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A Dull Dull Life

posted 9/13/2017 11:05:26 AM |
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Don't you just love how Melvin now only blogs about the gloomy side of his life. He is so miserable with life he does not ever say anything good about anybody. His pathetic mockery of my blogs is the best he can come up with. I ask any of you when have you ever seen Melvin post an uplifting blog about anything. He never has because he doesn't recognize good in anybody or anything. I would call him a lowlife but that would be an insult to all the other lowlife people in the world. His mockery of my blogs has become an entertaining experience and I hope he keeps it up because if all he ever does is focus on me, then he mutes himself from his own ideas and as long as that happens then we don't have to read his original ideas. Keep it up Melvin. Once again you make my day !!!!

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Sep 13 @ 11:17AM  
Verily goode brother Willy,
crazy Melvin beist a non person,
as such no one readeth,
nor doth comment on his blogs.

Therefore dear brother,
in ye pathetic attempt to be relevant,
and noticed,
he targets ye just so that,
others will pay attention to him.

Like a spoilt child he doth,
reason that any attention,
is better than none.

His beith a sad,
lonely existence,
and he beith,
fundamentally useless.

God bless thee,
brother Willy.

Sep 13 @ 11:24AM  
Let me put it succintly this way. Folks read Willy's bogs... folks comment on Willy's blogs... and folks enjoy's Willy's presence on MD .
Can anyone say even ONE of those things about that miserable pitiful jerk you call Melvin? His entire pathetic life is right here on MD... he has nothing else . Willy = 100.... Melvin = 0

Sep 13 @ 11:26AM  
From Melvin's blog....
the biggest CREEP here is willy the ignoramus...

who continues to try to personally attack me...


Sep 13 @ 11:36AM  
Willy they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Therefore it would appear that @A_Simple_Man is your biggest fan.

Sep 13 @ 12:06PM  
Melvin said in his blog
as he continues to blog about ME...while blocking me from commenting...

Come on Melvin. You turned a blog on peanut butter into your political statement. When you were able to comment on my blogs you constantly rambled on and on about your demented left wing ideology and for that and the peanut butter comment you are forever BLOCKED

Sep 13 @ 12:13PM  
He turns everyone's blogs into "all about him", as if everyone reads his ramblings. Have you noticed, the more insecure he feels the more he streeetches his comments from here to next week.

Sep 13 @ 12:19PM  
The stretched comments are supposed to make him look ever so BIGGGGG.

Sep 13 @ 12:33PM  
The stretched comments are supposed to make him look ever so BIGGGGG

The Mumbai and Bangalore escorts have more class than Melvin.

Sep 13 @ 1:01PM  
I remember a week or so ago, Melvin threatened anyone who comments on a certain blog. He said if they did they would be "crossing a line".

Well Melvin old boy, I am commenting on this blog, so I guess I am officially CROSSING A LINE.
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