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A 1990 Hp desktop,a bottle of whiskey and thou!

posted 11/6/2017 10:23:34 AM |
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Why are people ganging up on poor widdle cocky? WHY is Widdle cocky unable to rise above this. WHY? His widdle feelers are butthurt.

He is right now raging all over his Mommys basement~ screaming at the top of his lungs



"I am sooo much more intelligent then ALL of them put together!"

"I am the FNING KING !"
The whiskey glass is his septer and the basement potty is his throne!

"They are just jealous that I can sit on my ass drinking on the gubermunts dollar."
That reminds him..

"MOM run down to the corner and get me a bottle! NOW YOU OLD HAG!"

Now now widdle cocky THAT is no way to talk to the lady that keeps you out of the homeless shelter. She should take her circa 1990 HP Desktop AWAY from you! Yes she should!!! Take it away!!! Take it away!!! AND THE DIALUP TOO! lol lol lol lo

Time to look inside widdle cocky .YOU are deliberately malicious, out to manipulate and control people for your own gain without conscience.

STEP AWAY from YOUR world of MD.

Waddle out of the house!

Wear shades because the sunlight will hurt your eyes

.Get some fresh air!

Smile at someone.
Show that messed up grill!


There is a great big world out there!


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A 1990 Hp desktop,a bottle of whiskey and thou!


Nov 6 @ 10:37AM  
You are beyond help. Your childish rant isn't even worth a response.

Nov 6 @ 10:38AM  
Interesting question....why would an unemployed, drunken, bisexual, racist, misogynist suddenly become the laughing stock of the entire site?...... I me.

Nov 6 @ 10:41AM  
Only the assholes here think that.

Nov 6 @ 10:42AM  
I 100% know who you are. Unless of course I am 100% wrong. I will not give you away, never. I knew you were bright but I was unaware at just how witty and talented you are.
Honestly dear, and I am not a base flatterer but you are beyond amusing, you are artful.-kudo.

Nov 6 @ 10:45AM  
Texas, Tar has written a witty masterpiece and here you are like a cavewoman using words like "assholes". You are embarrassing yourself.

Nov 6 @ 10:48AM  
Takes a bow!

You are beyond help. Your childish rant isn't even worth a response.

Aww the irony!

Nov 6 @ 10:52AM  
some think you are me
but I am me
got to admit though,
you write like me
never mind the subject matter
it IS good stuff
and good stuff
needs to be recognized
as good stuff
veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrry cooooooool

Nov 6 @ 11:22AM  
Aww shucks thanks! Three little cockys for the shoutout!


Nov 6 @ 11:27AM  
This was uncalled for;
Kick a cat!

Nov 6 @ 11:35AM  
That WAS low.

Nov 6 @ 11:39AM  
Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine, when you gonna let me get sober, leave me alone, let me go home, let me go home and start over!
Runnin' around this crappy ole town scraping for nickles and dimes, times are tough, and I ain't got enough, to buy a little bottle of wine. It's so hard to be an unemployed bartender..oh poor pitiful drc me!

Nov 6 @ 11:54AM  
Northern, attacking someone's character is a "witty masterpiece"???? Not bardly!!! Only on the mind of a jackass.

Nov 6 @ 12:18PM  
Texas, "jackass" "assholes" you lack the intellect to debate or argue in a way where you can possibly win. So you resort to grade 3 name calling. But we all know that you don't have a lot upstairs...just like CrowHawk. I notice that all of drc's friends have one thing in common, they are not very bright.

Nov 6 @ 12:38PM  
Texas, you defend your much-maligned friend.Admirable quality to have. But you turn a blind eye when lil cocky attacks your own gender.

Do you feel the criticism is unfair or exaggerated? Does he have good qualities too?His good quaility in this case? Is it that he gives you attention.

lil cocky has people here scared. They are afraid of reprisal. I AM NOT my sword is bigger and mightier than his.

<--actual size of lil cockys cocky!

Nov 6 @ 1:19PM  

If you like the guy then good for you.

I guess he has never called you names, disrespected or trolled you.

Maybe you approve of his racist comments. I don't!

Just because some of us don't like to be disrespected doesn't make us all asswholes. It means he is acting like one.

Nov 6 @ 1:28PM  
Are you my silent ally?

Nov 6 @ 6:38PM  

Nov 6 @ 10:41PM  
You are beyond help. Your childish rant isn't even worth a response.

Yet, you are on this blog 3x.

That said, you kick a cat, Tartuffe, and you answer to me. Someone has to be the stereotypical cat lady, and I am she.

Nov 7 @ 8:34AM  
it was all good.....(more like tit for tat...)..until a poor cat was kicked...

still....even though it was probably rhetorical..( and can be redacted or edited out....but has not been...)

I find this blog amusing.... and give it a big greenie.,...( kudo)

note to TG.... where was your self righteous indignation when DRC attacked others??

as you remained silent or cheered him on... you are in his camp..(it's that simple)


Nov 7 @ 8:58AM  


CC wtf? DELETE! You are out there my friend.May I suggest that you do not poke the bear?

Crazy Casey Jones, Noone is ever very much anonymous.

Enough is enough. thee nev'r hadst the right.

The stalking and lies cease NOW!


Nov 7 @ 9:18AM  
Noone is ever very much anonymous

The just think they are, which is what makes them brave.

Nov 7 @ 9:32AM  
You say brave I say stupid.

East,just for you,I made him kiss the cat! That should gag him!

Nov 7 @ 10:20AM  

Brave in that they feel free to type their stupidity.

Dec 9 @ 9:35PM  
He said KISS a cat......nice ..but introduce your self first
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