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Job Applications get Interview!

posted 11/16/2017 8:14:55 PM |
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No, not for me but my woman L. has been sending applications for a nursing job here since we decided she is moving in with us before Christmas.
They had posted on line where they are hiring at this big medical center here and she has her first interview next week, so she'll be here for Thanksgiving after all.
There supposed to be several jobs in pain management and that what she does, and Elder caregiver. She'll have to apply for a license from GA but she says its no problem. The salary is a lot higher than what she make now in MS, but she was not with a big medical center over there. Nothing like this one! So we all keeping our fingers crossed.
She rents now, so no house to sell. She already started packing up what she wants to keep, sell or giveaway the rest and we'll go help her move! Her grown boys are staying over in MS, one is married. They both work at the same place and doing just fine. Not sure they ever want to move? But L. will be plenty busy here. I would be happy if she just worked part time and stayed with Mom, but she will have to decide for herself. I am not sure I should even ask her about it? . If we ever get married, then...... maybe.
Mom did not accept the offer on her house. She want what she wants, LOL! She has her own retirement money and she likes to feel independant (one reason I wanted a in law suit for her).
So many blessings came our way lately and we are all so hopeful, and so grateful for everything. Next year will be a different life for all of us!

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Nov 16 @ 8:28PM  
Good positive changes is what it's all about. Don't worry, your lady will find a good job in Atlanta, it's a big progressive city. Wishing you and yours much continued success.

Nov 16 @ 9:17PM  
Wow... Congratulations to L on the interview!

I hope she gets something she will love. Sounds like everything is coming together... I love to hear stories like this... You must be so proud! You should be!!!


Nov 16 @ 10:06PM  
Mom still wants her Roomba, so I better have that all wrapped up for Christmas . I know my brother will appreciate a little chunk of change, but no idea what to get L. this year. Any one here has any idea maybe....... ?

Nov 17 @ 7:55AM  
Nice blogs are getting at a premium here, I see . But here is yours ! Congrats to L indeed! Bet I know the medical center(s) you speak of. They are not everywhere and are coveted jobs. To get an interview is already quite the feat.. sincerely hope L. gets a job there!

Nov 17 @ 8:34AM  
In fact, if I am right in my thinking of what Medical Center (vs. Hospital) you are referring to, we are lucky to have several right here! Ever thought of moving to CO ? Just kidding, I see quite a few locations in your state. No worry Hawk, I am sure L. will get in the door and find a great solid job!

Nov 17 @ 10:34AM  
for you and L.

Nov 17 @ 11:23AM  
Everything else is going good, this should too!

And your mom is sure to get what she wants for her house. Like you said, so many blessings have already come your way that I'm sure you will have many more.

Here's hoping!!

Nov 17 @ 11:41AM  
If my guess is right, this is what I found. Not too shabby indeed! Definitely keeping fingers crossed, but no worry.. good nurses are always in demand, everywhere!
Estimated: $57,000 - $73,000 a year
The Pain Management RN acts independently and is self-directed; The Pain Management RN is a licensed, registered nurse who has completed training in the care of...

Nov 17 @ 12:05PM  
I have seen some nursing salary estimates on Glassdoor thats pretty high also. We're not worried at least I aint. Fact is I wish L. would just work part time and be more with Mom here. If she dont get this job, I may mention that to her. But I am sure she has applied to more jobs, or will anyway. And I also know in my heart that she will find something good and that she will love. Main thing is to have us all together, the rest will work itself out. Always has, always!

Nov 17 @ 1:01PM  
It all depends if L. is an RN or an LPN or even an NP. But a Pain Management Nurse is among the highest paid nursing specialties. Either way, nurses have no difficulties finding work most anywhere, and even get their choice of shifts (tho maybe not as a new hire).

Nov 17 @ 1:52PM  
I dont want to say here what degree of nursing is L, but she has many years experience. L. is better educated than I am. She was a only child and her parents made sure she had the very best of everything, and she is ambitious and hard working. So anyway, it all paid off for her. And she is still with me after all those years .

Nov 17 @ 2:36PM  
On another note, you still looking for a gift for L. ? I gave Gumdrop a Claddah when I first went over there, before we got engaged. She absolutely loves it, as it is unusual here. Look it up, it has a lovely meaning. Got mine online, it did come from an Irish seller. Some have a stone in it, like an Emerald, for something fancier and even more meaningful.
Texie, help Hawk out on this, with your woman's touch!

Nov 17 @ 2:41PM  
I looked it up when you mentioned you had gotten one for gum drop. They are beautiful, if she likes jewelry.

Nov 17 @ 4:48PM  
Hey thanks guys! Great idea........ I went on line to look up those Irish crosses and I found a beautiful one!! L. likes silver and this one is Silver and has a Emerald, just like you suggested Lawman! Perfect! That will be special.
So I ordered it and the Roomba today. Hope I get the Claddah in time!! Thanks to you my friends, I am done with gifts now! !

Nov 17 @ 8:07PM  
There are also Claddah rings, did you know? Maybe for her birthday or to celebrate L. being hired in a job she will be happy doing, or for.... you know ?
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