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Talk About an Administration's Corruption...

posted 12/21/2017 9:58:06 PM |
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Obama's administration had/has it all!

From the DNC's behind the door elimination of Bernie Sanders as a presidential contender being replaced with Hillary to the obstructionism tactics against Trump to Hillary's home server and following fake FBI investigation to some corrupted, highly placed FBI personnel, to the suspicious Clinton Foundation, to Obama's 'Fast and Furious' fiasco, to the Mueller Special Counsel fiasco and now the following links offered, where and when the Hell does this all end? I see many people during Obama's administration, busted... eventually! Keep tugging on a dangling thread, and the cloth eventually drops into a pile of threads!!

The Perfect (Political) Storm:"

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook...

The Obama administration 'SABOTAGED a DEA operation to stop Hezbollah smuggling drugs into the US and helped the militant group grow into a global threat so the Iran nuke deal would go ahead'

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Dec 21 @ 10:27PM  
Yep, this latest news with what Barry did has been out for a couple of days. I'm not surprised on hearing this. The guy was the WORST president we've ever had! Anyone who thought he was the best, or one of the best is not playing with a full deck!

Dec 22 @ 12:53AM  
Obama was THE token boon elected because he was easily sold as a history maker and just as easily manipulated. They tried it again with Hillary, first woman in history, a Soros confederate. Both were easy sells to a very gullible very docile public, followers all. Both were backed by a powerful machine, the Soros progressive movement. We dodged a HUGE bullet, one that would have changed the fundamentals of this country. And they are so shocked and stunned by Trumps victory, they're still convinced they didn't get it wrong, it can still be undone. It's unprecedented to attempt to steer this country in the direction they had planned. All the resources, all the collusion ended up with the American people waking up and finally prevailing.
It's goes far beyond Obama, it goes to global manipulation of nations and economies, an agenda that Soros has spent the better part of his life directing. Soros' vision of a world order is textbook megalomania.

Dec 22 @ 10:13AM  
One thing that is not brought up in all of this, and it has always been puzzling to me why no one talks about it, is with the Iran Treaty that they financed the North Korean Missile Program.

It's not like I am making this up, or that it is some nut job conspiracy theory, just go search Iran & North Korea's Weapons Alliance, or their shared nuclear research. No one has said anything about how the US releasing the money to Iran spurred successful missile launching either.


Dec 22 @ 2:55PM  

Yuup! Thanks, Obama, for the unnecessary grief you've given us!!


Dec 25 @ 8:19PM  
Another go on this.

Dec 26 @ 12:01AM  

Dec 26 @ 12:48PM  
Zero coverage from the media, with the exception of FOX News of course.

Jan 10 @ 1:42PM  
Interesting that there is so much support for white supremacy on here; even years ago, such as soon after I created my profile on MD and AMD, I saw the redneck white trash all over both websites!

Even more so on AMD, as they seem(ed) to be more accepting of ammoral, immoral and unethical behavior, & not just with sex & nudity. With drugs, theft, destruction, etc., including stories from users doing things to get back at ppl, especially ex's, that, they at least believed, wronged them in some way. Often rampant with bigotry, all over the place...

AMD may no longer exist; but, that just means that it, the developmentally stunted, fear, hate, scare, rumor, smear & scapegoat mongering, tinfoil hat-wearing, Kool-Aid sipping and, bare minimum, 'white supremacist shill' conspiratorialists need some place else to spread their diarrhetic horror and diarrhetic fantasy conspiracy theories!

Barack Obama was one of the best Presidents that this country had ever had. At the very least, the vast majority of the `scandals` were entirely...

F. A. B. R. I. C. A. T. E. D. the Grab Our Penises, Gay Ole Guns, Oil, Poverty Party spin machine.

Period. Point. Blank.

You suckers fell for it, just like you fell for the `Dullbart` spin-machine, ..worshipping at..."the Alter of the Donald J. Trump", as some of you obviously do! They did have something to do with those very diarrhetic horror conspiracy theories that plaqued Obama's Administration, the birth certificate, the death of that 'anti-human species' bigot, Andrew `Dullbart`, etc., etc! The atmosphere of Jerry Springer was always worse on the internet than it ever was on television; the one thing that made it, that white trash atmosphere, so successful on television was the convenience of television - easier and cheaper to buy and operate than any computer!

It kinda died out, quite a bit, once regular television switched over to digital converters just to get regular television stations.

Ooohh, where will poor, fat & regretful Steve Bannon go now, since that 'anti-human species' piece of human trash has been shit-canned, by both of the two best jobs that dumb bastard ever had in his entirely miserable existence, eh?!

Suicide! C'mon, don't disappoint me: Blame the Clinton/Obama love-child!

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