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Hurricane's Coming

posted 9/8/2017 6:11:03 PM |
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With the storm bearing down on my home, I thought I'd blog the experience. The contrast between my small town experience and Favorite's big city happenings might be interesting. but she is in more danger, closer to the expected than, than I am,

Polite comments on subject are welcome, but I really want to share the experience of looking disaster in the eye. I will be posting hurricane conditions, and what is happening around me. I also will link to hurricane songs. Feel free to add any hurricane music or poetry you know.

Right now, we are on the edge of the projected path, with the latest wobble toward us. Not good. But Irma is a long way off, and time will tell more accurately. I gassed up the car, tied up my boats, brought in the light, moveable stuff. Hurricane lamps and kerosene are ready, batteries charged, cell phone full power. Tonight I'll test and fill the Coleman lanterns and stove, old friends from many storms. Tomorrow I'll fill the water jugs and barrels, get dog food and snacks, and recheck my prep list.

For now I'll leave you with a link to Del Suggs, singing "Hurricane's Coming".

Del Suggs - Hurricane's Coming

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Sep 8 @ 6:16PM  
Well ttom I hope you are safe. I would have flown the coop, but then we have no hazardous weather conditions. Do you have a generator?

I'm off to bed soon hope to see many more updates when I awaken tomorrow. Kudos for being brave.

Sep 8 @ 6:20PM  
I have solar power, and an old generator that may or may not work. I have lots of old fashioned stuff, like oil lamps and a wood stove in the kitchen.

To see the best reporting of the storm, go to the link below:

National Hurricane Center -Click the Irma icon

Sep 8 @ 6:22PM  
Yea I have seen that link, when does the hurricane monster hit your area?

Sep 8 @ 6:25PM  
I just watched the news here that Tallahassee is going to be the main point for first responders to gather and disperse to the hard hit areas.
You sound in somewhat of a "safer" area of Florida if there is a such of thing this wknd...
Take care of you and uour's down there my friend...

Sep 8 @ 6:54PM  
stay safe...stay aware...

Sep 8 @ 10:06PM  
This one has been a little more unpredictable for long forecasting than others, and it's still uncertain. There are so many things (storms, ridges, temp changes) going on at once that it makes it harder to track. I've been through my share of hurricanes here, and the Carolinas, in other places tornadoes, ice storms, and blizzards. The main thing in all of these things is using common sense, and keeping a cool head.

What I am seeing today makes me very glad we did not have (un) social media in the past. I have seen the most outrageous postings about Irma on there, and still cannot figure out where they got it, or why people would post stuff that send others into a panic. Still I have to ask, why do people not check out these things from a reliable source? NOAA is good, but I prefer weather underground, since they use NOAA and the other major storm centers around the world.

They have never indicated that Irma would hit (or actually come close to) Mexico, Texas, New Orleans, Mobile, or Pensacola where I live. I saw people on (un) social media saying it would, and by Wednesday the shelves were emptied of bottled water, peanut butter, soups, and other such goods, as well as stations closing because they were out of gas. What is even funnier is that we have people here right now that have evacuated the East Coast & South Florida, and people here have actually evacuated North.

"If people did not have smart phones they wouldn't be so stupid!"

Ttom, you mean you are actually filling up water jugs, and not going out and causing a near riot trying to get bottled water? lol

Sep 8 @ 11:19PM  
Ttom, you mean you are actually filling up water jugs, and not going out and causing a near riot trying to get bottled water? lol

Same thought crossed my mind, why don't they fill bottles up at home. I use city water but I filter it first.. that takes about 2 min.

Sep 9 @ 2:41AM  
You've gone very quiet ttom, maybe you're still sleeping to keep up your strength.

Sep 9 @ 2:47AM  
Is your roof pinned down properly?

Sep 9 @ 6:50AM  
I've filled up tupperware just and froze them with ice, got both bath tubs filled up (for flushing toilets).

Today is the day but this morning and yesterday is and was BEAUTIFUL outside, so pretty this morning with a slightly warm wind blowing. The rain is soon to come.

This is my first storm to go through all by myself. My son did everything he could to get me to go to his house but I stubbornly wanted the comfort of my own home.

The native friends I grew up with are all reminiscing about all the hurricane parties we threw over the years. One particularly bad hurricane I drank myself threw and didn't even know it hit us till the next day, with a huge hangover and nothing on any shelves to buy, all windows were boarded up. We were supposed to evacuate (I was in Tampa then) but a new bottle club had opened up and the police didn't know to come in and tell us to evacuate. Worst storm and I don't remember a thing.

I'm not sure I understand what the storm surge means. Florida is really a swamp so I expect we are going to be pretty flooded, not like Texas by no means because this is a fast moving storm unlike slow moving Harvey.

Kudos Tom. Stay safe my friend.

Sep 9 @ 7:06AM  
good luck Ttom and Fay

Sep 9 @ 7:52AM  
7 AM Saturday. The projected path shifted a bit to the West, toward me. Paradoxically, as the storm draws closer, the probable path narrows, but becomes more accurate. I will still be on the safer side of the line of advance, but as it gets closer the probability of high wind becomes more likely.

On the bright side, the storm will begin to weaken as it travels over land. On the projected path, I will get North wind, comng off the land, pushing water away from my part of the coast, making surge and high water damage less likely.

Several friends have called, checking to see I am OK. There are several I check on too, helping them get ready and stay informed. One lady in Naples has pressure canned all the meat in her freezer. Sure power outage coming there. The Power company cuts off electric service as the storm approaches, to avoid losing transformers and important gear, from shorted out lines. When it has passed, they bring the grid back up, repairing line damage as they go.

Suzy Bogguss - Loving A Hurricane

Lots to do today, so I am starting now.

Sep 9 @ 8:13AM  
This video is not available.

Your link is broken. Suzy Bogguss - Lovin` A Hurricane

I told Fay that I thought Irma would hit Cuba hard and then move back into the Atlantic. Well, that was wishful thinking.

Sep 9 @ 8:13AM  
For those wanting to watch, there is a Mallory Dock webcam, and several others. going in Key West, and several at resorts at the other beaches, including St George Island at a beach on the Gulf Coast near me.

Webcam - St George Island, North Florida Gulf Coast

Webcam - Mallory Dock, Key West

Sep 9 @ 8:19AM  
The Great Galveston Hurricane, known regionally as the Great Storm of 1900, was a Category 4 storm, with winds of up to 145 mph (233 km/h), which made landfall on September 8, 1900, in Galveston, Texas, in the United States. It killed 6,000 to 12,000 people, making it the deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history.

That was then this is now.

Sep 9 @ 10:03AM  
10 AM Saturday The wind speed is weakening from the mountains of Cuba. May strengthen again crossing the Florida Straights, and the warm water of the gulf Stream.

The local hotels are all full of people fleeing South Florida. Panama City, Florida is booked solid. The nearest available rooms are in Savanna, Georgia.

Sep 9 @ 12:25PM  
So when they say, the storm surge will be 15 feet high, which is higher than your rooftop, are they referring to properties on the beachfront?

Sep 9 @ 3:19PM  
A storm surge is like a very high tide, that comes in more quickly than the tide It may rise several feet in a few minutes. it is not like a big tsunami wave, a single huge wave.

There are some land formations that make a surge worse. The highest I know of was 29 feet as Pass Christian during hurricane Emily

One hurricane that came before storms got an official name was called Hemmingway's Hurricane. It came into the Keys at IslaMorada in 1935, then called Matecumbe Key, and killed the WW1 veterans working of the overseas highway. It was a big storm, like Irma.

Sep 9 @ 8:46PM  
I got a nice surprise. I went to the marina to double up the lines on my boat, so they would take the extra strain of the storm winds. When I got there, I saw shiny new 1/2 inch lines already on my boat's cleats, leading to the pilings. I have been helping folks get ready, and someone decided to help me. It was a big ray of sunshine on a stormy day.

Sep 9 @ 8:50PM  

The latest advisory decreases the chance of hurricane force winds from 14% to 7%. As the storm gets closer, the forecasts become more accurate. the wind is starting to get gusty.

The town is full of folks running from South Florida, and I have had several visitors, good company. I am looking at my canning jars, getting ready to can as much of the frozen food as I am able to if the electricity goes out.

I have my biggest percolator on the stove, giving visitors a bit of hospitality, and will do the same after the storm, for the linemen who leave their homes to help our little town. It's not much, but they appreciate it.

More music: Tom Rush singing "Wasn't That A mighty Storm", abvout the 1900 Galveston hurricane disaster. The accompanying photos by Thomas Edison from 1900 are very interesting.

Tom Rush - Wasn't That A Mighty Storm

Sep 9 @ 10:28PM  
I remember going out and buying coffee and taking it to folks in my neighborhood after Charlie. Trees fell on cars so many people couldn't leave their home, we could. I sure hope I can after this storm, but my car has no protection, she's on her own.

Sep 10 @ 1:02AM  
Wired and Weird On The Wind

There is something about the falling barometric pressure and the wild wind that gets people riled up, makes them act like they are on speed. It is lik a double shot of adrenaline on top of three pots of coffee. You don't want to sleep, just move restlessly , waiting for the storm to come. Parrots are the first to start, but people and dogs feel it too.

That excitement is what hurricane parties are all about, not just the alcohol. It is sort of like high stakes gambling, but in hurricanes, your home, your car, maybe even your life is on the table waiting for the dice to roll to a stop.
The midnight report dropped my chances of hurricane winds from 7% to 6%. Good odds, and a good trend, with the storm down to Cat 3, though it will gain strength over the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, and the warm shallows of the Gulf of Mexico.

But once it hits land, the winds will weaken. It has to cover about 100 miles from Tampa to my latitude, losing power all the way. The central ridge of Florida will be a steadfast defender, on my side, fighting back against the raging of the storm, a battle of titans. The storm is gargantuan, but the ridge is the Earth itself, and will prevail, over time. I know it, but I won't sleep peacefully, until the storm has moved North of my Latitude, and is moving away from me. Then I will sleep like a dead man, my little dog snoring peacefully at my side, both of us now relieved.

Here's a song from Doug Spears:

Doug Spears - Hemmingway's Hurricane


Sep 10 @ 2:33AM  
At least your commentary keeps us abreast of everything. Where you live it's probably safe. As long as your eyes are still in the front of your head you're dancing the happy dance.

Sep 10 @ 2:39AM  
Oh yea, CNN says Irma is back up to a cat 4.

Sep 10 @ 6:26AM  
6AM Sunday I awoke to a quiet morning with very little wind. The advisory is not so good. The path swung a bit more toward me, and it is back up to a Cat 4, but the movement is much more to the North, but slowly, as 7 MPH.

By this time tomorrow, it will be about done, but I have a nervous day ahead of me. A good friend in Naples is living on her boat, and will take some very bad weather today. Today will see lives lost, immense property damage, and the destruction of man made and natural beauty. With that in mind, it is hard to be light hearted.

I am just hoping for the best for my friends, and our little town. The only good part is that within 36 hours or so, the storm will have passed by and be moving away. I will be very glad when this is all over.

Sep 10 @ 6:27AM  
The only good part is that within 24 hours or so, the storm will have passed by and be moving away.

And leaving repairs in its wake.

Sep 10 @ 6:47AM  
With the path now projected to be slightly offshore of the Florida coast, we will get less weakening on the storm's path up the Gulf coast, and the hit will be harder and bigger. but you have to take what comes.

Sep 10 @ 7:31AM  
It looks like any ordinary, peaceful Sunday morning outside, with an occasional gust of wind shaking the palmetto fronds. But I know what is coming. So I'llput the big pot of coffee on the stove, and make the best of it.

Sep 10 @ 7:36AM  
It looks like any ordinary, peaceful Sunday morning outside, with an occasional gust of wind shaking the palmetto fronds. But I know what is coming. So I'llput the big pot of coffee on the stove, and make the best of it.

I'l tune up my chain saw today. the re will be some trees down today, and maybe I can help someone, and get some winter firewood in the process. A bunch of workshop projects, with a cup of coffee and some music on, will have a calming affect. I could use that. The wind/dropping pressure/coffee-overload jitters are starting to come on strong.

Sep 10 @ 8:12AM  
You should be fine ttom, don't allow your mind to run away with you. Stay safely indoors with your coffee and music.

Sep 10 @ 8:24AM  
I would wish chat well too but he's changed his settings to block everyone who is not in the US. Not a big issue because I seldom open his blogs but I would have wished him well if I could.

Sep 10 @ 10:12AM  
ttom, CNN says the water is going out on your side so you should see more of the beach, but later the water will come back. I know you said it's not, but that sounds exactly like a tsunami. Also watch out for hightide. The full moon has an effect on all liquids including your body liquids, so drinking rum might not be a good idea.

Sep 10 @ 10:36AM  
thanks for the updates,,,,

Sep 10 @ 11:17AM  
YAY I found my two burner propane stove and two cylinders of propane, I can cook for the dog or make coffee now. I couldn't get neither of my flashlights to work. Got mad & threw them both away. I have awful luck with flashlights. Will buy more after the storm. I found lots of candles and two battery operated lanterns.

Orlando will geetthe side of the storm edge that I dreaded the most, the side that spawns the most tornadoes. I've taken bedding and laptop into center bathroom in case I get a tornado warning, the news is saying have a room plan ready to run to, I've done that. I was going to say I need to put water in their but the tub is full.

I'm on the first floor of a 3 story building. I doubt the hurricane will hurt us but a tornado can surprise the crap out of one. Most of what is going to affect me are during the twilight hours. Nerves for me could go either way, put me into a deep sleep since I haven't slept in days or wide awake just to be scared. I don't know.

I've already lost track of the days - I think it is Sunday and still calm here, a little rainy but pretty calm. I'm cooking bacon and chicken wings, wierd combo huh? My son had ribs for breakfast yesterday. He has done his damndest to get me to ride the storm at his house. Tried to guilt me by saying my new grandson is all worried about me. Keeps sending me pics of the food his wife is cooking. Reminding me he has generator and gas stove. YAY I found my stove today though. We all want the comforts of our own home. Probably gonna lost some of those comforts like A/C. I got my place cold as an igloo so hope it maintains it for hours after the loss of power.

They say after the storm is when the real danger is. People should stay home but they don't and they get into unknown trouble. I won't venture out.


Sep 10 @ 11:27AM  
keep a phone charger with you at all times...

it would be awful if your phone battery went dead...

( there are now battery powered phone chargers...which is a better choice.. but ..

something is better than nothing...

stay safe... and stay away from non boarded up windows...


Sep 10 @ 11:35AM  
One of the cranes cracked in Miami. There's a whole bunch of cranes swinging in the wind.


Sep 10 @ 11:41AM  
It must be a very strong wind to break a crane, and it isnt even the worst of the storm yet according to CNN.

Sep 10 @ 11:42AM  
a fake picture...

anyone with any smarts would have disassembled that crane insurance will not cover the damage it created...

why are you off the deep end today....dizzy doll??

the picture is not fake.. but saying that bit has to do with Irma is....


Sep 10 @ 11:45AM  
Nonsense, ^^ they didn't have time to take the cranes down, They tied them down, I saw them with my own eyes. There's at least 30 cranes swinging in the wind. Do research before shooting your mouth off. Dammit.

Sep 10 @ 11:47AM  
Dont comment on my comments simpleton I am not a liar. Dont judge me by your effen standards.

Sep 10 @ 11:48AM  
The picture is no fake ttom, I've seen it on CNN.

Sep 10 @ 11:57AM  
The city has been undergoing a construction boom for several years now with multiple, large-scale projects going up at once. This has led to a situation where the skyline is defined not only by tall buildings, but by dozens of massive construction cranes, many of which are erected up on the structures themselves. The city is alerting residents to the fact that there are as many as 25 of these giants machines looming over them right now and, if you haven’t already guessed, they are not rated to withstand anywhere near 180 mph winds. (Route Fifty)

If you weren’t sure what sort of damage they can cause, think back to the single construction crane which came down in New York City’s Tribeca district in early 2016. One person was killed, three others were injured and the entire block was shut down for nearly a week. And that was only one crane which came down in winds that were less than 30 mph. A witness in a nearby building told the New York Post that it, “felt like an earthquake.”
Read more

All these cranes plus more are blowing in Miami wind right now, Visibility is bad due to the wind.


Sep 10 @ 11:58AM  

Sep 10 @ 11:59AM  
they had over a week to take it (them )..down...

like I stated INSURANCE will not cover the damage..

you do know that they can be easily disassembled ..they have to be.. to raise them along with each new floor being built..

btw.. you overstepped your delusional power.. you have none... as this is not your blog..


Sep 10 @ 12:25PM  
This blog has gone a little off topic, apologies to the OP. But.....what they do is to remove a T-brace to allow the crane to swing much like a weather vane. This usually accounts for wind drag. Also a thick metal brace is used to secure the tower to the buildings.

It should be interesting to determine what went wrong with this particular crane in Miami.

Sep 10 @ 12:35PM  
^^^^ no argument... but the forecasts all said.,.

category 5 or greater...

(exceeding the design specifications for weathervane ing...)

to where someone made the wrong choice if this did actually happen...

time will tell if it did..


Sep 10 @ 4:41PM  
good news on the latest advisory. There is now almost no chance of my getting 64 MPH hurricane winds, according to National Hurricane service. there is only 8% chance that we will see 50 MPH, and less than 50% that we will see tropical storm winds of 35 MPH.

I feel relieved, but it is not over, until the storm is North of me, headed away from me.

Sep 10 @ 7:33PM  

good news... but ....still.....

Sep 11 @ 12:10AM  
Irma is winding down.My forecast has dropped to "maybe" some 35 MPH winds, about 1 chance in 2.

I'm winding down too, walking like a zombie, after burning to hard, too long, running on coffee and adrenaline. It looks even more like I am in the clear. I hope Favorite and Chat are pulling through without problems too.

The sandman calls, and I'll do a final wrap-up tomorrow, when the storm has moved North of my latitude, has passed me by for sure.

Sleep well, and good luck to those still dealing with the wind.

Sep 11 @ 5:53AM  
Glad you are doing fine and thanks for calling on checking on me, you gave me comfort.

The wind sounds loud but the news is just saying it's not over and to stay inside.

First time ever I did not lose power. My folks lost power early on.

Damn it is too fricking early to call anyone.

Sep 11 @ 6:37AM  
I'm glad you both pulled through without any problems. When the danger was behind you I slept like a baby because like you I couldn't sleep.

Sep 11 @ 7:59AM  
Irma has weakened, but she is still here, South of me and still coming, with maximum winds of 75 MPH. In my area, we are only getting storm force winds, mostly under 35 MPH. It seems if she couldn't be a danger to us, she would at least have a joke on me. She's been rattling my windows all night long. In the middle of the night, I got up and went into the workshop, and cut a bunch of little wedges. Then I wedged all the wooden sashes tight in their frames, silencing them. If I had taken 15 minutes to do that last night, I would have slept much better. I also failed to bring in the wind chimes, and I am getting quite a concert.

Right now, gusty winds are blowing rain against the window panes, as they have all night. The wind is from the North, which means water is being blown out of the bay, causing low water, and no surge. Water is somewhat like dead leaves, and a strong steady wind blows (actually it pulls) it along with the wind, piling it up against obstructions, like the shoreline, causing high water. The low pressure of the storm's center is like a suction cup, pulling up on the water, causing a surge. When the high water invades the normally dry places, the waves can come on top of that water, and that causes a lot of the water damage to structures. That is why I talk so much about wind direction. Irma did bring low water here, though she was piling it up down South.

A surge is like a tidal rise that comes in rapidly, as much as several feet in as little as 10 minutes. It is NOT a tsunami wall of water, and is NOT a big wave, but more like rapidly filling a bathtub.

Even some of the TV "weather experts" do not seem to understand this. I suspect that last week they were "financial experts' or "sports experts". What they really are is read-it-off-of-the-teleprompter experts, and many don't have any idea of how weather works. They are pretty faces, well displayed bosoms, peek-a-boo crossed legs, and fancy suits, little more than empty talking heads. In a hurricane, their ignorance can get you killed.

After I put on the coffee, I'll drive down to the marina to check on my boat. I don't expect problems. There will be lots of rubber-neckers, hoping to get a cheap thrill out of the destruction of someones destroyed yacht. Hopefully they will be disappointed. And there will be the merely curious.

I have to retrieve my care from my neighbor's front yard. My yard is covered with trees, and in gusty weather it is wise to park in the open, where no falling limbs will damage the auto. Of course I asked him, and like all old timers here, he was glad to help. Thanks, Mike.

And now, about that coffee……...

Sep 11 @ 9:30AM  
The tour of inspection is complete, both boats are riding nicely on their moorings. Coffee is hot and strong, chicory flavored coffee, perked for about 20 minutes. My dog, Gus, is munching his breakfast, after touring the town with me, and taking his morning walk together. Due to the rain, the stroll was brief, just long enough for essentials.

The town is fine, with no major damage, just some tree limbs down, and a thousand palmetto fronds rattling around in the streets. Last night's hurricane party house is quiet, everyone sleeping it off, mostly refugees from South Florida. Despite our own troubles, our town took in folks from South Florida who were fleeing life threatening dangers. The only option is to stay with friends. All hotel rooms were booked clear up to Savannah, Georgia, three days ago.

Here is more hurricane music, by my favorite song writer, Tom Russell. It sounds like Tom lives a pretty wild life.

Tom Russell - Huricane Season

Sep 11 @ 9:50AM  
Glad you got through and out the other end in one piece ttom. Also happy your boat is safe. Gus is also the name of a man whom I loved most of all.

Sep 11 @ 11:51AM  
The eye is North of me, and heading North away from me.

All done.

I am very relieved.

Sep 11 @ 2:05PM  
There will be lots of rubber-neckers, hoping to get a cheap thrill out of the destruction of someones destroyed yacht.

How sadly true that is, people are jealous if you have something that they long for. And the more jealous they are, the faster they push their own gifts away. They just don't get it.
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