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posted 11/26/2017 1:27:47 AM |
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buddy can you spare a dime

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Nov 26 @ 1:34AM  

Nov 26 @ 1:47AM  
Slaves to the Dime

want to live in a world where we aren’t slaves to the dime.
I want to live my life while I’m still alive
But I’m stuck with a 9 to 5
Bullies on the side waiting to taking my lunch money away
Oh shit you got some expenses to buy
God damn it I need to refill my prescription
I am trapped in a position
Dig through the garbage again
I need some real food to fill me in
So cold tonight
Look at the pretty hottie
But damn yo you god damn expensive
How come things are like that
I sleep in a bed when my fellow humans can’t get a roof over their heads
Oh right they don’t have that type of green
So why should we care bout their well being
They aren’t slaves to the dime
Why should things be like this it is f***ing sickening how our world has become. Till when are we gonna keep silent
Big brother why are you taking his hugs away
Mother can love us all
It not fair
Some of us keep ranting about how cold it is. People be thankful you have something to cover yourself up. Or you know what? There are people out there whom question why are we even a part of this world. No food, clean water, clothes, heater, no medical care, safety, and simply dream of a roof over their heads.
How did we degrade this far?
How come there are people like that?
It’s f***ing shameful how we allowed things to become.
We kept quiet for so long voice is simply gone.
We cared about the dime, and lost focus about what makes us feel alive.
We all should be living life in a world filled with love and care
Our earth had enough scars to bare
I am just sick and tired
Bout yea know
Just being a slave to the dime.

Nov 26 @ 1:49AM  
from which you may understand that I could just murder a spliff now, unfortunately all we have tonight is wine

Nov 26 @ 1:50AM  
Perfectly timed.

Nov 26 @ 1:50AM  
to the dime.

Nov 26 @ 1:52AM  
now THAT is what I call a blog comment money does not talk it swears [bob Dylan]

Nov 26 @ 2:05AM  
You forgot the comma to separate Bob's quote. Is a bob worth a dime?

Nov 26 @ 2:07AM  
An Australian shilling, like its British counterpart, was commonly referred to as a "bob", and the florin was consequently known as "two bob". Similarly, one Australian pound was colloquially described as a "quid", "fiddly", or "saucepan", the latter as rhyming slang for "saucepan lid/quid".

Nov 26 @ 2:24AM  
not at all quid is cockney deriving from the latin tag quid pro quo meaning literally this for that

Nov 26 @ 2:26AM  
ahah, I would learn to write good English from you because you hide your knowledge.

Nov 26 @ 2:30AM  
the old bob as in bob a job was replaced by the silly little new 5 pence piece that was half a century ago before I had even been bar mitzvahed

Nov 26 @ 2:32AM  
I thonk you will find its more like a nickel

Nov 26 @ 2:33AM  
at least you are still on topic.

Now, this fair maiden must leave so, I bid you farewell my friend.

Commas in their correct places.

Nov 26 @ 2:36AM  
Lol.....just a matter of time before wingnuts found another asm.

Nov 26 @ 2:37AM  
stomp the cockroach.

Nov 26 @ 2:40AM  
2 minutes....,about

Nov 26 @ 2:46AM  
2 minutes and counting what if anything is your point man there is all sorts of flak flying about in private with pompoms now

Nov 26 @ 2:53AM  
That's how she works Tush. Back door crazy! She can't take the

Nov 26 @ 3:01AM  
9:57 AM
Sunday, November 26, 2017 (GMT+2)
Time in South Africa

Sunday is clinic time for wingnuts. Reload on meds.

Nov 26 @ 3:03AM  
^^ mirror mirror. have another cheap beer cockroach.

The right and some from the left hate me because they are afraid of what I will post. They're brilliant at hiding the truth

Now I must go my friend, that pic came to mind and I had to post it... a picture is worth ten thousand words.

Nov 26 @ 3:07AM  
Also I am sorry he spoilt your blog, it was going so well... until the cockroach appeared.

Nov 26 @ 3:08AM  
my dental hygene just is not folks if I do not get my teeth cleaned by a dentist they are going to drop out

Nov 26 @ 3:10AM  
Bam....wingnuts takes another 2 minutes to implode...hold your ears!

Nov 26 @ 3:13AM  
a pompom by any other name would smell as foul

Nov 26 @ 3:16AM  
Whoa....good one Tush....another direct hit.

Nov 26 @ 3:23AM  
don t stress yourself out man I well and know how to play kiss chase with scammers and trolls

Nov 26 @ 3:38AM  
Reminder from Lt Gen McBob

This is NOT a drill

Nor is it a Typical dating site.

Tis a Typhoon of jargon monoxide

Punctuated by spam. Bam . wham!

And occasional hot damn.

Beware of gun control baby. Not only can he

Spare a dime...he will make it rhyme in time
...with nine other lines to form the counter sign.


Nov 26 @ 3:44AM  
I needed that ^^^ tonight ..

Nov 26 @ 4:26AM  
come cockroach. anutosh loves trolls, come boy

Nov 26 @ 6:49AM  
Cockroach must be blocked. If so I will return with a kudo for you.

Nov 26 @ 6:52AM  
He wakes up every 5 hours to hit the booze again, so he should be awake soon.

Nov 26 @ 8:34AM  
I'll stay tuned to the same time, same channel again.

Nov 26 @ 9:00AM  

Nov 26 @ 9:06AM  

Nov 26 @ 9:09AM  
Ahhh shucks, such a shame when people will do anything to keep dumb commentators , I got it wrong, not the first time.

Nov 26 @ 9:10AM  
That damn kudo cost me one hundred thousand dimes.

Nov 26 @ 9:44AM  
Bob's your uncle...don't listen to those pesky rumors which say otherwise.

Nov 26 @ 11:51AM  

That'$ uwr/ 217.

Nov 26 @ 2:33PM  
Cockroach is gloating, I accept you for who you are.

Nov 26 @ 2:37PM  
Comments are not that important to me, but I know they are for everyone else. Some people even keep a double post for the higher comment count.

Nov 27 @ 12:16AM  
Right, right....that from the resident psycho who is obsessed with posting multiple

Nov 27 @ 2:03AM  
BS look at your own multiple comments as you bump them up the page. Why are you unable to keep your eyes to yourself fool? I know why, fear because you know I can bring material to this site that expose you guys with the truth that you so desperately want to hide. That is why you want the media gone.

Nov 27 @ 2:14AM  

Nov 27 @ 2:44AM  
She's pulling out all her socks. Too funny.

Nov 28 @ 2:14AM  
Post Tush?

Nov 28 @ 3:12AM  
Lol....didn't know the media was here on MD?
Can you say

Nov 28 @ 3:46AM  
Lol......using up those socks, wingnuts....talking to yourself again?

Nov 28 @ 3:55AM  

have a nice day one and all

Nov 28 @ 3:57AM  
Lol......using up those socks, wingnuts....talking to yourself again?

I don't need socks, I simply approve a comment again from one who is not on my friends list. With a click of a button I can keep you busy forever.

Nov 28 @ 4:08AM  
seconds out of the ring

round 13


Nov 28 @ 4:10AM  
p.s. who is the troll and who is the intended victim ???

Nov 28 @ 7:19AM  
I don't need socks, I simply approve a comment again from one who is not on my friends list.

That presupposes someone would comment on your CP , and you'd never delete s live for attention.

Nov 28 @ 9:58AM  
c p ???
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