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Both Populace&Population Control&Depopulation. 1st Martial Law than U.N. Forces

posted 10/1/2017 11:27:25 PM |
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In the US or USA or aMerica (aka: Mercia = land once own by FreeSAXON) it is the matter of "WHEN it going to happen." Keep your eyes on this issue and what happens with this ISSUE, for that is the key as to "When." Why is that? It is so obvious as to why, if one knows the ISSUE/ISSUES.

As People are Being everything else. The Biggest Issue and Greatest Crimes is/are really part of "Populace Control, Population Control, and Depopulation" in disguise as other things and or blamed for other reasons.

How else can Secret Societies plus other people in disguised as something else control the people, control population growth, and get rid of people without entering in to the private lives of "the people" and breaking up/destroying families (plus children) and also the family structure?

* HINT: The continual of your families’ bloodline = population growth. And some people want to stop population growth (yours plus other people and not theirs) because they can, are able, and have the ability to..., get it? - Last video = EXPOSED!!! Strategies and Principles of the Depopulation!

#1: " Jennifer Winn Part: MPM 2017 - Pt 19 - Jennifer Winn " - - markyoung12 - Published on Sep 20, 2017. - Million Parent March, Washington, D.C. 9/18/17.

#2: " #MillionParentMarch2017 | Incredible Guest Speakers MUST WATCH! " = - The Liberty Columnist - Streamed live on Sep 18, 2017.

#3: " Merissa Hamilton, Kash Jackson, Rev. Jarrett Maupin Open Million Parent March " - - News2Share - Published on Sep 18, 2017.

#4. In the middle of this shocking video exposes using the Corrupt Family Laws and Corrupt Family Courts as strategies (#8) of depopulation.

"Operating Strategies and Principles of the Depopulation Lobby" = - by Kevin Galalae - Published on Sep 13, 2017. [Note: Smart people with certain personality type already know or can figure it out all that is said; and they know that, so people like Kevin, all they need to do is shift the blame when it come to "who is doing it" or "who all is behind it." (As you will notice towards the end of his video.) And that is the main goal and reason video like #4 video are out there.]

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