone.

Maybe I should drug myself so I won't care... Then I won't forget I'm not supposed to.

I'm sorry I was so quick to call someone out on their bull shit! I wasn't supposed to do that... Because I'm not supposed to care...

Sorry... Don't pray for me. Pray on yourself.
I'll just try and remember... Not to care...

I'll keep it to myself from now on.

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Sep 6 @ 10:47PM  
you are giving him far too much power... you have the right to form your own opinions... and ho one can take that right away from you...

keep on caring... as there are far too many people who don't...


Sep 6 @ 11:28PM  
Sister Angel,
I hereby forgive ye,
for all thy many imperfections.


Sep 7 @ 1:36AM  
We must allow people to be who they will, and that shouldn't change who we are.

Sep 7 @ 1:52AM  
We should allow people to be who they will, without allowing that to change who we are.


Sep 7 @ 4:35AM  


Sep 7 @ 7:56AM  
HA, I thought you were referring to Willy's blog, now I get it. Still my advice remains the same. You can't change anyone but you can choose who to associate with.

Sep 7 @ 8:05AM  
Fred... With all your preaching...

I'm not asking to be forgiven. All I'm guilty of is showing compassion and trying to keep the piece.

Only to be told to take some vellum and butt out.

So be it...

Sep 7 @ 8:26AM  
No one on this site has the power to affect me because I won't allow. I care, I have compassion but I don't allow a virtual someone to affect me.

I wish you peace. Only what you think of yourself is what is important, no one else here has an opinion that should matter.

Sep 7 @ 12:44PM  
[QUOTE]No one on this site has the power to affect me because I won't allow. I care, I have compassion but I don't allow a virtual someone to affect me. [/quote]

Certainly not a negative person.

Sep 7 @ 6:45PM  
Pass the drugs over this way I need to calm down. Don't be selfish with them! lol

Sep 7 @ 7:12PM  
LOL... I would if I had any...


Sep 7 @ 7:22PM  
Darn I was really hoping!!!! lol

Sep 7 @ 7:33PM  
I grew up being bullied. No one helped me. They stayed quite or joined in fear that they would be next. This went on until it got physical. I got beat up a lot.

I learned to fight. Years of self defense classes. Now no body messes with me... My husband would get me at a disadvantage to hit me... Once I was up... Even he would back away.

So now when I see someone being bullied or everyone ganging up on someone. Unless I feel they really deserve it.. don't stay quiet. I say something about it!

Again..... My mistake.
I really thought he was a nicer person than that.

I didn't say something because I'm a liberal.. ( Democrat )
I say something because I know what it's like to be there.


Sep 8 @ 3:44AM  
And of course who we choose to defend is important too.

Sep 8 @ 4:01AM  
I remember trying to break fights up between you and North...

Also on one of Texes's blogs.... I asked for the fighting to stop. I believe it was you, Texas and ILgal... If I'm not mistaken.

So this is nothing new....
Yes I've called people out on their bull shit. Yes I have defended myself.

Maybe I should stop...
So y'all on your own... I'm done...

Sep 8 @ 4:11AM  
Oh I don't recall but I'm not surprised by that.
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