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What A Surprise! Men Are Designed By Nature To Be Sexually Aggressive

posted 11/22/2017 1:41:48 AM |
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I think that males are physiologically designed by nature and millions of years of evolution to be sexually aggressive. You see this in every species of animals with few exceptions. The quintessential element of survival of a species is reproduction and the quintessential element of reproduction, in those species that rely on sexual reproduction, is the frequency of sexual encounters. Almost universally across the animal world, males are the sexual aggressors that drive the frequency of sexual encounters. It's nature.

Nature has not changed over the millions of years of man. What has changed -- and only in the most recent tick of the evolutionary time clock -- is culture. Man is still bound to the dictates of natural sexual urges, but culture has suddenly become unaligned with nature and created a conflict. It has pulled the rug out from under nature. And that has given rise to sudden expectations that conflict with millions of years of physiology impounded into our genes and created mass confusion and hysteria relating to sexual relationships.

While culture may view male sexual aggression as primitive and obsolete, nature never got the memo. I think that subconsciously, men have a certain resentment of the fact that there is now an expectation that they have to somehow overcome nature and resist its force under penalty of societal punishment. After millions of years of male sexual aggression as the norm, we are supposed to make believe nature doesn't even exist now: that it is simply some obsolete force that no longer has any standing or weight or influence. We have to assume there is something wrong WITH US if we feel like sexual aggressors and we are expected to feel guilty about our natural manly impulses. Indeed, I observe so many men -- apparently succumbing to the pressure of political correctness -- offering weird and embarrassing mea culpas and publicly flogging themselves as if they are trying to prove they have evolved past the pull of nature. Sometimes it seems they are trying to outdo each other in a competition about who can be more effeminate. It makes me cringe.

The massive and never changing proportion of sexual transgressions by male sexual "assaulters," even in the face of the brutal societal consequences, pays tribute to the notion that expecting nature to change just because culture has may be an unrealistic, unattainable and maybe even unfair societal expectation.

But don't tell anybody, because this view of the topic is forbidden.

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Nov 22 @ 3:02AM  

Nov 22 @ 5:43AM  
eYe urge you to Re-think your premise.

If the Earth were a million years old, Then where is the written lore of these folk? Metallurgy being among the first things--along with writing- that accompanied homo sapiens.

Evolution is the religion of Hillary Clinton & Karl Marx.
CERN is opening the abyss and Apollyon et al
Will render the current scandals into file 13.

Nov 22 @ 9:29AM  
re: DR.....'s blog....

men are capable of many emotions....that is true... but only Neanderthals think like you..and they are now extinct....

men in my world..... embrace women as equals...(.and expect them to be equals....)

as.... I use my big boy brain..... and not the little pervy brain that other men use as an excuse for bad behavior...

your attempt to excuse bad behavior by saying it's the nature of the not how things should be done by humans... it's how dogs do things....

I think you have been reading too many romance novels ( written by men pretending to be women....)


Nov 22 @ 9:51AM  
While we all have urges, that does not excuse inappropriate behavior.
There are laws we have adopted to guide what is appropriate.
Just because you had the urge to kill someone would not by itself
be sufficient to excuse the crime.
Through childhood, most people learn appropriate behavior.
Those who don't, end up paying a price.
Aggressive behavior has a wide application.
However, aggressive behavior is not always prudent behavior.
Intelligence, not primordial urges, refines when it is.

Nov 22 @ 10:13AM  
I believe the only time the world will know PEACE is when equality between the genders is fulfilled across the globe. Warmongers would never be happy with those conditions, but one day mankind will achieve this. Not in my lifetime but society is slowly heading in that direction even if warmongers are not.

Nov 22 @ 1:49PM  
Why isn't there zero tolerance for and laws against the emotional harassment men have to endure when women have their periods?

Why can't women just control themselves?

Nov 22 @ 2:17PM  
Wow all women are asking for is respect, we don;t want to be groped by any man whose wife doesn't give it to him. If you don't change your mindset DR you will end up lonely with only women who are only interested in money willing to put up with you.

Nov 22 @ 2:37PM  
Thanks for your concern but don't worry... I got that covered.

All men want is a woman's respect. Stop harassing us every month. We shouldn't have to live in constant fear of emotional harassment. Can't you just control yourselves?

Nov 22 @ 2:45PM  
The reason you can't cope is because you are too old DR and if you chose someone in your age group you'd have no problem because the factory has closed. Younger men have the energy to put up with women and their moods, older men will die quickly and everyone will blame her, as usual.

Nov 22 @ 5:35PM  
The reason you can't cope is because you are too old DR and if you chose someone in your age group you'd have no problem because the factory has closed. Younger men have the energy to put up with women and their moods,

You're forgetting menopause.

Nov 22 @ 5:37PM  
^^ perhaps you guys should just buy a rubber doll.

Nov 22 @ 7:41PM  
It's amazing how some people aren't getting the humor. lol

Nov 22 @ 9:35PM  
Etymology Time with Uncle bob...

Putting ..Men-0n- pause.

Why can't everyone just walk straight
Shoot straight
And kill the Television?

Nov 22 @ 9:58PM  
You're forgetting menopause.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Nov 22 @ 10:48PM  

Right this minute on FB..
There is a page that is racking up comments
Like I've never seen...It all started with..
Name a movie with "Libtard"

eYe weighed in with...
Soylent Libtards....
Gone with Libtards
Bob, Carol, Ted & Libtard.

Nov 22 @ 10:52PM  

Perfect! It makes so much sense!

Nov 23 @ 12:34AM  
Is it hot in here or is it just me?

It's sweltering.

Nov 23 @ 4:20AM  
Now is a fun time for Conservatives as we watch the liberals in the self destruct mode. It's like watching them walk off a cliff with the push coming from their own old cronies. From the moral high ground to the liberal it.

Nov 25 @ 4:23PM  
Can't you just control yourselves?

Try having a period and then ask that again.

Estrogen and progesterone make me aggressive especially at this age.

Worst I’ve ever been.

Funny blog, though.

Nov 25 @ 4:57PM  
Oh man I had role reversal with my last husband. I swear he had a time of the month and turned into a nag. I was fixed at 22 so no monthly time for me but menopause kicked my ass big time. I melted.

Nov 25 @ 11:42PM  
This blog is evolving.......nature versus nurture.

Nov 29 @ 11:59PM  
I totaly agree.
the only people that do not agree are those that live in a "virtual" reality.
Like believing evolution is evil and the realm of Clinton, and that CERN is opening the gates to hell ( one must be insane into believing there are far more evil things than humans out there, like actual demons and super powers, you'd have to be self important to think that everything revolves around humanity , you'd have to be insane to believe demons roam about xD )

But back to the point.
Nature is not always pretty and i believe alot of these sexual assaults stem from how sexualy hyped our culture looks ( pretty woman, big breasts, pretty faces, half naked commercials, specialy in teens and young adults is sexualy a highly practiced look, people look sexual, sexy dresses, sexy looks, sexy style ,)
and on the other hand that same culture that looks like an orgasmic feast of the senses has value's and expectations that SEVERELY OPRESSED our sexuality - so on one hand, the view is all sexualy orchestrated. but the underlying principles say, look , but dont touch - and than people wonder why people with large sexual drives go mad...

and large libido is not just in men.
Woman to. man arent the only ones suffering from a need to f***.

Nov 30 @ 12:01AM  
What A Surprise! Men Are Designed By Nature To Be Sexually Aggressive

Unless they like to dress up like babies wearing adult size diapers and bibs.

Nov 30 @ 12:09AM  
And if not that they are into the downlow by nature.

Nov 30 @ 4:41AM  
The menstrual cycle is God's way of reminding women....Not to eat the fruit!!
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