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posted 9/30/2017 10:48:44 AM |
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All roads were open, and supplies were being delivered to all points of the island until communists tied to Hillary Clinton ordered the truckers to stop moving.
As of 7 AM CST Saturday morning Sep 30:

All roads in Puerto Rico are completely cleared and carrying traffic. There are no blocked roads. Roads were already predominantly clear, allowing the full three hour drive across the island unhindered, on the morning of September 27. Residents are asking where all the stories about blocked roads are originating. These stories are being told to excuse the fact that there are 9,700 semi truck sized shipping containers that were sent by Trump, packed with food and other supplies sitting in port while the truckers refuse to deliver them to the island, under the cooperation of their union which has ties to Hillary Clinton.

The truckers have been told that if they just sit there, and allow an enormous starvation/humanitarian crisis to unfold, they will receive an enormous payout afterward. Many do not want to cooperate with this, but if any trucker tries to leave the port, they will be immediately fired and removed from their vehicle. The desire to cooperate is far from unanimous, it is to a large degree forced.
The reasons the truckers are being forced to stay in port (one way or another) is because a communist faction in Puerto Rico's government that has direct ties to Hillary Clinton did not want an aid package in the form of goods sent to Puerto Rico, instead, they wanted an enormous cash payout that they could steal. Right now, what we are witnessing in Puerto Rico is precisely the same thing that happened with the Clinton foundation and Haiti earthquake relief. The Clinton Foundation received hundreds of millions of dollars for the Haiti earthquake, and kept all but a fraction of a single percent. Virtually no help showed up in Haiti.

FACT: Everything the Puerto Rican people could possibly hope for is sitting in port, not moving.

FACT: The roads are completely clear and ready for service to all points on the island. Other than having no trucks delivering supplies, and cars having to find alternate routes around a few flood damaged bridges, traffic is normal. CONFIRMED: The entire route that goes the longest distance across the island that normally requires a three hour drive under normal conditions, was possible to commute in three hours on Thursday morning (and possibly earlier,) but it was confirmed by one driver who posted to social media on Thursday.

FACT: The truckers are simply sitting in port (or on the couch) doing nothing while a crisis builds, they are not even doing their normal jobs of moving supplies that would happen if there was no hurricane.

BIG BOLD KILLER FACT: Power is over 70 percent restored to the entire island, with only "A few localized neighborhoods that need to be taken care of". This was stated on social media by one of the over 1,500 military electricians sent to the island by Trump to get the power back on because the power company in Puerto Rico was too bankrupt and corrupt to do it, ever.

FACT: The efforts put forth by the Puerto Rican people to help themselves was so poor that more was accomplished by scrappers going around picking up blown off sheet metal roofing to be turned in for recycling and/or to be re-used than any other effort. Scrappers more than anything are what cleared the roads. The balance was largely accomplished by American military electricians removing downed trees.

All of this adds up to:
Communists in American government and media are lying about the situation in Puerto Rico. Trump's response was excellent, and everything the island needs is there, and the ability to deliver it is 100 percent. But since communists cooperate to create a crisis, and enough of Puerto Rico's government is seeded with communists in the right places, the only thing working unhindered is the American military electricians, who did a lot of road clearing and almost have the power entirely back on.

If the issue of communists (who are all tied to hillary) preventing supplies from moving via choke points in the political instruction chain is not addressed immediately, Puerto Rico will be starved to death while the streets are clean and open, and the power is on all the while the communist media tells horror stories about irreparable devastation and Trump doing nothing about it. That is precisely how communists operate, they would rather destroy supplies and kill people than lose political advantage. They see Puerto Rico as a prime opportunity to gain a political advantage by creating a crisis they can then turn around and destroy Trump with.

One important thing to note is that the communists have dispatched an army of social media trolls to lie about the situation in Puerto Rico from an "on the ground" perspective. FACT: PUERTO RICO SPEAKS SPANISH. YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANYONE FROM PUERTO RICO POSTING TO SOCIAL MEDIA IN PERFECT ENGLISH. And that is predominantly how all the devastation stories are being posted - in English.
You have to wade through a mountain of disinfo to find the truth. It is not easy, the effort to lie about Puerto Rico is well funded and very potent.

Obviously there was widespread damage in Puerto Rico, Maria was, after all, a hurricane. But such massive help arrived under the direct order of Trump that if the communists were not causing problems, it would be back to business as usual by the middle of next week and almost is now. But with the communist ordered truckers strike that just popped up out of nowhere, We're going to see a situation where people are starving with nothing else wrong, other than that they are starving. Starving, while food is right there. just like Ukraine.

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Sep 30 @ 11:37AM  

Sep 30 @ 12:16PM  
Thanks for the news story.

Anytime "Hillary" is in the story, I smell trouble. It sounds like the
sort of thing that the Soros gang would delight in!

Her "help" in Haiti amounted to thievery and child trafficking .

President Trump is combatting an evil
regime, and doing a great job, despite
all the resistance.

Saying a prayer here, for all victims of the man-made disasters
of 2017.

Sep 30 @ 1:45PM  
Saying a prayer here, for all victims of the man-made disasters
of 2017.

You are praying for the victims of the thousands of Islamic terrorist attacks that took place in 2017 around the planet? That's the only significant man-made disasters I am aware of.

I agree with you that Islamic terrorism is a far worse threat to the world than hurricanes and kills far more people. But what does that have to do with the hurricanes in Puerto Rico?

Just to help you out though I am posting the gruesome statistics on Islamic terrorism in 2017 so far. Tens of thousands of people slaughtered and injured by the religion of peace.

I was only able to list a few of the individual Islamic terrorist attacks -- just the ones in the last few days -- because since there were thousands of them this year, and they happened on every continent around the world, I didn't want to take up the entire blog and list them all. But you can see the full list this year, with full documentation of each attack, so far here:

PS: There are additional lists with thousands more attacks and hundreds of thousands more innocent people slaughtered EVERY YEAR, going back for decades documented on this site.

Islam -- The Religion of Peace -- And A Whole Lot Of Dead People!


Sep 30 @ 1:53PM  
The reasons the truckers are being forced to stay in port (one way or another) is because a communist faction in Puerto Rico's government that has direct ties to Hillary Clinton did not want an aid package in the form of goods sent to Puerto Rico, instead, they wanted an enormous cash payout that they could steal.

That being the case, I believe Trump is fully aware of that! I do know more military personnel are being sent to Puerto Rico, if they're not there already so, I have a feeling this problem will change soon! An alternative might be to have the citizens come to the port of entry!

Puerto Rico island itself is approximately 100 miles from East to West, and 35 miles from North to South so, I would imagine that there are several forms of transportation that could move goods to the folks that can't travel to the port of entry until the military personnel begins to move the goods themselves.

And why is there a Communist faction in Puerto Rico's government anyway, being a possession of the U.S. 'n all? And what the hell is it with the Clintons, especially Hillary? Haiti turned out to be a freak'n disaster and now they want to plunder Puerto Rico? Once a liar, always a liar... once a crook, always a crook! In both cases, it just gets easier to do! In my view, the Clinton family all belong behind bars for the rest of their lives for selling our country out!!


Sep 30 @ 2:29PM  
These are copies of post I have made elsewhere

I am well aware that the current "trend" is to bash the current administration, but in a situation like this the BS & misinformation, and other rhetoric that affects people in such need should stop. I'll try and do a run down on what has actually taken place. This from The Washington Post On Thursday 9/22 president Trump declared it a major disaster, which was necessary to put the wheels in motion. The designation makes federal funds available for those affected by the widespread damage from landslides, flooding and downed trees.

The federal assistance can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses, and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the effects of the disaster. Vice President Mike Pence said the administration was committed to helping Puerto Rico recover.

“We have people coming ashore now who were prepositioned on ships. We’re about to deliver 8 million meals, over 8 million liters of water, 31 industrial generators,” he said on Fox News. “We are there with the people of Puerto Rico, as President Trump has said, and we are going to stay there until Puerto Rico and all the good people there build all the way back."

From the NY Times Sarah Sanders

At @ricardorossello request, @POTUS has authorized the Jones Act be waived for Puerto Rico. It will go into effect immediately.
7:02 AM - Sep 28, 2017 This will be in effect for ten days at which time the newly appointed man in charge Brigadier General Rich Kim will make whatever calls are necessary. He is being sent to the island to establish a joint forces headquarters to support the response. Right now marines, navy, army, and national guard are there in large numbers with more on the way.

The U.S. government has thousands of staff, including 600 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, on Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, according to FEMA. It has provided 4.4 million meals, 6.5 million liters of water, 70,000 tarps and 15,000 rolls of roof sheeting to the islands. The release said FEMA and the Defense Logistics Agency are moving more than 300 generators, and the Navy and Marine Corps are trying to get generator fuel to hospitals. FEMA’s search and rescue teams report having rescued 557 people and five pets.There are no reports of this nature yet from the military there.

That covers through yesterday morning. I despise all of the misinformation about this disaster, which is causing so much anguish for those waiting on word about families there!

Sep 30 @ 2:34PM  
As the presodent likes to say this is FAKE NEWS. The truth is they need truck drivers to deliver the supplies to the people, Trucks of aid cannot go anywhere without someone to drive them, That could be easily solved by deploying a transportation unit from the military which congress or the president has yet to do,

Truck drivers needed

Sep 30 @ 2:56PM  
Most commonly, the president refers to CNN as fake news (or very fake news)... Are you doing that as well stega?

Here is a link to a Puerto Rico newspaper from yesterday.

I do not see anything in it re a death toll.

Sep 30 @ 3:18PM  
For DR and those who don't know---
HAARP and Chemtrails are real and
are used to create storms--and earth quakes.

Haven't you noticed that there have been no earthquakes
around Puerto Rico(Aricebo) since they were hit by
Maria? HAARP facility downed by the storm.

Sep 30 @ 3:49PM  

Just to set the record straight, it wasn't "HAARP and Chemtrails" that caused the hurricanes, it was THE GHOST OF ELVIS!


Oct 1 @ 12:20PM  
Well we have two blogs claiming to give us the 'real' story on PR. Both sources are far from mainstream. One a conservative freelance journalist, the other a left-leaning network (TYT) which caters to the 13-24 year old demographic. From the standpoint of pure comic relief I was most amused by the TYT blog, the #1 rated news and political source for, ages 13-24. Now there is a wealth of knowledge. As for Jim Stone, rumor has it he's dead and someone else is writing his reports. Another questionable source.

My pick on who I believe. Google Brock Long, the administrator of FEMA. Listen to some of his interviews......straight forward, no wild assertions, just first hand assessments of the unprecedented disaster he is faced with handling. As always, you pick who you want to believe. Me, I'll go with the guy who looks to resolve the problem, not lay the blame.

Oct 30 @ 12:59AM  
Have they managed to get the HAARP and the Chemtrails machine back up and running? They need to get an Earthquake to happen pronto so that a rockslide can block Hillary and the Communist truck drivers who are STILL sitting there at the dock with all the supplies. Meanwhile Hillary has organized a secret convoy of trucks filled with 20% of America's uranium that has been hidden in the Puerto Rican water supply! That's why the water that Puerto Ricans have been trying to tap is off limits because they say it is a Superfund Site. But now that the uranium is on the move to be delivered to Russian freighters on the OTHER side of Puerto Rico before Robert Mueller reveals his indictments tomorrow. Alex Jones is demanding that the Chemtrail Generators be attached to Airbus planes so they can make it rain in Puerto Rico but the deep state won't allow it because Airbus didn't pay the Clinton Foundation to get the modification approved. The only hope is that a new generation of high tech new technology black helicopters can be retrofitted by the Slenderman hiding in the only group of trees left undisturbed by Hurricane Irma. With his strength height and speed he could get the choppers in the air to seed the clouds and cause torrential rains, enough to refill Puerto Rico's reservoirs before Baron De Rothschild arrives on Tuesday to open the first of the ILLUMINATI Bank ATM machines!!
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