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Jerusalem. Embassy or not ?

posted 12/6/2017 7:56:17 AM |
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Allen West nailed it.
Late last night I got a text message from a Jewish friend asking my thoughts on relocating the US embassy to Jerusalem. They kinda knew my perspectives, but wanted reassurance, and I gave it to them. Israel was not created in 1948, it was restored. We can sit here and allow the Islamic jihadists and progressive socialists to revise history, but that's only for the ignorant.
Long before there were any of these modern day nations, there was an Israel. And the capital of Israel was the city of David, Jerusalem. It matters not how many have claimed "conquering" the city of David. It is, and always has been the capital of Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people.
Roman Emperor Hadrian's decree to rename the region Syrian Palaestinia instead of Judea, after the Simon Bar Kokhba revolt matters not. There has never been a defined people called Palestinians, just a region.
The United States places its embassy in the capitals of nations; why should we not do the same in Israel? Is it that we fear islamic terrorists and their threats of violence? This is a new day, and what happened in Iran, in Benghazi and at our embassy in Egypt during the administrations of weak presidents, Carter and Obama, will not be tolerated.
I applaud President Trump for righting this long wrong. And I admonish those who cater to fear, and those who threaten violence to think twice. This is America and no one tells us where we can place our embassy…

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Dec 6 @ 8:50AM  
This is an enormous mistake. This administration put a 30 something trust fund baby in charge of finding peace in the Middle East. This action, if Kushner is part of the effort behind it, will only lead to war. The fragile peace that some Arab countries quietly have with Israel will shatter.

Dec 6 @ 8:55AM  

Dec 6 @ 9:43AM  
Brilliant! This is why I love Congressman West so much.

The United States will put its embassies anywhere it wants to. The days Islamic terrorists and their liberal American allies forcing our country to kowtow to our enemies out of fear and intimidation are over. Now our enemies will once again have to kowtow to US.

Screw these fvcking liberals who tried to destroy this country with Obama -- the Trojan Islamic terrorist. When they say "it's a mistake," that is a THREAT. They side with America's enemies to try to MAKE THEM STRONGER and MAKE THEM DOMINATE US. Obama spent his entire presidency engaged in that effort.

All that has gotten us it the global domination of those who wish to destroy us.


As he has done with North Korea, President Trump has changed course from decades of failed foreign policy that didn't work there and didn't work in the Middle East. What America was doing DIDN'T WORK. Only an idiot would double down on failure like Obama did. We must try something else. And that something else is UNAPOLOGETIC STRENGTH.

President Trump is a courageous leader who doesn't fear changing course in the face of failure to accomplish what is morally right. Those are the principles America was built upon and the only principles America should accept.

This decision -- which by the way was also promised by many former presidents both Democrats and Republicans including people like Bill Clinton but they didn't keep their promise as it looks like President Trump will -- is the right decision, the moral decision, the decision of strength and one of the definitive decisions that will help make America GREAT AGAIN.



Dec 6 @ 10:30AM  
I met a Jewess once who said that her mother was born in Palestine in 1922. I was astonished to learn that in 1922 there were no less than 650,000 Jews living there and that Jews never really left.

The Arabs never did a thing with that land. They fought among themselves and left the place a parched, non productive desert. Along come displaced Jews in 1948 and turned the desert into a productive oasis of democracy. The only true democracy in the middle east.

To hell with the cursed Palestinians who hate us and what we stand for. It's time we developed a backbone and supported our allies and accepted the reality on the ground. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and who the hell cares who likes it or not?

Move our embassy and let others learn to live with it.

Now ain't that a peach.

Dec 6 @ 10:31AM  
Trump signed another six-month waiver maintaining the embassy's current location in Tel Aviv because the process of moving it will take at least three or four years. For the last two decades previous administrations have used the waiver to keep the funding in place, effectively kicking the can down the road.

We'll see how fast Trump moves on this, but the typical anti-Trump hyenas will make Trump the villain no matter what.

Dec 6 @ 11:06AM  
I don't have any problem with that. The timing has to be right.

Let's get the tax cuts passed, the economy restored, the military built back up and American prosperity and power back and THEN do it. We don't need that distraction at this pivotal moment.

But if American liberals think that we are going to let some unelected 7th century towel headed goat-roping barbarians tell us where we can and cannot put our embassies, or dictate US policy, they have another guess coming.

Dec 6 @ 11:27AM  
I'm for it!

Dec 6 @ 11:28AM  
Israel is our greatest ally, I would say more so than the UK. It's time to get off the fence and support them with actions rather than empty words. There is no 'Middle East peace process' anymore, that was just the tag line for a political football. Take the 3 points and get on with the game.

Dec 6 @ 11:28AM  
I met a Jewess once who said that her mother was born in Palestine in 1922. I was astonished to learn that in 1922 there were no less than 650,000 Jews living there and that Jews never really left."

No, sorry that number is wrong.

While Jews have remained in the area for millennia, they did not govern themselves between 63 BC and 1948. In 63 BC, the Roman legion conquered Rome. Following the conquest, there were several uprisings, resulting in significant expulsions of Jews to various parts of what is now modern day Europe. The Bar Kokhba revolt, the third and largest, had severe consequences to the governance of Palestine and the size of the Jewish population. The Roman Empire greatly increased the number of soldiers stationed in Judea, they took direct control over administration of the area, they enslaved many Jews, sending them in chains to other parts of the Empire like Spain and Pozzuoli (just outside of Naples) in Italy. They ceased to allow Jews to pray at their holiest sites.

By the time the Roman Empress Eudocia lifted the ban on praying at the Temple Mount in 5th century, Jews were outnumbered by Christians, in large part because the Byzantine Empire forced the conversion of many Jews. According to historian Steven Katz, by 615 Jews comprised between 10-15% of the total population in the area.

Fifteen years later, Arabs from the Hejaz staged the first of many invasions of the area and by the 12th century, Muslims had surpassed Christians as the largest religious demographic.

In the 16th century, the local rule of Palestine by various Arab warlords was replaced by that of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the area until the end of World War II.

It wasn't until the birth of the Zionist movement in late 19th century that we see a return of Jews from the diaspora. A census in 1800 found 7,000 Jews in the area (again from the historian Steven Katz) out of a total of 350,000 or .2% of the population and by 1890, the number jumped to 43,000.

Following the First World War, Britain became the ruler of Palestine. According to a 1920 document produced by the administrators of Palestine to the Foreign Office in London:

[QUOTE]There are now in the whole of Palestine hardly 700,000 people, a population much less than that of the province of Galilee alone in the time of Christ. Of these 235,000 live in the larger towns, 465,000 in the smaller towns and villages. Four-fifths of the whole population are Moslems. A small proportion of these are Bedouin Arabs; the remainder, although they speak Arabic and are termed Arabs, are largely of mixed race. Some 77,000 of the population are Christians, in large majority belonging to the Orthodox Church, and speaking Arabic. The minority are members of the Latin or of the Uniate Greek Catholic Church, or—a small number—are Protestants. The Jewish element of the population numbers 76,000. Almost all have entered Palestine during the last 40 years. Prior to 1850 there were in the country only a handful of Jews. In the following 30 years a few hundreds came to Palestine. Most of them were animated by religious motives; they came to pray and to die in the Holy Land, and to be buried in its soil.

By 1948, the population of the entire area according to a census by the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine, the entire population of the area was 1.9 million, of which 32% were Jews, which while close is still 20K below the 650,000 Jews claimed in the post above. That said, the significant increase in the Jewish population in the Palestine comes after the end of the Second World War when Jews in palace actively work to bring survivors of the Holocaust to what would become modern Israel.


Dec 6 @ 11:36AM  
Why? All that useless info, yet you haven't even made any conclusions with regard to the topic. What's the point?

Dec 6 @ 12:09PM  
630,000 or 650,000 what the flying f*** is the difference? Some people (East) will pick at anything in order to make a moronic point...get a life. All that c&p crap because someone was 20,000 people out....give me a break woman.

Dec 6 @ 12:16PM  
Isreal is a staunch ally of ours in the region! I'm for it! My only concern about it is the safety of the personnel in our Embassy once built and occupied, because of expected Palestinian violence!!


Dec 6 @ 12:27PM  
Z, that's why it takes 3-4 years to build an embassy....all the security that goes with a modern day embassy, especially in this case.

Dec 6 @ 1:02PM  
The difference?

The post to which I was responding to specifically said that the entire population of post WWI Palestine was entirely Jewish, it wasn't. That they had always been there and run things, they hadn't.

Dec 6 @ 1:18PM  
Great, great....thanks, good job, great.

Back on topic: It's official, our President just declared Jerusalem the Capital of Israel.
Historic speech!

Dec 6 @ 1:34PM  
Eastnut, I reread that post and no where does it state that Jews were the ONLY people living in Palestine in 1922. It merely stated that there were 650,000 Jews living there at the time. The poster no doubt assumes that intelligent people knew that there were Palestinians living along side them.

Reading comprehension issues?

Dec 6 @ 2:28PM  
The waivers are just a technicality. President Trump has to keep signing a waiver every six months until the new embassy opens in order to get continued funding.

The difference is that he is the first president in 20 years to actually DO what he promised to do, officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US embassy there. He is the first one to actually start the process.

This is not only the right thing to do, but it is the sane thing to do. To deny that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is delusional. It's the seat of their government, the heart of their cultural and historic background and the center of their existence for thousands of years.

So the Palestinians threaten violence do they? What else is new? These people aren't the solution to the problems in the Middle East, they ARE the problem. We are supposed to respond to their threats of violence? We are supposed to listen to moral lectures from people whose leaders offer lifetime bonuses to the families of any Palestinian who kills Israeli civilians? FVCK THAT!

They are planning 3 "Days of Rage?" Just let them get violent and they will find out what the word rage really means.

Why aren't American liberals condemning PALESTINIAN THREATS OF VIOLENCE instead of blaming President Trump for doing the RIGHT THING? Why are they always blaming America first and TAKING SIDES AGAINST US? How are we supposed to distinguish American liberals from our foreign adversaries?

Dec 6 @ 2:42PM  
It merely stated that there were 650,000 Jews living there at the time.

Correct. There has been a continuous population of Jews living in Israel for thousands of years. There has never been a time when there were not Jews living there.

What HAS changed is the number of Jews living in Muslim countries of the Middle East. Long before the modern country of Israel, there were Jews numbering in the millions living in the Muslim nations of the Middle East for thousands of years as well. Long before modern Israel was formed they were persecuted, harassed, murdered and driven out so that today there are maybe a few thousand Jews at most living in Muslim countries of the Middle East.

The history of the Middle East isn't about Jews persecuting Muslims. That's a joke. It's about Muslims persecuting EVERYONE.

But no one ever talks about that. It's all anti-Israel propaganda 24/7.

Dec 6 @ 3:28PM  
Of course, the official capital according to Israel is still Tel Aviv.

Perhaps the timing of this announcement is linked to the ever tightening vice Benjamin Netanyahu finds himself in. Two weeks ago, the detectives from Israel's national anti-corruption squad questioned the Prime Minister for several hours at his home. This was the fifth time this year Netanyahu has been questioned, and the questions have not been limited to Netanyahu. His personal lawyer, David Shimron, former envoy, Isaac Molcho, as well as Netanyahu's third wife have also been extensively questioned. Following the last session, Netanyahu's defense counsel said this to Israeli television:

Netanyahu is an honest person. If you ask him for a list of his successes and his failures, your jaw will drop. That said, he very much admires money. I know his weakness for wealthy people.

This would not be the first time Netanyahu fell afoul of the law. Back in 1999, he lost his seat, because of corruption issues.

Netanyahu's poll numbers mimic those of Trump's, with two-thirds in support of his resignation. His political party, Likud's, numbers are also in the toilet.

Dec 6 @ 10:16PM  
Anybody catch the video of the American flag transposed with the Israeli flag on the wall? They ran it on the Israeli news at the same time President Trump was making his historic announcement. And Netanyahu's short speech lauding Our President was equally inspiring.[QUOTE]y

Dec 6 @ 11:32PM  
Huge Mistake ! ! !

Many Trump supporters backed him because they thought he was NOT sold out to the Zionists, like Hillary was. He loses that support, and hands the Democrats victory in 2020. The bumper stickers in 2021 will read YOUR FIRED.

Recognizing Jerusalem, as the israeli capitol will kill hopes of peace in the Middle East. That situation is very unstable. And those with long memories will recall that after the breakup of the USSR, many nuclear weapons were not accounted for. How likely is it that their new owners bought them with oil money? At what point will the Palestinians no longer have anything to lose?

Trumps Jerusalem decision will tend to unite Muslims even more in their already considerable opposition to the US. Gaddafi was assassinated for leading in PanArabism Unity, and promoting the gold backed currency, the Dinar. This move will empower success in both of Gaddafi's goals, dealing a massive blow to the US economy.

Trump is now in the position of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists. Regardless of right or wrong, he has poked a cat with explosive claws, and the outcome is predictable. I would no longer sleep peacefully in Trump Towers, or any building with the Trump name on it. Watch and see.

Israel is our greatest ally
Israeli commanders continued to bomb a US warship, the Liberty, for a half hour after their own pilots told them it was an American ship. Our Israeli eyes and ears in the Middle east were silent and looking the other way leading up and during the 9/11 massacres, though they danced in the streets (FBI report) after the buildings fell. With friends like that, who needs enemies. The oil rich nations would make far better allies.

Trump will see a massive walkout of those who previously supported him, for multiple reasons, on this issue. As close as the last election was, coupled with his faailure to keep other campaign promises, this move could be politically fatal. If he is bluffing, and bargains the move away, the loss will be less. If he continues with moving the embassy, he will be a one term president.

Dec 6 @ 11:50PM  
Baloney. You are blinded by your anti-Semitic bias.

One of the key promises that President Trump made while campaigning was about recognizing Jerusalem. If it was such a big mistake he wouldn't have been elected.

Virtually every conservative in the media has hailed his decision as brilliant including such experts as John Bolton -- who is meeting with President Trump tomorrow -- Newt Gingrich and practically every Republican in Congress. Yes, I know, I know... they are all in the pocket of the Zionist money grubbers right?

This is not only not a mistake, it is a HUGE political positive for his chances of reelection.

You are about the only "conservative" I have heard that opposes it. But that is predictable given your record of flagrant anti-Semitism.

Dec 6 @ 11:52PM  
Recognizing Jerusalem, as the israeli capitol will kill hopes of peace in the Middle East.

What hopes of peace? For 70 years there has been no peace. There is no "peace process." If there is to be any hope of peace it has to start with a change like this. Thank GOD we have a president who gets it!

Dec 7 @ 12:14AM  
DR you are making a very common error. You are confusing anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism.

I have nothing against Jews, but I think the world would be a much nicer place without Zionism. I would like to see it extinguished.

Dec 7 @ 12:21AM  
I'm making no error. You hate Jews. Call it by whatever name you wish.

Dec 7 @ 1:06AM  
You been playing the victim so long you just cant stop, no matter what the facts are.

It must be PTSD from when they tore down the walls of Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. You been playin the victim ever since.

Dec 7 @ 1:24AM  
Nobody in the world wants this move, only Trumps demented base.

Dec 7 @ 1:26AM  
Even Trumps son in law says the time is not right to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is Israel's capital for a reason.

Dec 7 @ 1:35AM  
I am up far too late...

No one save Trump and Netanyahu want this. Netanyahu wants to take credit for this in the hope it saves his enormous ass from prison and Trump needs to throw a bone to his base.

Dec 7 @ 3:06AM  
Ttom you're going to have to provide facts before anyone is blinded by them . You should know that type of speculation is the province of the liberals.

Name a country that isn't allowed to name it's own capital? Trumps doing something the last 4 presidents promised to do but played politics instead mistakenly thinking that held the hope for peace. All it did was put it in limbo and every president prior to Trump was afraid of upsetting a fragile peace. 70 years and no movement, so how can you be so certain this is a 'huge mistake'? No guts, no glory.

Dec 7 @ 4:31AM  
^^ which nation has the US not interfered with? US subjects have no vote in foreign lands and they should abide by international laws but they don't as we saw with war criminal GWB. Now they have a madman warmonger in the WH creating conflict, when will those people, who claim to stand against war, do more than just talk?


Dec 7 @ 5:06AM  
Trump wants war so the US can sell more weapons to the Arab States, as they did to Saudi Arabia to destroy Yemen.

Dec 7 @ 10:29AM  
Well ttom I hope you don't respond with todays expected outbreaks of violence. It's expected and its not going to change anything.

Dec 7 @ 10:57AM  
hey......shock......awe.....~kudos~ to TTom and MS eastham....for not spinning the truth...

what if anything has trump done to calm the area??

vs what has he done to escalate the tensions in the world??

trump is.... the anti

Dec 7 @ 2:42PM  
When you take the same position on an issue as the Islamic Terrorist community takes, you really need to evaluate your motives.

Dec 7 @ 8:16PM  
nope...... not every position is totally black or white..... easy or west..... north or south..... after all.... Abrahamic religions have some things in common.....


Dec 8 @ 10:38AM  
The permanent sovereignty of Israel has been strengthened by the decision of President Trumps historic stance. Get on with it.

Dec 8 @ 12:10PM  
Did some one say, embassy ?

McBob here- no opinion- just truuf.

3168. Yah will strengthen
. 221. Fiery.[ from 217.
3389. Yerushalyim ) found peaceful*

* paradox alert* ...but first..
A Qodesh ( set apart ) fire/ uwr
Will demolish pagan Jerusalem..
The "Jordon"..."Jericho"...dnA
Yes! even G-suz.
....stop. [ embassy of new jersey.

Dec 8 @ 12:19PM  
If only goat Lab [ and men who stare at them.

Had edumacated you TV heads...




Dec 8 @ 4:29PM  
And ya know.. don't come
Easy.....ringO starry bump.

Dec 8 @ 6:27PM  
much ado about nothing..... all embassies are created by the good will of the state... trump has done nothing to calm the rhetoric in that powder keg....

too bad cockman did not comprehend Ms Eastham's C&P.... it explains so much that was wrong with the creating of the RELIGIOUS state of Israel...

something that reality (and Obama) had fixed until trump broke it all to hell again...

it was not broken, did not need to be fixed, and now.....chaos....

back to square one where Palestinians want their OWN country....rather than sharing in the rule of the country called Israel....

peace on earth and good will towards all men.... is not what Zionists believe in....

says it all......

Dec 8 @ 8:53PM  
Ttom you're going to have to provide facts

I don't care if people believe me or not. I put out ideas and they can take them or leave them, research them if they wish. Your Talmud says

A word to the wise is sufficient, but a whole volume will not suffice a fool.

That is one Jewish idea with which I totally concur.

Dec 9 @ 5:06AM  
Love the Hebrew snippet, but its time we started acknowledging the elephant in the room. Won't be easy.

Dec 9 @ 7:53AM  
Mrs Mitty is nothing more than a hay burner on steroids. She's an ongoing 'laugh in' for frustrated wannabe writers.

Dec 9 @ 10:20AM  
UN Security Council votes to condemn move.

Dec 9 @ 10:27AM  
HAHAHA! UN Security Council !?

Apparently you didn't see Nikki Haley yesterday... who RIPPED THE ENTIRE UN TO SHREDS.

Dec 9 @ 10:44AM  
East continues to go farther left. She's an idiot with no comprehension of current events. She should move to California where being an impotent cow is a noteworhy residency.

Dec 9 @ 11:46AM  
I am with Ttom on this issue. He is right. Benjamin Netanyahu is evil.

Dec 9 @ 11:47AM  
A word to the wise is sufficient, but a whole volume will not suffice a fool.

No point wasting your time with fools Ttom.

Dec 9 @ 11:49AM  
If he continues with moving the embassy, he will be a one term president.

This suits those who are anti war just fine.

Dec 9 @ 1:15PM  

Dec 9 @ 1:15PM  
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