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Puerto Rico -- Cut The Rope And Let Them Drift Out To Sea Where They Belong

posted 9/27/2017 11:52:03 PM |
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What the HELL are we doing rebuilding Puerto Rico after the storm?!!!!

Puerto Rico is a big sucking hole full of freeloaders off of the American taxpayers. Spain has been laughing at us for over a hundred years since they dumped it on us. For over a hundred years Puerto Rico has been sucking this country dry and in spite of the insane amounts of money we have pumped into that hole they were still never able to turn their island into anything but a welfare state paid for by Americans. Acquiring Puerto Rico is one of the worst decisions America ever made. It's a gigantic LOSER. If the rest of the world loves Puerto Rico so much LET THEM PAY FOR IT!

There is zero chance that Puerto Rico will ever become a state. Why? Because in spite of their political showboating, where they make believe they have some kind of pride, they have NEVER and will never put their money where their mouth is. Why should they become a state? They pay NO FEDERAL INCOME TAXES. If they become a state they will have to pay them. Now they are getting ALL THE BENEFITS FROM AMERICAN TAXPAYERS AND NOT PAYING FOR IT. Like they are going to give up that freeloading gravytrain?

And furthermore why would we ever WANT them to be a state. I've been to Puerto Rico. These people aren't Americans. They have no interest in learning English and have no loyalty or allegiance to America. They don't love this country. In fact a lot of them I saw hate America. The only thing they want from us is their welfare checks. They have no skills, and nothing to contribute. They haven't built any kind of industry there, produce nothing except more generations of freeloaders. Why would we want them here anymore than the illegals from Mexico and South America that are invading our country? So our welfare costs get even higher? And why in the world would we want to give these welfare leeches the vote!??? So they can vote for candidates who want to bleed America even more???!!

Americans have already pumped countless billions of dollars into this sucking hole. We send them between $20 and 50 billion a year more than they pay us back. Why would any sane country keep doing that?!

Bring in the ones who served in our military and make them full citizens, then cut the rope and let Puerto Rico drift out to sea. GOOD RIDDANCE!

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Sep 28 @ 12:16AM  

You are talking about my Daughter and part of her family!!!

You.... With all your hatred... How the hell do you sleep at night???????

My ex in-laws were Good Hardworking People!!!
They don't collect any kind of benefits... They work for what they have!!!

How dare you talk about people that way!!!

You know what... I'm going to stop right here... Or I will say something you'll regret!!!


Sep 28 @ 12:20AM  

Something *I* will regret?

Oh I'm shaking.

Not my fault if you want to take it personally. I just opine on the facts.

Sep 28 @ 12:45AM  
I hope what you wish on other people happens to you and yours.

Yes... It is personal... These are people! Human beings!
Family!!! Friends!!!

But someone like you wouldn't know anything about that... You probably never helped anyone in your life!!! All you know how to do is point fingers and blame other people!!!

That's what you're all about!!!
No heart... No compassion... No caring for your fellow man....

Sep 28 @ 12:55AM  
Hey Diamond,

Me again! I'm starting to think we just might have an interesting and extended relationship developing. I'm excited. How about you?

Saw your reply to Angel. You wouldn't know a fact if you were drowning in an ocean of them.

Remember this passage? You should. You wrote it:

It was a touching moment that all Americans should be proud of and full of praise for the president as were the victims who he selflessly helped. President Trump has handled a series of some of the worst disasters the country has ever experienced in a way that experts say will become the standard of excellence for all future presidents. What he and his administration have done to mitigate the loss of life and property, alleviate the suffering and return the communities to normal as soon as possible in these two great disasters is nothing less than PHENOMENAL. There has never been anything like it.

Just curious: Are you recommending that the heroic Trump immortalized here in your deathless prose should behave differently toward the 3.5 million people facing dire circumstances on Puerto Rico? People who are U.S. citizens?

Still curious: Are you asking the president to alter his ever-so-generous nature (as YOU so eloquently described him) to adopt your repellent policy? Are you asking your idol Donald J. Trump to behave as a hypocrite? To indulge you? Don't you think that's a lot to ask of a hero? Don't you feel a bit of remorse for putting your hero in a tight spot?

I'd really like an answer to these questions. I'll bet your many fans (and enemies) would love to see your straightforward, logical, and sincere responses
to my heartfelt queries.

No pressure. Take your time. It's not like you're at risk of dying or anything.

Your new buddy!

Sep 28 @ 1:11AM  
Yes... It is personal... These are people! Human beings!
Family!!! Friends!!!

If you had half the passion for sticking up for America when it is attacked by other people here that you have for my perfectly acceptable political opinion about Puerto Rico I might take you seriously.

It is just as acceptable for me to have an political opinion about Puerto Rico as it is for you to have one about the United States. Why should they be exempt from criticism?

Your indignation is misplaced. That's your problem, not mine.

Sep 28 @ 1:18AM  
I have stuck up for America... Lame excuse on your part...

But there you go... Pointing fingers again...
Anything so you don't have to take responsibility!!!

That's just plain f***ed up!!!

Sep 28 @ 1:30AM  
Don't expect me to apologize because you have a Puerto Rican relative. That's about as ridiculous as someone expecting an apology from you because you said something critical of America and they have an American relative.

Like all liberals you turn anything you don't agree with into an opportunity to divert the topic and play the poor put upon victim in an effort to intimidate the speech into silence.

Doesn't work with me. Sorry.

Sep 28 @ 2:15AM  
Hey Diamond,

I'm starting to think you don't like me.

I can see you took the time to attack Angel (who has family and friends on the island), a considerable personal stake that has her justifiably upset. As you said to her in a classic statement of compassionate conservatism:

Like all liberals you turn anything you don't agree with into an opportunity to divert the topic and play the poor put upon victim in an effort to intimidate the speech into silence.

Doesn't work with me. Sorry.

But you haven't addressed my questions. I know I said you have plenty of time to answer, but I'm starting to think I might have intimidated your speech into silence even though you claim that doesn't work with you. I sure hope it isn't true.

So I'm even more eager to see your thoughtful responses to those questions I asked in my previous post. I really want to evaluate them fairly but critically, looking for flaws in logic, the quality of your support, etc. As a thoughtful, responsible conservative, you know the drill, right?

Waiting with bated breath, good buddy.

Sep 28 @ 2:28AM  
Bad breath is probably more accurate.

Feel free to wait.

Sep 28 @ 2:53AM  
Hey Diamond,

So in other words, ya got nuthin'.

Shocking. Are you what passes for the conservative intelligentsia around here? Or are you just the JV team?

I didn't think the sound of retreating footsteps from distant New Guinea would be quite so loud, but I hope that patter will help me drift off into a well-deserved and restful slumber.

Hey, no hard feelings, Buddy. I'm looking forward to your next post. Maybe you'll come up with one where you DON'T shoot yourself in the ass.

I'm rooting for you.

Your Buddy

Sep 28 @ 3:04AM  
Do that at your own peril.

Sep 28 @ 3:50AM  
Hey did you hear the one about the gay hypnotist and the bleeding heart liberal?

Sep 28 @ 5:44AM  
Hi Doc,

I haven't heard it, but I'll bet YOU tell it well.

Go right ahead! Feel free to consult with your buddy DR if you feel the need. Fifty-two Republicans couldn't "fix" healthcare, but I'll bet you two CAN come up with an
hilarious gay hypnotist joke.

I haven't smacked down a conservative asshat for a couple of hours now, so I could use a laugh.

Please don't keep us waiting too long!

All the best, good buddy!

Sep 28 @ 5:47AM  
^^ we are on the same side, we're evil libs.

Sep 28 @ 5:54AM  
DR is this blogs intention to attract the libs?

Sep 28 @ 6:14AM  
Hi Pompoms,

I really don't know all the players here, but I get the sense that DR and the Doc (there's a comedy duo for you!) have maybe had it bit too easy of late around here.

Something about unadulterated hate combined with rampant stupidity inspires me
to respond once in a while.

I'm not going to make this a full time project or anything, but every now and again I just might drop by to see if our Naughty Boys are behaving themselves.

Best wishes,

Sep 28 @ 6:18AM  
Thank you, snap.

Sep 28 @ 8:15AM  

How would I expect an apology from someone who doesn't take responsibility?

I am not "playing victom"! You fail to grasp tbat you are talking about real people... Real lives...

This isn't political... It's humanity!!!

I guess you're to busy playing with your dolls to understand this isn't a game... It's about human existence... That's the bottom line!!!

Sep 28 @ 9:57AM  
interesting blog......

as usual..

DR is towing the alt right line...

the people born there are us they are americans..

(if they want to be....and a majority of voters there......say they do..)

what really is going on is congress has to tell Puerto rico yes or no to statehood..

as they voted that they want to become the 51st state..

as they.... as a state would then have voting rights..and they would vote democrat (insert oxford comma here )
that would upset republicans to no end..

so they (rethuglicans..) have to find fake reasons to not approve statehood..

and this ( dr's blog.).is it...

wiki knows......

Puerto Rican citizenship was first legislated by the United States Congress in Article 7 of the Foraker Act of 1900[1] and later recognized in the Constitution of Puerto Rico.[2][3]

Puerto Rican citizenship existed before the U.S. takeover of the islands of Puerto Rico and continued afterwards.[2][4]

Its affirmative standing was also recognized before and after the creation of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 1952.[4][5]

Puerto Rican citizenship was recognized by the United States Congress in the early twentieth century and continues unchanged after the creation of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.[5][6][7]

The United States government also continues to recognize a Puerto Rican nationality.[8]

Puerto Rican citizenship is also recognized by the Spanish Government, which recognizes Puerto Ricans as a people with Puerto Rican, and not "American" citizenship. It also grants Spanish citizenship to Puerto Ricans on the basis of their Puerto Rican, not American, citizenship.[9]

On November 18, 1997, the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, through its ruling in Miriam J. Ramirez de Ferrer v. Juan Mari Brás, reaffirmed the standing existence of the Puerto Rican citizenship[3]

this ^^^^ is why DR is confused as he did not understand this vvvvv

United States citizenship[edit]
On March 2, 1917, the Jones–Shafroth Act was signed, collectively making Puerto Ricans United States citizens without rescinding their Puerto Rican citizenship.


In 1922, the U.S. Supreme court in the case of Balzac v. Porto Rico ruled that the full protection and rights of the U.S constitution do not apply to residents of Puerto Rico until they come to reside in the United States proper. Luis Muñoz Rivera, who participated in the creation of the Jones-Shafroth Act, gave a speech in the U.S. House floor that argued in favor of Puerto Rican citizenship.

He declared that "if the earth were to swallow the island, Puerto Ricans would prefer American citizenship to any citizenship in the world. But as long as the island existed, the residents preferred Puerto Rican citizenship."[20] The Jones Act allowed locals to renounce the United States citizenship and remain exclusively Puerto Rican citizens, at the cost of being stripped of the right to vote.[21] Despite these arbitrary limitations, 287 residents completed the process to forfeit the statutory recognition.[21]

In 1952, upon U.S. Congress approving the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, also reaffirmed that Puerto Rican citizenship continued in full force. This was further reaffirmed in 2006 while the U.S. Senate probed into the President's Task Force on Puerto Rico's status.[22] In 1953, U.S Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., in a memorandum sent to the United Nations, recognized that "the people of Puerto Rico continue to be citizens of the United States as well as of Puerto Rico."[5]

so.. to give DR some leeway...

it's not black and white...

I suspect that those on US welfare have lived here on the mainland..established voting rights in some state... and the right to welfare....and then relocated to the early retirement..

taking advantage of loopholes...

if welfare agencies are just giving out welfare to people who have never set foot on the mainland..

is that right??

confusing....isn't it?

the sign of a good blog... is one that makes people think....
(even if it's outside one's comfort zone...

~kudos~ for that..

but a low grade for deserve...


Sep 28 @ 10:12AM  
America is being slaughtered by an assault from the fascist left.

I don't have time for touchy feely.

I'll leave the sensitivity and pet therapy classes for someone else.

Sep 28 @ 10:29AM is your blog...

a question for everyone else..

if Puerto Rico is going to be a welfare state...and a total drain....from the get go...

why should we the people grant them statehood?

to my way of thinking... that would just make matters worse..
to where... cutting them loose...and letting them become a world problem...
makes more sense..

( all US citizens could just become expats...and still live there.. like the do..even in Poland..)

and should we not treat them just as all the other Islands are...??

IF/when panama is hit by a natural disaster..
should we rebuild the canal?

when Haiti was hit hard... leftist compassion prevailed...


Sep 28 @ 12:22PM  
Hey Diamond,

America is being slaughtered by an assault from the fascist left.

You sure have a flair for the dramatic.

You know that laundry list of ills and problems you listed for Puerto Rico?

It occurred to me that some of those problems could be ascribed to red states: poor educational and industrial profiles, money pits kept afloat by blue states, widespread and overt loyalty to Confederate principles, etc.

Is it time to put Mississippi, Alabama, and a few others out to pasture? I realize that answering tough and serious questions is never going to be your problem as that seems to be your go-to response to anything that requires an actual defense of your most odious proposals.

But a guy can remain hopeful, right?

Your Buddy,

Sep 28 @ 1:07PM  
hrs 38 mins ago
America is being slaughtered by an assault from the fascist left.
Wow... I don't remember anyone on the left marching through the streets carrying tourches and yelling... Those were Trump supporters! It was Trump supporters that killed that poor woman...

I don't have time for touchy feely.

Oh... I see... You don't have time to be a human being...
So that pretty much makes my above statement extremely true... My your own admission!!!

This statement here...
That's what you're all about!!!
No heart... No compassion... No caring for your fellow man....


Sep 28 @ 1:10PM  
I maybe wrong, but aren't 3 million Americans trapped there?

Sep 28 @ 1:10PM  
Perhaps now is not the appropriate time to debate the murky issues of Puerto Rican statehood and citizenship. Suffice it to say there are approximately 3.5 American citizens in Puerto Rico and as a Commonwealth of the US we have an obligation to provide humanitarian aid.

As to the long term status for the US Territory one would also have to consider the Virgin Islands as well in any discussion of rendering aid as it too is an unincorporated territory.

Sep 28 @ 1:45PM  
They have no phones, they are standing in a line to use one satellite phone. Gosh they could fix that in a heartbeat with more satellite phones. They break down in tears while talking to loved ones. .

Sep 28 @ 2:15PM  
Hi Doc,

I'm pretty sure you don't care much about what I have to say, but let me offer my unreserved approval for your last statement.

Well said.

Sincere thanks.

Sep 29 @ 9:53AM  
I agree. It is the first intelligent statement I have ever seen cocktail make.
Indeed, I am surprised he was capable of making an intelligent statement.
Honestly, I give him a thumbs up.

hypo - I give you 2 thumbs up for your attempts to elicit responses from DR.
with your well phrased questions. You have my respect.
As we all can clearly see, he has no responses.
It's not unusual.
That's because he simply regurgitates GOP propaganda and has never actually thought things through
and does not have the intellectual capability to do so.
I find it amusing that some people on here actually think DR is smart.
But then, everything is relative. He is a bit smarter than them.
Similar to Trump being smarter than his supporters.

Typical of people like DR, his BELIEFS are far more powerful to him than any actual facts. Facts merely bounce off a closed mind.
Rather than honestly answer questions with their limited capability, they redirect to some other topic, like what about Hillary, or try to discredit the source of those questions, or make some excuse, like I don't have time.
It is pitiful to watch. To quote the worst president in US history - "SAD"

Sep 29 @ 9:56AM  
By the way, if the US cut Puerto Rico off, considering their desperate
current financial situation, do you think that maybe they might become a target for some other country that would like to have a missile base close to the USA shores ?

Sep 29 @ 10:01AM  
Jim, I take offense to your post. DR is always right on with his blogs and posts. He gets more kudos than anyone here. Always one from me.

Sep 29 @ 10:07AM  
Texas, ever notice how few comments/posts Jim gets? Jealousy/envy...DR gets all the attention that Jim will never receive.

Sep 29 @ 10:11AM  
^^ what a stupid comment, we all know that comments define you but not the rest of us.

Sep 29 @ 10:16AM  
Grow up are just a 62 year child. No wonder you and Drac have become such good friends. You are so much alike...two banned trolls who have nothing else going on in their lives besides posting 24/7 on a dead site.

Sep 29 @ 10:20AM  
^^ you have been banned I'm sure of it otherwise you would be honest here. How many times must I say this fool, IT HAS NOTING TO DO WITH YOU HOW LONG I SPEND ON MD. get over your idiotic egotistical self who is only capable of blogging about MD members, me in particular, because YOU are jealous.

Sep 29 @ 10:45AM  
I gotta get out of this place.

Sep 29 @ 10:48AM  
They love picking on other members because it chases everyone away. They want this place dead, like them in the head.

Sep 29 @ 10:49AM  
^^ that is to DR

Sep 29 @ 1:03PM  

DR gets kudos because y'all mindlessly back him up. By his own admission... He is uncaring about other people.

So you agree with that?

His posts are mostly about pointing his finger at others and placing blame... Everything is all about being the Liberals fault...

That in itself doesn't make any sense because... Republicans are the majority. It doesn't matter that Obama was president for 8 years... The Republican majority are the ones passed or denied everything.

So.... You really only have yourselves to blame!
Maybe you should stop and do some fact checking... Or you can keep mindlessly handing out kudos.

Sep 29 @ 1:06PM  
I gotta get out of this place.

Hummmm...... Gets a little hot in the kitchen doesn't it?

Sep 29 @ 1:18PM  
The socks start screeching and blogging about MD members, well chosen members purposefully and everyone who logs on sees that and logs off again.

Sep 29 @ 1:50PM  
Nahhhhhh it doesn't get hot, it just gets stupid. Like your comment about how I am "uncaring" about people by my own admission.


The difference is that my concern for people is genuine, not some phony baloney politically correct claptrap that ignores the hardworking American taxpayers' needs and rights just to prove that someone isn't a "racist."

Just because you pay lip service to being "compassionate" doesn't mean the things you stand for are actually compassionate.

It's actions that count, not words. Liberals only care about the appearance of things and what the other guy thinks of them. I don't care about lip service, or what you think of me. I only care about ACTIONS and consequences.

Sep 29 @ 2:25PM  
I guess I'll be redundant but as I have stated before.....liberals are oblivious to wether policies work or not. Their main concern is how it makes them FEEL. All heart, no head. Basing decisions on the moral high ground rather than prudent solutions to any problem is not sound reasoning.

Congress ultimately will make the call on Puerto Rico's statehood and the cold hard facts as DR stated make it unlikely that this Commonwealth will become the 51st state. We are doing everything in our power to aid in this unprecedented catastrophe. It is going to be a monumental task and its much too soon to form conclusions as to Puerto Rico's fate or future.

Sep 29 @ 2:28PM  
I think the US is doing a fine job there under the circumstances.

Sep 29 @ 3:03PM  
American taxpayers bought Puerto Rico about 10,000 times over. The only use for it I can think of is to turn it into a giant military base. We can probably use one in that area. Or create another GITMO, round up Muslim terrorists and buy them a one way ticket there. Only this GITMO shouldn't have swimming pools and tennis courts, just torture chambers and execution squads.

Those are the only things I can think of that make it worth a damn to us. Otherwise it's just a never ending parasite.

Don't make them a state, cut them loose and let them see what life is like without the American taxpayer giving them a free ride.

Sep 29 @ 3:07PM  
One rule I live by is to never do more to help a man, than he is doing to help himself. That rule keeps me from being played for a sucker.

Puerto Rico is right on hurricane alley. What has the PR government done to help its citizens? How big is their emergency supply of food, water, shelter, and other help? Knowing they will get hit regularly, they should have plenty of supplies laid in, at least enough for the first few weeks. Do they? What preparations have they made for themselves?

Where are the Facebook pages, net sites, and tweets telling the 'Ricans to pick up supplies at the local relief office? Anybody found any? Has anyone ever heard of PR sending anything to the mainland, other that 'Ricans to the New York City welfare office?

The Good Book says "Let not thy hand be open to receive, but closed when thou shalt give". I guess the Puerto Ricans haven't read that part. What are they short on, Bibles or reading?

Sep 29 @ 5:49PM  



Sep 29 @ 8:52PM  
Like your comment about how I am "uncaring" about people by my own admission.


don't have time for touchy feely.

I'll leave the sensitivity and pet therapy classes for someone else.


Sep 29 @ 10:28PM  
It means I don't have time for BS talk about feelings. There is work to be done. Work that serves the greater good for people instead of meaningless chatter about how someone "cares" which is worthless talk. My form of caring is doing the right thing not some flowery meaningless words. And in this case the right thing is to do my part to do what I can to protect 10s of millions of American taxpayers from being robbed of their own futures and their childrens' futures. THAT'S what I call caring.

Sep 30 @ 4:29AM  
meaningless chatter about how someone "cares" which is worthless talk.

Excuse me.. That's you!
It's not meaningless if you're talking about family.


Sep 30 @ 11:40AM  
Global warming is a reality. Puerto Rico is in the hurricanes paths. They are going to become larger cat 5's and happen more often. That little island is going to get hit again and again in the future. Do we really want to spend billions of dollars on a lost cause?

The American taxpayers and the people of Puerto Rico have some tough choices to make going forward.

Oct 18 @ 8:27PM  
f*** YOU.

Oct 18 @ 8:48PM  
You are a dumb motherfvcker aren't you.

Let me do the math for you because you clearly are too much of an idiot to subtract two numbers:

1. Puerto Rico pays 3.7 billion in federal taxes every year.

2. Puerto Rico gets more than $21 billion in federal aid every year.

That means Puerto Rico sucks off the teat of the US taxpayers to the tune of more than $17.3 billion a year.

And that's why they owe Americans more than SEVENTY THREE BILLION dollars that the deadbeats never paid back and never will.

Looks like you need to get *** YOUR *** facts straight you dumb motherfvcker!

Federal taxes
The Commonwealth government has its own tax laws and Puerto Ricans are also required to pay most US federal taxes,[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] with the major exception being that most residents do not have to pay the federal personal income tax.[9] In 2009, Puerto Rico paid $3.742 billion into the US Treasury.[10]

Source: IRS

Federal aid
According to the Consolidated Federal Funds Report compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau, Puerto Rico has received more than $21 billion annually in federal aid from the United States.[1]


Oct 19 @ 4:19PM  
Love reading comments in retrospect. This one is almost a month old. Still the best comedy on the

Oct 25 @ 1:31AM  

Oct 25 @ 4:56AM  
Speaks well for Puerto Rico, doesn't he? Quite the
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