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Premiered in Theaters (USA) a Documentary on Whole CORRUPT Family Court System.

posted 12/1/2017 9:22:48 PM |
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Premiered in Theaters: Corrupt Family Court Documentary, "Casualties of W.A.R." by Two Time World Champion, and CEO of YES Filmworks Inc, Yahya McClain.

Casualties of WAR LI Premier. A Documentary On The Family Court System in America - - by Long Island Backstory (a youtube channel).

***ALSO***: YahYa McClain From Fighting In The Ring To The Fight of His Life In Court 02/04/17 (GWRS) = - by G-Wade Radio Show - Published on Feb 4, 2017.

"Casualties of W.A.R. (W... a... t... R...) is a documentary about parental alienation and corruption in the family law courts across America! Through a series of intimate interviews and live coverage of different events, marches, protest, court proceedings, Presidential campaigns and more this film shows the full spectrum. With testimonies from the average hard working everyday individuals all the way up to some A list celebrities and athletes like the National Basketball Association 1995 1st round draft pick Joe Smith, as he talks about the years of alienation he’s suffered along with the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has been forced to shell out. We also hear from a former Olympian and one of the greatest professional boxers of all time, Roy Jones Jr., as we visited his home in Florida. There is no gender bias at all when it comes to corruption in family law. We also hear the voices and see the faces of some women that have been alienated from their children for years! Some parents have been unjustly jailed repeatedly. Some even doing prison time and one being arrested over 70 times and we hear from them as well. Although it’s the parents that divorce or break up and they do suffer as a result, it is the children that suffer the most. We interviewed some children and they had no problem sharing the nightmares they have had to endure. Some grew up to become law-yers, some are murders and some at-tempted or successfully committed sui-cide!
This film shows how a system built to help protect children has become a 50 billion dollar a year industry that tears families apart. This film will expose the corruption, i.e. Title IV D & E of the Social Security Act are just two examples of how the states have incentives to tear families apart. This film will rase awareness to this ubiquitous problem and hopefully will be the catalyst for changing the laws in family court! Following the documentary we have a TV series based on the same subject matter and the never ending list of people like those interviewed in the documentary. A TV series along the lines of The First 48, American Justice or NBC NEWS DATE-LINE. Un- fortunately parental alienation and corruption in the family law courts are such a ubiquitous problem that it actually helps us be- cause it supplies us a never ending list of stories or episodes.

This film features Long Island Advocates, Gary Jacobs, President of Americans For Legal Reform, Michael Gilligan, retired NYC Police Officer and founder of SMASH Parental Alienation and Dr. Carlos Rivera. Also featured in the film are Suffolk County Chief Judge Randall Hinrichs and Supreme Court Judge Cheryl Joseph."

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