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Lets Hate On Match Doctor

posted 10/30/2017 3:13:38 PM |
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5 or 6 years ago, Match Doctor lost many members in a heated blog war. Two groups opposed each other. The losers migrated to Hate-on-MD blog site on the much larger Multiply platform.

On one side were the more popular bloggers, more popular because they were good writers who spent time to craft a good blog. On the other side were those whose blogs were less popular, often because they were just cut and pasted articles, or poorly written.

When the rivalry got intense, one little fellow started a rival site, which had fake profiles of the popular bloggers. Photoshopped pictures were posted showing huge bloated bodies of the poplar bloggers, and distorted photos of their faces, very ugly photos to say the least. The dissenters also posted their own profiles.

Many blogs on the alternate site were venomous with hate for those bloggers who remained on MD, attacking all facets of their being. Bogus profiles of the remaining on MD bloggers were faked, expressing all kinds of vile opinions. Rating sites were flooded with anti-MD comments.

The hate site dwindled, and finally expired as its members returned to MD or dropped out of site. Finally the hosting server, Multiply, went out of business in the USA.

I tried to research the origins of the anti-MD site. As close as I could come was finding the profile of the administrator of the hate site. He used a different name on the hate-MD site than he does here, but I recognized his photos. One was a small man with a twisted smile and coat and tie, and his name stamped across his photos. But don't ask HIM, he denies it all. Ask any MD old timer, and they can give you the details of a very ugly and sordid attack on MDs loyal bloggers.

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Oct 30 @ 3:19PM  
I'm so glad I missed out on that, or at least I think I did as I certainly never participated nor had any knowledge of it, except for what you told me.

I may have been attacked but what I don't know doesn't hurt me I guess.

Oct 30 @ 3:24PM  
Some years ago Hooks alerted me that someone was using my pic on another site -- maybe the one you are talking about or related to it -- and portrayed me as the lawyer for some guy who was involved in some pretty terrible things. There was a fake article about some fake person I think and some fake crime he had committed I think (my memory isn't that fresh on it anymore) and someone used my picture as the supposed lawyer who was defending this guy and the crime ring he was involved in.

It wasn't around for long before the site went down.

Clearly, whoever was doing that had some connection to here.

Sounds like this may be related to the case you are talking about.


Oct 30 @ 3:26PM  
Oh PS... I have come across some of my own writings here plagiarized in other places on the Net a number of times over the years.

It felt quite complimentary!

Oct 30 @ 3:32PM  
Geez, first time I've heard of this. "Resentment is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die"

Oct 30 @ 3:33PM  
It was quite the opposite. Many of us fled this site to a MUCH better site, Multiply.
We won peace & happiness.
The site was huge with thousands of bloggers and much more could be done with blogs and the MODs were much more attentive, both trolls & scammers were rapidly eliminated.
We grew tired of 'the war' here, where popular bloggers, were continually jealously attacked by those who THOUGHT they were good writers and that this was their stepping stone to a Pulitizer.
When other blogs were more popular, jealousy reared it's ugly heads.

We're beginning to see a similar thing again.
Both you and pinhead have put down cut & pasting, like what you offer is better.
When we left, the attackers tried to attack us there and were blocked.
Multiply was later sold to a Philipine marketing site.
Most probably are on Facebook.
Meawhile the trolls here want to drive people off again, so the only thing here is conservative b.s.

Oct 30 @ 3:36PM  
There is a fine old Arab saying

When you throw a stone into a pack of dogs, the one hit howls.

A very wise old Arab, indeed.

Oct 30 @ 3:38PM  
Good thing I wasn't popular.

Oct 30 @ 3:38PM  
However, the howling dog always tells the truth.

Oct 30 @ 3:42PM  
Good thing I wasn't popular.

Especially since it initially was women they went after.
Myself & another male, Edthepoet, decided to take the flak instead,
so we both retorted to the attack blogs.

Oct 30 @ 3:44PM  
Got a bee in your bonnet, Soupy?

Oct 30 @ 4:01PM  
No. You got flies, buffalo chips ?

Oct 30 @ 4:38PM  
lil Jimmy, don't be deluded into thinking that people don't see you for what you really are!

Oct 30 @ 4:42PM  
Same here, Fay. I missed it too, thank goodness, and knew nothing about it.

Oct 30 @ 4:43PM  
I saw lil jimmy on a gay love site called rainbow pride............lil jimmy swings bofe ways, true story bro.

Oct 30 @ 4:49PM  
There is a fine old Arab saying

When you throw a stone into a pack of dogs, the one hit howls.

A very wise old Arab, indeed.

I've pigeon holes lil jimmy like 27 times. When one lies, one is easily pigeon holed.

Oct 30 @ 4:52PM  
I had lil jimmy back peddling with his lies for 3 days straight, until he blocked me from commenting on his blogs, I trumped him in every political debate he threw at me lol

Oct 30 @ 4:59PM  
lil jimmy isn't a debater, he just copy paste satire cause he aint good at that

Oct 30 @ 8:31PM  
I kinda remember that? That is when I first joined here. I guess this place has always had it's issues but at least it had some decent people back then!!!!!

Oct 30 @ 9:29PM  
Yeah you said it!

Oct 30 @ 10:17PM  
Oh don't worry, it's just a fad, and they will grow out of it!

Or not!

Oct 31 @ 9:04AM  
Got a bee in your bonnet, Soupy?

Soupy always has a bone to pick, usually someone 40 years younger.

Oct 31 @ 10:31AM  
I remember it more like how Jim tells it..

and know that even today... we are subjected to fake profiles...liars and multiple personalities... HERE...

( the simple point.... point fingers at yourselves too)


Oct 31 @ 1:13PM  
When I see the blog wars, finger pointing and name calling all I can think is how old are these people, five? I just have to shake my head and laugh about it, Never really bothered me what anyone says about or to me while being so cowardly they have to hide behind a keyboard and screen to do it,

Oct 31 @ 1:26PM  
This geriatric crowd has nothing better to do whilt waiting to die!

Oct 31 @ 3:37PM  
I remember the clicks...

I never picked a side... I didn't always agree... Nothing had changed there...
I remember when people were leaving someone asked if I wanted to go along. I said thanks but I liked it here...
Yes we had trolls and socks back then too....
My ex boyfriend had three profiles that I knew about. Others were suspected... But didn't know for sure. Only choice of words and things that were said other profiles came into suspicion.

I may not agree on one topic but may totally agree on another. It became a competition back then... Who got more kudos and who got more views. Who had more friends.
I guess I didn't really care about any of that... I blogged about what was on my mind or how I was feeling. I still do.

Oct 31 @ 3:38PM  

This just in....MAJOR MELTDOWN in Isle 1. Paramedics have been rushed to the scene. 85 and counting...maybe not. Will the clock stop here? Will depravity die in a fit of frustration and four letter words? LOL Will the son supplant the father figure? Stay close to your set.....or your phone......or your computer....ah hell, just stay close.

Oct 31 @ 3:46PM  
^^^Angel gives cockless an almost partial. Yank as he might he can't make a clean up in any isle. He needs RDL fat ass for that!

Oct 31 @ 5:41PM  
drc is rev.....what, didn't you get the memo.

Oct 31 @ 6:51PM  

Really..... What is your problem?

If you're trying to get my attention.... I'm not interested in you! I'm already married to an alcoholic. I have a restraining order against him and I don't need another one in my life...

Sorry.... But you just don't stand a chance! So can you just stop stalking me now???

You're not my type.... I'm not into trolls.


Nov 1 @ 12:19AM  
Somehow I see your type as exactly what you

Nov 1 @ 12:24AM  
No.... Just your excuse for thinking you had a chance.

Give it up... You don't!

Nov 1 @ 3:33AM  
Now I know your nuts.

Nov 1 @ 4:17AM  
This trip to Multiply must have been very 'hush hush' cause I don't remember it.

I vaguely remember Multiply, I was in another singles group when I first came in here that was around 2007, and it was splitting up and some wanted to go to FB and some wanted to go a game site. I think some tried Multiply for a while. I eventually went to FB but it took someone from here to get me there. He was nice enough to explain all the security features and how to get around. I've now started going back to the game site just to keep up with old friends.
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