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I Totally Missed It (almost)

posted 11/8/2017 8:27:01 AM |
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tagged: fantasy

The Secret Life of Mr and Mrs. Walter Mitty

The physical resemblance is uncanny. The mental profile is spot on.
The escapes to fantasy land, obvious.

Soupy meet Eastham....your soulmate

The American Heritage Dictionary defines a Walter Mitty as "an ordinary often ineffectual person who indulges in fantastic daydreams of personal triumphs". The most famous of Thurber's inept male protagonists, the character is considered "the archetype for dreamy, hapless, Thurber Man".

Yes its the merger of two carbon copies of carbon copying. Mr and Mrs Walter Mitty The MD merger of 'east' and west. How did I miss it? I Didn't!

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Nov 8 @ 8:43AM  
You old matchmaker you... you did it! On a practical note, the mrs librarian can sell the mr's glass baubles right along with copies of Steinbeck (had to mention him, he's my favorite author)! A merger AND wedded bliss, don't get any better. Drac in one of his many robes of as many colors as there are demons and denominations can officiate at the merger (can't call it a wedding... not yet)

Nov 8 @ 9:46AM  
Both of them dumber than a rock, Lawman. Phonies from the get go. A perfect match and close to each other. NY and New Jersey... Must be the water.

Nov 8 @ 10:13AM  
A marriage? Lol...Don't know about that, I don't want to start any rumors. Let's leave that to Tonto...apparently he was last seen high up in the mountains carrying a blanket and The squaws are dancing around the fire and the firewater is flowing. Yay yay yay..hey yay yay yay. I'm going to the library and check out a book in smoke signals.

Nov 8 @ 12:54PM  
Lol...getting all wet, must be a leak in the roof from all the crying in the post above me.....

Nov 8 @ 3:26PM  
I love being a matchmaker, but unfortunately none of my matches liked each other, so I gave it up. There can't be two people equally arrogant. There has to be a subordinate. That would make a peaceful relationship, but not long lasting.

Nov 8 @ 3:44PM  
Speaking of upstairs.. I didn't realize we had so many clairvoyant people in MD.

Nov 8 @ 4:11PM  
Ilgal, no question about the Nostradamos crowd. I gained an ex wife, an estranged daughter, an ongoing problem with alcohol, a welfare check, I'm sexist but gay, and I have an undisclosed friend who communicates with an indian as regards my failure to be readily employed as s bartender. My dick is too short, my prose is too long, my IQ too low and my self esteem too high. LOL I'm probably missing something there but no doubt the fanatic faceless will keep me updated and laughing. The good thing about socks....we don't wear them at the beach.

Nov 8 @ 4:25PM  
I think you should get super paranoid and get extra thick curtains for your windows ... jeepers creepers .. we have some window


Nov 8 @ 4:28PM  
Also you'll need some aviator sunglasses and a hoodie.

Nov 8 @ 5:41PM  
Paranoia is for punks and peeping Toms. Takes a special talent to hide behind women. I'll leave that to Tonto, he's got it down to a science.

Nov 8 @ 7:22PM  
Cockster, I don't mind your blogs, but in no way is East a dummy...grrr!

Nov 8 @ 7:23PM  
and I don't believe anything all the azzholes say about Jim there!

Nov 8 @ 8:20PM  
East. Her so called knowledge is canned, not her own. Nothing original, not from any personal thought. Her "personality" is like tofu.. blank.. bland. She really has none. It just takes on the characteristics of whatever it's exposed to. In this case, she has chosen to align herself with the ignoramuses and vicious losers, and has acquired their same traits. She appears to seek acceptance.. anywhere from anyone, and is more than a little pathetic.

Nov 8 @ 8:27PM  
BTW, will be around your neck of the woods at Thanksgiving, or.. as the obese resident glutton here calls it.. "turkey (read that gluttony) day".
Will celebrate Thanksgiving with Gumdrop's family and possibly, her little boy's father (also military, great guy!).

Nov 8 @ 9:26PM  
Well, Mr. 1st, yokels like youse & mullet headz just can't handle the truth from an intelligent woman like East, who backs up all her words with FACTS that she has the smarts to research, cull. and present in her blogs and comments before just acting like the real ignorant losers on this site who make pitiful attempts at trying to discredit her, but fail miserably, and resort to personal attacks against her, such as is your own fatuous example. She also has a strong personality that in no way seeks acceptance just for acceptance sake, because if that was truly what she was about and desired from this lame mudhole, then she wouldn't be on here putting all the brain-dead Fixed News Kool-aide guzzlers in their proper place with dunce caps on their vapid, vacuous bucketheads.

Nov 8 @ 10:11PM  
Sorry to see fighting is still going on on MD. The movie looks like it should be good!! Havent been to a movie in a long time.

are some good blogs on here!!


Nov 8 @ 11:53PM  
Well clack, perhaps if you lose the " Popeye'' impersonation you'd be more credible and believable. From every post I read of yours you seem to choose groveling as your primary approach to women. How's that working out at 60+? That ain't no can of spinach. Tonto uses the same excuse...."I yam what I yam and thats all that I yam." Humble but rather juvenile as always


Nov 9 @ 12:04AM  
We be yamming! and I be grovel, grovel, groveling I tellz ya!

Nov 9 @ 12:05AM  
I think one only has to read Mrs. Mitty's latest effort at an actual blog ......."When I.....". That alone validates what Lawman and I contend. Stick to CP. At least with that method of posting someone makes a point.

Nov 9 @ 1:27AM  
Out of the mouth of babes...

The last thing I want to do is to talk about my crappy job. I hate my boss and I'd like to beat him up. But if I did that I'd lose my job and end up in jail.
But one of these days he's gonna piss me off and BOOM

The leader, revered by his fellow employees, sets quite the example doesn't

Nov 9 @ 8:50AM  
So sorry clack, I didn't know.. but have just learned that I am "coming between you and east" I didn't know there was anything to come between . I am sure that my mere words can't break the strong bond and love you two so obviously must share. Those bland type librairian old maids are volcanoes of molten passion when unleashed, and just think.. you can give your hands a rest and you won't even have to grovel. I wish you all the best, thinking it safe that you won't/can't reproduce! Jim, eat your heart out, she was clack's all along, a well kept MD secret, who knew.
Doc, the nect of the wood I was referring to about Thanksgiving is yours, not the lovesick grovelling sad sack.

Nov 9 @ 9:44AM  

Apr 2 @ 3:32PM  

Apr 2 @ 3:50PM  

Apr 2 @ 7:30PM  

Apr 2 @ 8:12PM  
As you can see. Clack/hatemachine/mrstretch is still playing the doormat for MD. Please wipe your feet on him before entering MD...LOL
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