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9/11 Update on lacy Post Harvey

posted 9/11/2017 8:53:42 AM |
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Reggie and I spent the weekend at a friend with a great deal of empathy. She and her husband and poodle love Reggie (and me). We slept a lot and I had opportunity to wash the clothes I have worn since the flood.

I went to the office nearly every day last week to help prepare documents for a FEMA loan for the friends who own my home.

Meanwhile they have been busy repairing the little house. It may be ready for my return in a couple of weeks. I have laundered a lot of clothing that was in the flood waters. So many want me to throw them all away, but I have lost so much already, I want to save as much of 'my stuff' as I can. The friend who rescued so much of my lingerie has given me solutions for getting the clothes smelling good again.

Nights and mornings, I remember things that I probably lost. The gold-trimmed glassware from my grandmother, the gold-trimmed cobalt teapot from my mother, my New Mexico pottery, art books and various art works I had done.

I went to a birthday party yesterday. The honoree and wife had been in The Netherlands, Paris and Rome during Harvey. It was fun to talk about other places, better experiences.

My feet are healing. Funny how vaccination is being pushed as treatment, even though tetanus risk is not affected by contaminated water in open wounds. I have been treating them with neosporin and hydrocortisone, wrapping them with gauze and putting socks on, even with sandals. ...which reminds me, I have not seen my very favorite pair of black high heel sandals.

I am sorry that Florida is being assaulted by Irma, but glad it is there and not here again.

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Sep 11 @ 10:17AM  
There's record (from the 1800's) flooding from Irma in Jacksonville now than Houton got from Harvey.


Sep 11 @ 10:21AM  
They say it's moving west from Jacksonville, don't know where, and they say it's been downgraded to a tropical storm. But still Irma is doing a lot of damage.

Sep 11 @ 11:41AM  
Recovery is a slow process, I can't imagine how harsh all the losses are for you and your neighbors.So Sad. What is heartwarming is how people will come together to help each other.

Good luck with FEMA.

Sep 11 @ 1:11PM  
Bacitracin is good, or better than neosporin, keep it in my medic bag and my medical supplies.

Despite the heartbreak from the loss of so many irreplaceable memories, this, too, shall pass.

Sep 12 @ 2:22PM  

Sep 12 @ 7:08PM  
After you wash your clothes do they still smell like flood water? When you get a chance try to pick up some Borax, that old fashioned stuff really works.

Sep 13 @ 8:06AM  
Lacy, I highly recommend you use
colloidal silver(or sovereign silver) on your
sores. It will accelerate the healing time and is
antibacterial, anti fungal and antibiotic.

You can find it at a good health food/vitamin store.
It is the most valuable item in my medicine cabinet,
I am never without it.
It comes in a liquid form and a gel.

It can be used for sore throat, sinus infection, eye
infection, ear ache--the uses are many. Taken orally
it will kill a stomach bug.

Prayers for you and all the hurricane victims.

Sep 13 @ 11:32AM  
there are..

far better medicines out there...

but if Lacy cannot get any of them... well then... just be aware that..

COLLOIDAL SILVER Side Effects & Safety
Colloidal silver is LIKELY UNSAFE when taken by mouth, applied to the skin, or injected intravenously (by IV). The silver in colloidal silver products gets deposited in vital organs such as the skin, liver, spleen, kidney, muscle, and brain. This can lead to an irreversible bluish skin discoloration that first appears in the gums. It can also stimulate melanin production in skin, and areas exposed to the sun will become increasingly discolored.

Special Precautions & Warnings:
Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Colloidal silver is LIKELY UNSAFE when taken by mouth, applied to the skin or injected intravenously (by IV). Increased silver levels in pregnant women have been linked to abnormal development of the ear, face, and neck in their babies. Colloidal silver supplements can also lead to silver accumulation in the body, which can lead to an irreversible bluish skin discoloration known as argyria. Silver can also be deposited in vital organs, where it does serious damage.

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WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See additional information.

long ago....arsenic was promoted as a cure many..
but now.....only a few....

Arsenic is thought to be essential in trace amounts, however the benefits are not known. It is used in homeopathic treatments for some digestive problems including burning pain and symptoms of dehydration. However, it is a metallic element that is extremely poisonous.

there are far better proven medicinal concoctions for digestive problems than taking


Sep 13 @ 11:46AM  
I have a fear... that..

the people in flooded low lying areas of texas are not being told of the horrors of contamination due to the flooding...

but rather are being duped into thinking all is well...and just a simple "clean up" is all it takes...

Obama made a law where the fed's had more power to make sure that these people were kept safe...and if property was needing to be rebuilt... they would be rebuilt to a higher standard...based on todays assessments of flooding due to global climate change...rather than the old codes....

trump recently just wiped that law from the books....

( mostly because it affected HIS Mar-a-Lago resort...)

I have to wonder..

is trump himself....going to ask FEMA for welfare money??


Sep 14 @ 1:56AM  
ASM, colloidal silver is a very safe natural medication.
The blueish coloration comes from product that has not been processed properly, or has been abused.

Also all meds, and natural remedies carry a warning for pregnant and/or nursing women because they are not tested in the studies.

I have sold it for 20+ years and have never had an adverse effect
If I had to choose one natural medication it would be
colloidal silver.

Sep 14 @ 10:06AM  
for ANYONE who thinks they know more than the web...

read this...

bottom line..

In other words, doctors have speculated that silver usage has caused harm to human kidneys and the human nervous system based on individual case reports, but that speculation has apparently not yet been proven to be true when silver is actually tested on animals to see how it affects the internal organs.
This doesn’t mean the colloidal silver is being unjustly blamed.  It just means that at this point, there’s only anecdotal information to support the idea that excessive colloidal silver usage can damage kidney function.  So we await a good clinical study to clarify if it’s true or not.  And meanwhile, for the sake of safety, it’s always best to err on the side of caution.


That Thing Called Argyria
According to the EPA (see quotes in this article), the main problem with colloidal silver is that when taken in excess for long periods of time, argyria can result. 
Apparently, the body gets overwhelmed with silver particles and will start storing some of the excess silver particles inside the tissues. 
In medical studies, researchers have demonstrated that the silver can accumulate in outer layers of tissue, and even in organs.  (This is true, by the way, for just about any mineral supplement used in excess, including iron, copper, selenium, etc.) 
But for some reason, with silver, the body will start trying to push the excessive silver accumulation out to the skin, which is your body's third major organ of elimination. (For example, this is why kids get pimples; the body pushes toxins out to the skin to get rid of them.) 
But unlike other substances that might get stored in the body and even pushed out to the skin, the tiny submicroscopic silver particles end up getting sequestered in the skin, tightly bound to sulfide groups in the tissue. 
And because silver tarnishes when it's exposed to bright light, any exposure to sunlight can literally turn the silver-embedded skin gray, and sometimes even blue. 
This is called argyria, or silver skin staining.  And according to researchers in the Environmental Protection Association it’s the chief side effect of long-term excessive use of colloidal silver, or silver of any kind. 

I suspect that aluminum.... is also a problem... too

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