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Whack it Whack it Good

posted 11/9/2017 5:13:27 PM |
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*DRC waddled out of his basement today! Yes he did! Exicting right? Riiiiigt!

All these people attacking him at once is really doing a number on poor widdle noggin'.

He was furiously typing away with his two pointer fingers.Jabbing at everyone who had dared say a disparaging word. When he heard a rumble from above.

Dun dun dun dunnn! Enter Mommy! She prodded Lil c with the handle of her broomstick and growled.

Get up off of your dead ass and TAKE OUT THAT GARBAGE! These beer cans reek!

Mumbling under his breath.(Mommy means bidness when she has that damn broom handle in her paw.)


Mommy flung the broom handle with all her might and knocked lil cocky to the ground.

He was laying there flat on his back when a bum (who had collected a shit load of piñatas from the GOOD dumpster behind Party City) stumbled by.

Cocky was so angry that he beat the piss out of the bum and took all of his piñatas!
Lil c is mean when he is hung over.

He rubbed his goose egg and looked down at his haul..

There was a cat head piñata For Imp. Lil c HATES CATS!

A piñata covered in logic for East. Lil c HATES LOGIC!

A democratic piñata for Angel. Because she believes in freedom and equality between people. Even aholes like lil c. She is nice like that! lil c HATES Democracy!

There was an Aunt Jemima piñata for Zulu. Lil c HATES syrup!

There was a Lone Ranger piñata for North Lil c HATES masked men!

There was a Ringo piñata for Beetle. lil c HATES computer savvy peeps

So one by one he hung them all. He found the broom handle and started whaling away. He wacked and he swung he grunted and stood on his tippy toes but he just couldn't make contact with any of them.

His stick was too short!!!!!

On a lower branch there hung The Donald Trump piñata. Llil c didn't want to hit that one. But the sky opened up and he thought he heard an Angel sing (more of a snicker and a giggle as Angel knew what the Trump piñata was filled with.)

THAT annoyed Lil c, he pulled back and gave ol' Trump a solid SMACK! Trump cracked open and the shit flew.His half pint of rot gut also flew from his back pocket.

The bum came back just in time to see Lil c going all ape shit on the Trump piñata.

The bum said
that guy must have been really depressed that Trump won the election?... oh, whiskey! Alright!'

And have a good day all!!

*Drc was conceived through anal sex,there is no way that being that much of an asshole is natural.

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Whack it Whack it Good
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Nov 9 @ 5:35PM  
Loved the last line!...kudo.

Nov 9 @ 6:12PM  
I wanna beat something...where the frack is my piñata, jihey?

Nov 9 @ 6:16PM  
I won't expose far no one has figured you out yet. Zulu, North and two others have asked me but I won't blow your cover....nope. E-mail me and I'll tell you who you are. Then you will understand that I reeeeeeeeeeeely do have "certain" skills....yes I do.

Kudo, you poor misunderstood, talented individual you. Very good and clever stuff.

Nov 9 @ 6:38PM  
Clack beat THIS!

Thanks beetle but I already know who I am! I have no doubt that you are good at what you do.You be savvy!

Nov 9 @ 6:40PM  

Nov 9 @ 6:43PM  
you can blow on it if you would rather?

Nov 9 @ 6:57PM  
Keep those cards and letters coming! I am headed out to the Pub.
God help me if lil c turns out to be my barkeep!

Nov 9 @ 7:02PM  
whoever hear of blowing on a piñata?

Nov 9 @ 7:35PM  
I see you're not opening my e-mail, are you afraid to? Now I'm going to have to tease leave me no choice.

My e-mail has no silver bullet or silver dagger in it, no need to fear. Tell me something...does sleeping in a coffin at night give you a backache in the morning?

Nov 9 @ 7:51PM  
hate to tellz ya, beets, but tartz won't tellz youse who it is anyway

Nov 9 @ 8:16PM  
Hate to telz ya Clack...but I already know and Tar knows that I do....especially if he/she/it dares to open my mail.

Nov 9 @ 8:49PM  
so do I. He/she/it is obviously that cute lil' BDSM roundheadz Lakota person from south of my Dakota, who needs a damn good spanking!

Nov 9 @ 10:26PM  
Naughty naughty, wine just came out my nose. Touche!

Nov 9 @ 11:41PM  

*Drc was conceived through anal sex,there is no way that being that much of an asshole is natural.


Nov 9 @ 11:43PM  
First there was whack-a-mole, and now, it's whack-an-asshole.


Nov 9 @ 11:48PM  

beetle beetle beetle..I am somewhat disappointed. No, I am not drac. Although I did find some of his prose of old to be brill! So I will take that as backhanded compliment.
I don't feel this drac is THAT drac. This guy just doesn't have the same bite!

I can see that you enjoy a good mystery. But please allow me enjoy my time here.Does it really matter who I am? Who I was? Who is anybody?

As a simple man once wrote,
my blog my rules!I
So no more guesses we don't have a winner.

I enjoy total creative control

Nov 9 @ 11:51PM  
^^^And with that it proves that I don't do any hacking.....mission accomplished.

Nov 9 @ 11:58PM  
Whack an asshole!
Handing out mallets!

The object of the game is to force lil c back into his hole by hitting him directly on the buttocks with the mallet.

Nov 10 @ 12:06AM  
Listen everybody, let's stop all this guessing as to who Tar is. Maybe he's not a sock after all but is an original. We all can agree that he is pretty cool, yes?

Anyway I've got a treat for all of you tomorrow. I'm creating a new blog with drc as my subject matter. Be sure to check it out won't ya?

Nov 10 @ 4:57AM  
I really don't care as long as Tartuffe keeps cockroach in check.

Nov 10 @ 5:05AM  
At this rate he's gonna get a stroke and still live because he never sleeps. His choice as he attempts to control everyone.

Nov 10 @ 9:10AM  
~kudos~..... a great blog!!

indeed.... your blog......your rules..!!

stomp on a cockroach..... as they have no redeeming qualities in nature.... except to make sure the human race does not live in filth...

cockroaches cannot survive in a clean room....


Nov 10 @ 11:21AM  
Smoke thank you, thank you very much!

Smokey the Bear sez: Remember... Only YOU Can Prevent Cockroach Infestations!

Clack I said NO MORE guessing.If you continue... you will be sent to banned camp!


Nov 10 @ 11:38AM  
lill cocky is trying to bump our blogs off of the front page. Aww poor lil cocky is butthurt lol!


Nov 10 @ 11:39AM  
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