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Pompoms goes on Rampage in MD.

posted 9/7/2017 1:40:15 PM |
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He, she, it, simply does not have a life. From the time it awakens to the time it passes out, it is on this site. Posting...posting...posting. If you mention it at any time it responds IMMEDIATLY irrespective of whose blog it is. It watches and has the screen on 24..7.

Yet this thing claims to have vast gold reserves, diamonds, stocks, bonds, properties all over the world etc.

Posh, Dizzy, Tequiro, Winglets, and now is the same tired, sad, sick m.o.

Get a flipping life and get some help!

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Pompoms goes on Rampage in MD.


Sep 7 @ 1:44PM  
Why are you so jealous ??

Sep 7 @ 1:47PM  
No Jim not jealous although I do understand your take on this. She has this thing in her head that I came aboard as a sock to mock her. All because of my location. Her paranoia is so strong that she 100% believes this. So every time I post or appear she goes off her Taoist teachings and off of her meds and attacks me. So not being a pacifist I'll hit back.

Sep 7 @ 1:54PM  
Sister Zulu,
she claimeth that I beist,
"mean spirited",
this be ye mirror projection.

She hath become unhinged,
and regrettably I cannot,
tolerate her anymore.

In truth she beist paranoid,
and seeist ye socks in everyone,
but in truth we all,
havist our theories as to socks.

God bless thee,
sister Zulu.

Sep 7 @ 1:58PM  
Fred in spite of all this Taoist philosophy garbage she likes to promote, she has no peace in her life. Have you noticed that this Taoist has had more fights with more people with her 4 personas than anyone else in the history of MD?

Taoism my fanny!

Sep 7 @ 2:29PM  
No Jim not jealous although I do understand your take on this.

I'm glad you understand. What is that understanding ?

What I have never condoned, is blogs ridiculing other bloggers.
Indeed, it is clearly against the blogging rules and ridiculous.
Talk about "needing a life" ?
Why not blog about something outside of blogland ?

I have endured all sorts of ridiculous lies blogged about me and ignored them.
Indeed, they often are actually projection of the blogger's faults, not who
the blog is directed at.


Sep 7 @ 3:05PM  
Jim...translation if you please:

"Why can't all of you be a wonderful person the way that I Jim strive to be?"

My response if you please: Well some us lack patience, some of us can't handle bullshit. Some of us enjoy sparring, some of us feel a need to put sanctimonious people in their place....hmmmm. is this why so many go after you?

Sep 7 @ 3:18PM  
Some of us enjoy sparring

There is the truth about you.

False drama, where none exists.

Sep 7 @ 3:23PM  
Zulu I am beginning to like you....bigtime! Jim likes to play attorney on here. He'll twist and bend your words. Guess he feels that he can seduce women by appearing to be clever. But as we all know it is a big turnoff.

As to Pompoms I don't really have anything against her. There are plenty worse on here. But she is much like Drac. He is this die hard Christian, but push him and he gets ugly. Pompoms is this die hard believer in this Chinese meditation stuff, but push her hard enough and she gets ugly.

Bottom line is that there are both trying to be something that they never can. A tortoise can never escape it's shell. No matter what it tries to become I will always remain a tortoise.

Anyway I'm glad you're back because you have ain't that a peach.

Chat in a few days...Savannah is going to get hit hard due to Irma. My place is right by Talmadge Bridge and by the water! I'm going northwest......driving tomorrow a.m.

Sep 7 @ 3:28PM  
Sock the feeling is mutual, I can assure you. So Savannah is in Georgia? I hope you make it out o.k. and when you return your place is all good.

Sep 7 @ 7:12PM  
You aren't supposed to talk about people on your blogs. lol.

Sep 11 @ 12:44PM  
Pompoms went on a rumor rampage yesterday and sent me 4 gossipy e-mails. I made the mistake of responding to 2 of them. Then I came to my senses and finally blocked her.

I will not tolerate bashing and hate mongering of anyone on my friendship list.


Sep 11 @ 12:52PM  
Sassy......yes I am well aware of the rules but few follow them. It really is a self moderating site. The mod gave up long ago and decided to allow us to sort things out for ourselves. They always do get sorted out, one way or the other.

North, I do thank you for trusting me and for having my back.

Sep 11 @ 1:36PM  
I aam glad to see some show of life here on MD. Don't be to picky about who says what.

Sep 11 @ 1:47PM  
ttom, I think that if anyone has the time to send out e-mails defaming another member, then they have too much time on their hands.

Odd how such a wheeler and dealer in buying stocks, bonds and gold has so much spare time to devote to this site.

Why isn't she/he/it flying around the world inspecting her many properties?

Sep 11 @ 4:58PM  
You can deal stocks, currencies, futures, commodities, all from your phone or computer, at home or wherever you are. Lots of traders never see what they buy and sell. It is about making money, not pride of ownership.

Sep 13 @ 5:58PM  
Not that it really matters but Pompoms is not from South Africa. She's from Montgomery Alabama, and I know 100% who she is.

Sep 13 @ 9:05PM  
If fights are entirely one sided, they don't last long.

Sep 13 @ 11:09PM  
I remember a day when I was playing with the person who had the name and I can't think of it right now. But she would come in and then leave and her name would go black.. so I linked up this song because she would go black every day.. and she said thanks for the song but I'm from Montgomery, Alabama... not Birmingham.


Sep 14 @ 6:24AM  
socklover goes black after everything she posts, too.

Sep 15 @ 10:59PM  
Sock lover pretends to be the old peachy... leaves peach comments and quits every day. But it's a wannabe idiot who has a ton of socks impersonating those that got attention when there were here. That sock is sick, like moon/pompom/rev mentality. Not sure who it really is, but I'm guessing moon, who everyone ignores and avoids.

Sep 16 @ 9:21AM  
@ttom, I very much doubt that Pompom is the big wheeler/dealer it makes itself out to be.

@Sock, actually I do believe it is from South Africa.

@ILGal, I believe that person was Socklover, but she's from Georgia apparently.

@Sockhater, nice try Drac but posing as a woman? You're infantile writing style gives you away. Plus no one else but you assumes that Pompom is Rev.

Sep 16 @ 10:03AM  
Sockhater is asm....asm is lil jimmy.

Sep 16 @ 10:16AM  
ILGal, the one you interacted with was beetle105. You made some kind of song about black beetle from alabam and she corrected you about the town it claims lives in, but that's always subject to change . socklover is the old pissybitchy who claims to be anywhere from CA to GA with all points in between. I know because I watch, that's what I do.

Sep 16 @ 10:48AM  
^^^Drac just go away........ the best of my knowledge Socklover is from Georgia. I can't ever remember her stating that she was from anywhere else.
As to Beetle, on her profile it has always stated Colorado and no where else.
As to you...I honestly don't have you figured out yet, but you are NOT Northern as others here have suggested. might be Dizzy/Tequiro/Winglets/Pompoms/Moon.

Pompoms yesterday said that she was going to cause trouble on here for Northern and his "cronies". All of a sudden you show up and are posting more in the last 24 hours than you have in months.

Sep 16 @ 11:46AM  
Zulu, rest assured I couldn't care less about northern or pompoms in any of its iterations. I don't post, I watch. Only when lies or false accusations are posted out there, do I speak up.

Sep 16 @ 11:49AM  

Sep 16 @ 11:52AM  
Bite your tongue!

Sep 17 @ 7:00PM  
The mod was here yesterday, is that why you darkened? Well it must have worked as you are still here. Staying below the radar is what will keep you alive.

Pompoms before she was Dizzydoll went by the name of Posh, and she is from Modesto CA.

Sep 17 @ 7:08PM  
Drac, my going dark had nothing at all to do with the mod being here. In fact I didn't even know that he was on site. I went dark because someone was e-mailing me and I didn't want to fight anymore. I didn't want to block this member. I just wanted a cooling off period for the both of us. I didn't want to write anything that I would regret.

As to Posh/Pompoms and a connection...yes I have heard that before.

Sep 17 @ 7:35PM  


Sep 16 @ 9:16AM
ILGal, the one you interacted with was beetle105. You made some kind of song about black beetle from alabam and she corrected you about the town it claims lives in, but that's always subject to change

YOU ARE RIGHT .. I saw her name the other day and it came back to me.

The song says Birmingham, Alabam, and the next day she came on the same blog and thanked me for the song and said it's Montgomery not Birmingham. What I did was put down lyrics and they had not heard the song. I had never heard it until Tom Jones did it on some late show. It's catchy.

Black Betty .. Tom Jones



Sep 17 @ 9:51PM  
I will admit to being Dizzy/Tequiro/Winglets/Pompom but not to being Posh. I'm not Moon either like Northern says.

I'm not Sockhater or TheWatcher.

Sep 17 @ 10:33PM  

You are all of the above you weirdo! You are a complete whack job and you even create your own socks that argue with each other. Seek professional help!

Sep 17 @ 11:18PM  
This Pompom apparition posts at impossible times for someone that supposedly lives in South Africa. If you examine it's posting times, it appears to live on the west coast.
As someone above mentioned Posh is from Modesto California. Those of us who have been around for years well remember how Posh had multiple profiles that engaged each other in conversation.

Pompom behaves and writes very much the way Posh used to. I never liked Posh and don't like this Pompom thing.

But it's a free site and doesn't cost us anything to be here, so what the heck.

And for Sockhater, this is for you: Life is but a peach.

Sep 17 @ 11:40PM  
Jimnastics1 said
What I have never condoned, is blogs ridiculing other bloggers.

Let's see if I have this straight. no bloggers are to ridicule other bloggers.

BUT .. people making comments is ok for them to ridicule other members. I bring this up because I remember not too long ago I blocked simple man and I blocked you.

Simpleman made a blog asking me why, then you came onto his blog and basically ripped me a new one. It got so bad that simple man apologized to me for your actions on his blog.

Anyone who tries to push MD rules down someone else's throat should at least be able to follow them.



Sep 18 @ 8:50AM  
Pompom it has been mentioned by others that you're posting times do not jive with someone supposedly from South Africa. Added to that you just try too hard to come across as a South African. All this talk about the S.A. rand, and Zuma and gold, diamonds, African animals etc. No one else behaves like this.
This to me proves that you are an American who for some reason hates your country...but you are still an American posing as an international.

Stat..she is a strange one to be sure.

Sock...Pompom is Posh? With her/he/it ...anything is possible.

ILgal, with Jim it's strictly do as I say not do as I do.

Sep 18 @ 8:51AM  
Great observation and retort ILGal^^. About beetle105, zulu will never admit to being wrong, so let her be to her speculations and self righteousness. posh was only from modesto because kingofsocks said she was. She was not. She was also not pompoms. socklover has many, many socks and all have diff locations, as I said. From CA to GA and all points in between. Believe whatever suits you, zulu, that doesn't change Facts. I know because I watch. That's what I do.

Sep 18 @ 9:02AM  
Watcher we all have our opinions. Just because you watch all the time...."I watch that's what I do" doesn't mean that because you are the MD observer, that you are interpreting correctly what you are watching.

Some have suggested that you are one of Pompom's many profiles/characters. I find it odd that you would be defending Posh so strongly. This tells me all I need to are pretty obvious.
I'll let you post here so we can all have a good laugh. Pompom all your characters just aren't natural...they all try too hard to convince...this is where you fall flat.

Sep 18 @ 9:10AM  
No defense, strongly or otherwise, just facts. I not only watch, but I also check the facts. Which is more than anyone here does. Find the ways and means to do the same and try it sometimes. It would be an eye opener that even you couldn't refute. But you couldn't handle ever being wrong. Facts and truth don't interest you, nor the likes of you here.

Sep 18 @ 9:16AM  
Watcher..the KingOfSocks was Moon. He mentioned that Posh was from Modesto and Posh went off on him. Moon/King said he was sorry that he let that all was very real. Posh posted and behaved very much like Pompom does....many different profiles....lived on here 24/7 etc.

If you cannot see any of this, it's because you are too deeply involved...therefore you are one of Pompom/Posh profiles/accounts/socks. Just bugger off as it is no longer working.

Sep 18 @ 9:24AM  
P.S. Watcher/Pompom I've had enough of your childish games. You are blocked.

Sep 19 @ 5:24PM  
Well Watcher did pull 'beetle105' out of his memory, that's better than I could do. Actually back then we had quite a few socks coming and going and most were pleasant , of course everyone has to have someone to pick on I guess.
If it wasn't for socks, scammers and spammers we'd only have about a dozen people here.

We do have a block button, that should be upgraded so when you block someone you have to explain why.
Then sit back and wait for the Mod to come on and read it and send you an email saying, "Did you forget to take your nice pill today?" or he'd say "whatever you said, don't say it again.. and that's a warning." then he'd say "now unblock that nice MD member and go out there and see if you can at least be cordial."

Been there Done that...


Sep 19 @ 5:30PM  
P.S. That's why some of the bloggers here start their blogs out with nice words and ideas and wait until about the middle or the end of the blog to make their point against another member. Because the Mod is not going to take time to read your whole blog.


Sep 19 @ 5:35PM  
Hi lady, was on my pc googling something when I received an alert from Matchdoctor that someone had posted on my blog.
I'm going to unblock Watcher because I am no longer convinced that this member is Pompom. A little too reasonable, he just can't be Pompom.

Anyway late here so goodnight all.

Sep 20 @ 11:35PM  
Pompoms turned on yet another member (Frank) and all he was trying to do was to defend her against our resident slug asm.
This is one psycho bitch like no other on here.

Sep 21 @ 10:17AM  
Verily goode brother Frank,
hath only ye desire to aid,
evil sister Pompometh.

He came to help as ye knights,
of olde who would defendest,
ye fair maidens.

But wicked sister Pompometh,
didist not like this.
For brother asm doth proved,
beyond ye shadow of ye doubt,
that sister Pompometh,
beist not from South Africa,
but from ye America.

Therefore evil Pompometh,
DEMANDED that brother Frank,
deleteth ye blog,
in order to hide ye evidence.

Brother Frank doth refused,
and now evil sister Pompomerth,
hath yet another target,
of her wickedness.
She beith more full of hatred,
than any on here.

God bless all.

Sep 21 @ 10:33AM  
Stat...she is certainly one of a kind.

Fred...very good explanation of what went on yesterday.

Sep 21 @ 12:23PM  
Anyone who tries to push MD rules down someone else's throat should at least be able to follow them.

I totally agree with that statement.

Show us a link of the blog, where I supposedly "ripped you a new one".

Sep 21 @ 12:27PM  
Zulu I just dropped by for a bit to check out how everyone was doing. Jesus H.Christ! I thought that maybe if I wasn't around Pompoms might mellow out a bit...didn't seem to help.

I now fully understand why Sockie always posts then goes black. I will do the same...maybe drop by once a week or so, then pull a Socklover and go bye-bye.

Anyway Pompoms is not the worst on here. That honor goes to that miserable bastard Cockroach.

See ya all in a week or so.

Sep 21 @ 12:35PM  
Northern....why not stick around? Anyway I am happy to read that you will be dropping by once in awhile.

As to "Dr" Cocktail...he is just a malcontent who has a high opinion of himself that no one else seems to agree with.

Sep 21 @ 1:04PM  
Au contraire! There are many of us here who consider Drc one of the good guys!

Sep 21 @ 1:12PM  
^^^That is because the two of you are tied together politically at the umbilical cord.

Sep 21 @ 4:43PM  
Show us a link of the blog, where I supposedly "ripped you a new one".

It wasn't my blog, is was asm's and he deleted it because you wouldn't shut up.


Sep 21 @ 8:08PM  
Jim at that time I was told by a couple of members that had been here longer than me, that ASM was your sock. That made sense that you would delete your own blog to cover your tracks.

Since then I am so glad to know that ASM is nobody's sock. He is a pure California man and you are no doubt a Jersey/Florida guy. That's what I believe anyway.

I do remember why you were so mad at me Jim, it wasn't that I blocked you. It was because whatever your remark was hit me wrong and I instantly blocked you. Well you said you followed that up with an email with a smiley face on it so I would know you were kidding. You were mostly mad that I wasn't even looking at your emails, but yet I blocked you. When in reality I had already blocked you so I never got any of your emails.


Sep 23 @ 7:47AM  
I see Poms talking her shit again about me!
Sorry Zulu you may delete this if you'd like.
But she said people should ask me what I was doing

I should add that I saw Franks comment from FB added to Willy's blog, I bet you Frank asked Willy to delete that comment but instead he deleted the entire blog. Now when I asked Frank to delete a blog written about me he refused, he kept it to build up his reputation as a Mr Nice Guy, f*** me as "a friend".

First of all, I was invited to look at the blog. Second, when I got booted out I took notes of all the scammers on this site and took where they came from porn sites I then took all the advertisers advertising here to show then if they supported this kind of thing?

I did tell poms about it in private. And now she thinks it is some big deal. I never went through with it because after I calmed down I just didn't care anymore.

But you, you sorry ass bitch! I told you if you talk shit about me poms I would come back and rock your world.

Poms, do you remember when you kept telling me to delete all those emails you kept sending me about people? Yes, I deleted them but not before I copied everyone of them. I have things you wrote about everyone on your list wanna play like the snake you are hey... two can play that game.

I would have said this on your blog but you would have deleted it.

So, I placed it in a place where I know you're too much of a coward to come to.
becuase you know Zulu and all her friends will tear you a new one.

Keep it up Popms you fkin snake

I told you, you keep messing with me, I will rock your world. and I'm back to do just that!

Sep 23 @ 7:54AM  
I'll be back later with a big surprise for you ... when?... well that'll be a surprise too.


Sep 23 @ 9:17AM  
Frank you are always welcome here. You have every right to defend yourself. All you have ever done is to be a friend to everyone. Your music videos have made us all rock.

But being a good guy doesn't have to mean that you are a doormat for someone to wipe their feet on. It's all about self respect and you have that. And because you do, we respect you.

Sep 23 @ 9:28AM  
Let me quote drc.....~bump~

Sep 23 @ 9:34AM  
Stat, received your e-mail...thanks for the kudo and bump. you are not him...I know who you really are...but I don't care. ..... As long as you don't cause me or any of my friends on here any issues....then you and I are cool.

Sep 23 @ 11:24AM  
First off Zulu, thank you so much for that unexpected call. That is quite the accent you have!
And yes I do absolutely concur when you wrote that Frank has every right to stand up and defend his good name.

I for one am pleased that you are offering Frank a platform for this.

Sep 23 @ 11:30AM  
^^^You Yanks think you don't have accents but you do. Pleasure was all mine friend.

Sep 23 @ 11:41AM  
I see Pompoms is having a conversation with herself with her Moon Watcher sock. She's using 2 pc's and have both online showing that they are both on to make it look real.
Ever notice how whenever Pom creates a new blog, Moon always bumps it up and starts it off. We caught them..Pom posted, then 1 second later Moon posted the EXACT same thing. It was an OPPS! moment but still she pretends that they are not one and the same.

I believe it was Northern that caught this...good on him. Someone on here proved to me awhile ago that Dizzy/Tequiro/Winglets/Pompoms was the old Posh of long ago. This Posh lived on here 24/7 and had about 10 socks. Sound familiar?

Sep 23 @ 12:04PM  
probably so..

that 1st incarnation.. her name escapes me...was a brunette....and lived in the Midwest..and was booted for attacks, flooding and bashing the moderators...while arguing with everyone...

came right back as another incarnation...still a brunette on the profile.. and was booted again for violating the rules...after she told everyone off....

in about 4 months.. she came back again.. this time trying to keep a low profile...
but soon she reverted back to her style... of personal attacks..flooding.. and excessive arguing... and was booted yet again..

shortly after that.. dizzy doll appeared... all in her South African glory... only to act like the same brunette person ..and was booted...

and so.. this person... posts the same... and gets booted...
and reappears.....over and over....

btw.. didn't "Posh" state she bought land in panama??
before she herself was booted??

I sincerely believe that Pom's .. befriended me only to show where she was credible..

but realiezed that I held people on my friends list to high standards...and those standards she could not continue... so she dumped me as a friend..and went to willie to attack me for my trespasses...

I will give Willie ~kudos~ as.. he did not fall for it...

and he dislikes me for his own reasons.. nor the reasons of a "stargazer.."

need I repeat..

I am not a sock... nor do I create socks... as I have no reason for promoting myself...

love me... hate whatever ... but to know the real to love me..or hate me...based on who I am....

hot... or cold... is how I roll....


Sep 23 @ 12:09PM  
ASM...the way that you have been conducting yourself on here as of late....awesome! I suspect that you were just a late bloomer.

I think that you are at your very best when you KNOW that you have been wronged.......very impressive...I must say.

Sep 23 @ 12:40PM  
I feel magnanimous lately...

so I will say... I have always known that I could achieve anything I set my mind to..
and as such.. had nothing to prove... to anyone...

a late bloomer??

not really... more like a person who knew himself from an early age.. and decided that it was better to be true to's own nature.. rather than "changing /reinventing oneself ".. for the quest of the perfect love...

(I did find and lost...the perfect love...too )

now I live quietly... think about everything.. and then ask myself if ..I want to..

as an example.. the internet ..out of the blue...told me that BOC will be performing in the mountains by me... a short drive... and yesterday I could have bought a seat.. for 68 dollars to hear this song.. performed by an original...

I was tempted... almost did.. but then decided not to...

as I can crank up my stereo system and hear it in all it's glory... in the comfort of my own home...

All our times have come
Here but now they're gone
Seasons don't fear the reaper
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain

We can be like they are
Come on baby... Don't fear the Reaper
Baby take my hand... Don't fear the Reaper
We'll be able to fly... Don't fear the Reaper
Baby I'm your man...

Valentine is done
Here but now they're gone
Romeo and Juliet
Are together in eternity, Romeo and Juliet
Forty thousand men and women everyday, like Romeo and Juliet
Forty thousand men and women everyday, redefine happiness
Another forty thousand coming everyday,.......

my point??

there is none....


Sep 23 @ 12:57PM  
btw... my brain is saying one of her early names was "shine"..

like in moonshine....

too many profiles over the years... they come.. they go.. and life goes on...

we are all here today.... and today is what matters...

like some say..

treat everyone with kindness...dignity and respect
tempered with..

Righteous personal conduct interpretation[edit]
Another interpretation is that Jesus was not changing the meaning of "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth", but restoring it to the original context.

Jesus starts his statement with "you have heard it said," which could mean that he was clarifying a misconception, as opposed to "it is written", which could be a reference to scripture.

The common misconception seems to be, that people were using Exodus 21:24-25 (the guidelines for a magistrate to punish convicted offenders) as a justification for personal vengeance. In this context, the command to "turn the other cheek" would not be a command to allow someone to beat or rob a person, but a command not to take vengeance.

trump is an asshole..and an idiot....

jmho here...


Sep 23 @ 1:41PM  
An interesting fellow that asm. I just wanted to make a comment about the blog subject.(Pompoms)
It has been mentioned by a well respected, long time member that pom is paranoid. I feel assured that there is validity to this. It seems from my observations that she strings comments/posts by various members, and gets these conspiracy theories that everyone is out to get her.
Even more bizarre is that she assumes that there is this vindictive master mind, a bit like a Doctor Evil that is pulling all the strings. She thinks that this mastermind spends all his/her days trying to get even.
It is intricate and quite mad. Do you think dear Pompoms that you are so very important that anyone would go to all this trouble just to get you?

I have a bit of news for you, you are just an irritant...nothing more. Please get over yourself and check your massive ego a the door before you step into the blog house.

Sep 23 @ 2:07PM  
Thank you Beetle and asm for your posts. I'd like to address Pompoms paranoia here as I believe I may have contributed to it.
A couple of years or so ago I created my account to mock Winglets as that was what she was going with back then. I copied her profile almost word for word. I did this because I knew that she was a fake, and an American pretending to be from South Africa.
It offended me because I am from South Africa. To make it short...I found that I liked it here and have hung around. So....she thinks that there is this BIG conspiracy to get her and I am the ring leader. Anybody who doesn't have a picture profile is in on it, and is part of my vast sock army.
Yes she is paranoid. But frankly speaking, I am partially to blame.

Sep 23 @ 2:40PM  
P.S. she's going on about the word "fanny". This site caters to mostly Americans...Pompoms is an American. I understand that in Britain/S.A. the word has a different connotation to it. I used the word "fanny" to Pompoms because she is an American.....get it you imbecile.
I wouldn't use the word "loo" here would I? I would use the word "toilet" ...get a life you total loser!

Sep 23 @ 6:21PM  
Now Pomtroll is going after Texas and called her "a bitch" and an "ugly American". Is there anyone on this site that Pomtroll has not targeted at one time or another?

Sep 23 @ 8:25PM  
I've read what a few of the members here are saying about Pompoms mental health. At first I thought it was kinda funny, but not no more. I really am beginning to see her unravel...I'm feeling sorry for her. She's really starting to lose it.
It's scary and fascinating all at the same time. Seeing someone lose their mind online in real time is something that I've never experienced before.

Sep 24 @ 9:01AM  
Stat...Pompoms starts 90% of the problems here. She complains that MD is dying. Why doesn't she just leave and watch what happens? I'm willing to wager everyone would get along much better.

Sock, true, so true. Pompoms doesn't get much sleep...she's on here 18 hours a day so her paranoia just grows and grows. She has developed this persecution complex where in her sick mind we are all out to get her. I guess I am the generalissimo of the gigantic sock army who is hell bent on her destruction because she is so very important!
In her muddled mind I either have a bunch of socks or I give them their marching orders via e-mails.
It's a vast conspiracy I tell you!

Sep 24 @ 9:07AM  

Sep 24 @ 9:43AM  
Stat/drc funny how with your picture profile you give me grief....well at least you try to. But with your sock we get along reasonably well...bit of a contradiction there. Or is it as I are just an old fashioned shit disturber.

I mean let's face have never been a peace maker here right? Or were never on AMD either huh? Same tired old m.o.

Sep 24 @ 10:32AM  

Hi Zulu, I'm not done downloading but I had to drop by and leave something for a few of my friends this is for you.
- Frank

Hello Again - Neil Diamond

Hello again, hello
Just called to say hello
I couldn't sleep at all tonight
And I know it's late
But I couldn't wait

Hello, my friend, hello
Just called to let you know
I think about you ev'ry night
When I'm here alone
And you're there at home, hello

Maybe it's been crazy
And maybe I'm to blame
But I put my heart above my head
We've been through it all
And you loved me just the same
And when you're not there
I just need to hear

Hello, my friend, hello
It's good to need you so
It's good to love you like I do
And to feel this way
When I hear you say, hello

Hello, my friend, hello
Just called to let you know
I think about you ev'ry night
And I know it's late
But I couldn't wait

- Frank

Sep 24 @ 10:32AM  
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We had the right love
At the wrong time
Guess I always knew inside
I wouldn't have you for a long time
Those dreams of yours
Are shining on distant shores
And if they're calling you away
I have no right to make you stay

But somewhere down the road
Our roads are gonna cross again
It doesn't really matter when
But somewhere down the road
I know that heart of yours
Will come to see
That you belong with me

Sometimes goodbyes are not forever
It doesn't matter if you're gone
I still believe in us together
I understand more than you think I can
You have to go out on your own
So you can find your way back home
And somewhere down the road
Our roads are gonna cross again
It doesn't really matter where

But somewhere down the road
I know that heart of yours
Will come to see
That you belong with me

Letting go is just another way to say
I'll always love you so
We had the right love at the wrong time
Maybe we've only just begun
Maybe the best is yet to come

Cause somewhere down the road
Our roads are gonna cross again
It doesn't really matter where

But somewhere down the road
I know that heart of yours
Will come to see
That you belong with me
- Frank

Sep 24 @ 11:23AM  
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