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Call me Jethro!

posted 11/7/2017 4:25:01 PM |
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I am the Jethro Bodine of MD! I talk plain, and I'm just plain me.

I DONT have no fancy words
I DONT write to try to impress (like who here??? [ )
I sure dont write long over boring rehashing go nowhere endless blogs....every single day!
I dont need 3 paragraphs to say what takes 3 lines. I say whats on my mind plainly and I am done.

BUT here is what I DO have.............

Just a HS diploma..... from one of the poorest state in the country
Good work and investing habits
A good paying job with full package of benefits and bonuses (and seniority).
A nice big new house. And money still in the bank. Like Jethro!
No money worries.
I could retire debt free today. Tomorrow.... or anytime I want. But I dont want. Not yet. I like working.
I am healthy and.............. best of all...............
I have a great loving FAMILY (like Jethro!). And a fine good hearted woman and many good friends. People that love me and always will. Like Jethro!

So I may be just a southern hillbilly (like Jethro!) but what I am is plenty good enough for the people that matters in my life. I bet that what I have....... most here DONT have, and never will......... and always wish they did! But they wouldnt even know how to do it. All they know is attack words and insults.
You say I am dumb, not smart (like you??? ). OK, if you say so. But I am smart enough to know the important people, the right people to go to, those that have the answers and the power to make things happen. The people that can say YES when others can only say no.
You think I am crazy. yea OK...... but crazy.... like a fox

So go ahead make fun of me. call me names. Do you really, REALLY think I care?
I dont and never have. Nobody ever gave me nothing, my family couldnt afford much. But they gave all of us much love, lots of life lessons and their support in most everything. I have always worked and I know the value of a buck. So for everything I have, I did it all by myself (but not just FOR myself).
I have some good friends here also, probably much smarter than I am but they dont look down on me. Good decent accepting people. that respect each other.
So against those mean angry bitter and envious people here........ I will always still have the best and last laugh! Just like Jethro!

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Nov 7 @ 4:55PM  
Jethro Bodine doing a Winston Cigarette commercial

Nov 7 @ 5:57PM  
Great blog Crow. Straight from the heart. You are much more eloquent in your writing simplicity that you are aware of. Just keep being you and doing what you do, you're on the right path.

Nov 7 @ 6:16PM  
Let's see now, let me get my red pen out. I'm going to make some additions and corrections, maybe even some comparisons. Geez, your most glaring fault is family. Mother, brothers , girl friend...all under your roof or close....loved and provided for....check.....Job, independent contractor, good pay, big company.....check. Ediucation, high school completed....check.....Honest to a fault, humble, plenty of friends he can count on....check, check....stands on his own two feet, always has...check. Hell let's skip ahead. Lets see how you could have turned out.

Immature, illiterate, insecure, a braggert, foul mouthed, definitely a liar but with one asterick...compulsive, distorted perception of himself and reality, family none that approve of him, mother ashamed to own him, job....daytime floor manager, small staff (27)....probably seats 75 at best, advancement possibilities, probably never going to be self sustaining, by his own admission has an alcohol problem so he thinks everyone has the same....whew, thats enough already....Outlook...probably dead by 35. No one will miss ulterly laughable, no class soon to be a failure. A punk!

Lol Crow, I could have kept going. And Crow, my friend you never havr to point out your many good points to your friends. We see them every day in your words and your actions. Be safe out there on the road, you've a lot to look forward to.


Nov 7 @ 6:26PM  
Great job Hawk, quite the accomplishments! You are ever so much more real and believable than any old longwinded wind bag here can ever hope to be. Shout it loud and proud my friend, you've earned it! .
Was about to hit post when I saw what DrC wrote. Now THAT's a comment! Hard to top, better than anything anyone could write, I am sure. So I'll just leave you my praises as were written. You, my friend, in your "plain" ways, as you call them, have touched more decent folks here than you know! We are proud to know you and be your friend, and I know I can talk for DrC as well on that count

Nov 7 @ 6:38PM  
Watcher, drc, and lawman nailed it!! I couldn't say it better!

Nov 7 @ 7:02PM  
Hello friends,
TG deserves.a round of applause for beating them like a red headed step child. She's been on her own with one smack down after another but never stooping to their level, which quite frankly is as low class as ever I've seen. Only 3 dirtballs left. East is showing that New York backstreet upbringing.

Nov 7 @ 7:46PM  
Texie is a beautiful lady with a heart of gold and immense loyalty to her friends and family. I have cautioned her not to venture out among those mud slinging and wallowing pigs for fear of getting herself splattered. But she is fearless (and stubborn, LOL!). Texie you are so, so much better than this miserable triumvirate of cowardly punks. Please stay away from them, they are not worth your spit! Thanks Doc, for the info.... as I seldom read any blog others than those posted by FRIENDS here! "Jethro", when (if?) you see this, I am sure you'll have some thoughts for our friend Texie.

Nov 7 @ 7:58PM  
Thanks, doc and lawman.

I just ignore the riff raff. I know who my friends are.

Nov 7 @ 8:05PM  
But it is fun pushing their buttons, so easy. I get a mentall picture of tonto imploding. Lol, probably slaps his gf around. Hell if I keep zinging him I may get arrested for aiding and abetting a domestic dispute, or igloo interuptus.

Nov 7 @ 8:13PM  
TG...I was surprised east jumped on their bandwagon. I guess she's going to be recording the I know beetle is going bailey soon. She held up about 2 days.

Nov 7 @ 8:20PM  
Why surprised^^? She had done the same on a vitriolic blog by NB where she posted as FACTS that my ex went back to her country of origin WITH my sons that she absolutely KNEW the Court had taken from me and awarded her!
NEVER will an American court EVER take children from an American parent to award custody to a foreign national!! . I raised my sons and damn proud of it, and of them! A West Pointer and an USAF Officer.
See what happens when you have to think for yourself instead of googling and c/p everything without an original thought. See exactly WHAT an original thought consists of for her! Dumb as bricks!

Nov 7 @ 8:53PM  
Hawk, my apologies for this off topic burst. The knowitall wench's arrogance still burns me up. But this is YOUR blog, and I'm proud to call you friend. You wrote one helluva great blog, my friend!

Nov 7 @ 8:55PM  

Agreed. One great blog!

Nov 7 @ 8:57PM  
Oh, and I'm proud to call you my friend too! As well as lawman and drc.

Nov 7 @ 8:58PM  
Another friend from MD told me that if you play with the dogs you'll get fleas.

My family always comes first, but there must be something about MD that I like cause keep coming back. I'm so happy TG came back and Fay too. There just aren't too many women left here that let's stuff roll off their back like these two do.

But let it be known that if you get the nice women of MD backed in a corner they will bite. Don't mistake kindness for weakness.

kudo for the blog Crow .. I'll be 10-10 on the side.


Nov 7 @ 9:11PM  
Don't know if Hawk is still on the road at this hour, or if he is reading but can't chat, but I bet he is going to be quite surprised at the reaction his friends have had to his blog! This has meandered around a bit but always came back to show support for one of the really good guys here! I'll be 10-7 myself now

Nov 7 @ 9:31PM  
To Lawman^^. A military man. An American court. American children. A foreign wife returning to her country. And someone here was ignorant enough to assert that the ex was awarded custody of the kids! So that American kids would be raised in a foreign country? Really?? There actually was someone stupid enough to assert that!? And probably some equally ignorant gullible sheeple who believed it too!

Nov 7 @ 10:15PM  
Call me Jethro!

Not unless you strike oil on the property of your new home.

Nov 7 @ 10:27PM  
Hail, Hail, the gang's all here"! Some of the best comments ever! ^^ Then he'd be Jed ! I read somewhere where Crow says his mom wants to plant a garden, flowers or veggies. So he's more apt to strike carrots or petunias, but it's all good! It's your home and your castle (or man cave )

Nov 7 @ 10:35PM  
Hey I just noticed, you got a little pix in the corner up there. Nice! I like that one

Nov 8 @ 12:07AM  
New restaurant opening in Alaska. Noted raconteur and philanthropist Tonto Mush seeks city approval for massive 3 seat eatery in Alaska. (Video to follow.)
Citing his many accomplishments and vast experience in the construction of artful igloos Mush expects to be open by the Chinese New Year.

Nov 8 @ 6:58AM  

Nov 8 @ 8:54AM  
And another!

Nov 8 @ 9:32PM  
I think you did very well here!
Don't worry about what anyone else thinks... Just be true to yourself... Looks like you've got that handled.

Look at all you have accomplished and know you are blessed!

Nov 9 @ 1:43AM  
And this from the kid that criticizes Crow.... talking about his own job as a floor manager in a very small restaurant in Alaska

Nov 9 @ 1:49AM  
The last thing I want to do is to talk about my crappy job. I hate my boss and I'd like to beat him up. But if I did that I'd lose my job and end up in jail.
But one of these days he's gonna piss me off and BOOM!


Nov 9 @ 7:43AM  

Nov 9 @ 8:58AM  
Hawk my brother, we know you're MIA till the weekend so you may not see this. But some of us, your friends.. thought your posting such a blog and on a weekday was a little out of character for you. But even a concilliatory man of peace such as yourself must have his point of saturation. You did set the record straight and you set THEM straight as well. You must be laughing all to way to your own gorgeous new home! Not many can claim even a fraction of your achievements, but as DrC said, you have nothing to prove to your friends. But I guess you did shut down your envious detractors, and did it with class !

Nov 9 @ 9:12AM  
Yeah Crow, we're just keeping your blog front page until you're back. There really was no record to set straight. The facts and you speak for yourself.

Nov 9 @ 1:38PM  

Nov 9 @ 5:29PM  
Another go, eh

Nov 9 @ 8:20PM  

Nov 10 @ 3:28AM  
Coming to a website near you:

A behind the scene look at the love life of an aging illegal alien and her long distance love affair with a misguided indian boy.
They battled age, race, and the ridicule of thousands but still their love survived. From the dark recesses of Africa to the towering igloos of Alaska this is an insiders report.

Nov 10 @ 3:28AM  
Coming to a website near you:

A behind the scene look at the love life of an aging illegal alien and her long distance love affair with a misguided indian boy.
They battled age, race, and the ridicule of thousands but still their love survived. From the dark recesses of Africa to the towering igloos of Alaska this is an insiders report.

Nov 10 @ 4:46AM  

Nov 10 @ 5:22AM  

Nov 10 @ 6:24AM  

Nov 10 @ 7:47AM  

Nov 10 @ 8:03AM  

Nov 10 @ 10:08AM  
Crow, will you let me post photos of the back of your house and your man cave? I also have some of the interior that I think folks here would enjoy (and envy). Let me know if it's OK.

Nov 10 @ 6:29PM  

Nov 12 @ 4:55PM  
I like this blog. One of the better ones here. Definitely.
It's a from the heart kind of writing, by a salt of the earth kind of guy.

Nov 12 @ 5:03PM  
Grats on having no money worries. I worry about that every single damn day. So tired of it.

Nov 12 @ 6:03PM  
When I read this blog, I don't see the Bev Hillbillies as much as I see Andy Griffith and Mayberry. Small town America, when times were simpler and people more honest. Honesty and ethics. Giving a full day's work for a full day's pay. When people went to work every day, paid their bills and hoped to have a little something leftover at the end of the month. And saved it to realize their dream one day, of owning their own home. That's Crow. That's what he did and that's his success. And no one can take that away.

Nov 12 @ 6:25PM  
This is for DoNotEnter. Hello there and thank you for your comment.
It wasn't always like that you know. We were a large family and didn't have much. Mom worked in the school Cafeteria and kept kids after school to help make ends meet. And we boys worked as soon as we could, paper routes, bag boys, cutting yards, just about anything, we did it all to help out.
But we always good food and plenty of love and life lessons! And we learned how to save every penny we could. My best break came when I landed THIS job. Now I have been with them for many years and I have seniority and full benefits and earn a decent salary + bonuses. I lived with Mom and then my brother for many years also, didnt have much expenses (just helped out when and where they needed) and was able to save and invest all those many years. All this finally paid off and here we are now, worry free and safe. And I plan to work many more years, and finally retire in this house right here I just bought.
I wish that all this happen to you the same way. You are young still, and you can do it. Dont give up. The right job will come along even if it looks like it taking a long time.

Nov 13 @ 1:17AM  
Just passing through, thought I'd say Hello to a friend !
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