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Close ups of natural beauty

posted 10/29/2017 11:41:48 PM |
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Old obsessions revisited

An old profile resurfaced yesterday bringing back memories one guy would like to bury for good. The backstory....a member who was so disliked by everyone that even liberals disliked him... Except one liberal who patterned his off profile after him. There's no way to soft soap this one....RDL. I made it my goal to rid AMD of this scum. You see RDL was a pedophile living in North Fort Myers, Fla. He had many sins but this was the one he hid until I went down there to check his many claims for credibility...police detective, real estate agent, teacher, scholar (Dr of Divinity)....all as bogus as his many profiles in AMD and then once booted, his move to MD. While locating the palatial estate I caught wind of one of his associates, namely one Jimbo Soupy Sales. Didn't know him at the time but I later made the connection. bet. You see Soupy's interest in taking pics came from his sick penchant for taking pics of little kids. He stalked them and Jerry played the kindly father figure. Their profiles are synonymous, teacher, photographer, realtor (the failed attempt to sell real estate stoked his hatred for Trump, one wildly successful, the other a complete failure. His anger, his bitterness and stalking of children projected his (his favorite word..he knew he was sick and found a professional name for it) obsession into his yearly visits with his father figure and fellow pedophile as he divvied up the children with the rev. The rev got caught, Soupy slunk back to New Jersey barely missing the conviction which sent the Rev to prison for 5 years...coinciding with his purported battle with cancer. That got the rev an early out and some much needed cover. Soupy has now taken back to visiting as well as maintaining his profile on MD. Tidy isn't it..

What I found out through police records.....The Rev had a thing for little girls 6-12. Soupy preferred the little boys. Soupy got close to his boys by engaging them in ball play (literally). Diddling boys was harder to prove the way Soupy worked it. He put his 'touchy feely' emotions to bad use, but even though police couldn't prove his perversion they witnessed every sick trick short of penetration. On officer claimed " He may not have an admission of guilt from Mr Sales but he definitely saw an 'emission' of guilt. He rubbed his lamp more than Aladdin and his little genie went through more changes of shorts then a 2 year old bed wetter."

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Oct 30 @ 12:59AM  
Soupy just doesn't have slick pants, he also has slick hands selling glass trinkets in an open market place. And what little boy or girl isn't infatuated with shiny beads and baubbles?

Oct 30 @ 8:58AM  
Add to his long list of accomplishments that he was a Commando leader and Black Ops officer. The other one has a deep seated hate of children and women, and of women bearing children and having families in particular.

Oct 30 @ 1:02PM  
Jerry Bear and Jimmy Bear....sounds like a fairytale doesn't it? Only these two sickos caused nightmares for little children. The thing about the West coast of Florida is its comprised of an older crowd and when children are seen with older folks it is often assumed its grandparents. RDL worked the beaches diligently and had a cycle with a built in love seat for giving rides to kids. You'll notice on Soupy's profile he lists 'motorcycles' as one of his activities. The two profiles are eerily similar. Soupy declared he has a Doctorate (of Divinity?) he's a realtor, a teacher, enjoys photography, a traveler, BUT most atheist. Hard to be one with God when you're one with children.

Oct 30 @ 6:16PM  
What makes anyone think I would allow the comments of socks just because they agree with me. During the time of rdl's run on AMD there was one sock who wasn't a sock then. He knows of Soupy's associations.

Oct 30 @ 7:53PM  
The lying troll just make things up in his pinhead.
Yes, legal charges can be brought up against him & should be.
Kind of like you do with President Trump....make things up! And legal charges Soupy, like impeachment. Poor Soupy in your perfect world you could throw stones and nobody could throw back...


5 hrs 53 mins ago
There are NO facts, no links.

The links are a set of handcuffs waiting for Soupy in Florida. You're from Florida, right? His hunting grounds.

Looks like you got the hayburner vote, Soupy. Have you met Fay's daughter? Oh right, you prefer boys. Rest easy Fay, she's too old for his tastes....literally.

Oct 30 @ 10:08PM  
I am sum what stunned...
as eYe perceive you to be one of the good guys here...
( let's digress for a sec.)
...It strikes me as odd that with one of the best World Series in progress-- just a few guys here are enjoying it...)
...Our world is seriously Fornicated. I read on Facebook that in the past summer, 500 children were swept off the streets of Washington D C...and thats just one city. Where these kids end up is better left unsaid....eYe am also told that the state of Wisconsin has more satanic covens per sq. Mile than the other 49....

The typical poly--blogger / writer on this site, and all sites-- for that matter--has zer0 comprehension as to the Satanic UN majesty of our Enemies. Old McCarthy was Wong on procedures...He was not mistaken as to the name by Name manifest of Commie, fellow traveling, butthole surfers.

We also add this dot.} the Perversion of Hollywood is not by accident, likewise the sickness of big Pharma, the paymaster of the Evening news. And as the problem is beyond human remedy...eYe tell you with absolute conviction: Amerika is going to collapse with such frightening swiftness...because it has to--otherwise Sodom is the city of the Future and perversion - the official religion.

Oct 31 @ 8:57AM  
Yes Roberto, our world is truly fornicated when we turn a blind eye to our children being fornicated without reprisal. When one of the most despicable crimes against families is being marginalized as inner city accepted behavior. And just look at the statement from a proud Hollywood celebrity who believes his best performance was 30 years ago and the LGBTQ takes offense because he delayed waving the gay banner at the time of his misdemeanor.
As for this site, the liberals are every bit as culpable as their lower parts in Hollywood preferring to ignore something they see everyday burying their heads in the sand. You choose your own hero, mines not RDL or his son, his protege, Soupy.

Nov 1 @ 7:12AM  
Soupy was completely taken aback when I answered his indignation with my rebuttal. He said:

"You just lie and make things up."

Kind of like you do when you call the president a Nazi, a member of the KKK and the Mafia, a con artist, etc.? He thinks its OK for him to throw rocks but God forbid someone threw back. He said he substantiated his claims. Bullshit, you don't back lies with more lies. Soupy is a weak ticket, a cyber bully that plays a victim. If he ever had to prove he had balls he'd claim he had a right to wear a cup. He's been hiding behind the women of MD for so long he's grown tits.
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