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Merry Christmas To The Middle Class From President Trump And The Republicans!

posted 12/24/2017 10:13:47 PM |
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Why The Democrats Fought So Hard To Stop You From Getting A Pay Increase Is Beyond Us!

Apparently the Democrats HATE letting you keep your own money.

They think they are better at spending YOUR money than you are!

MERRY CHRISTMAS From President Trump and the Republicans!

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Merry Christmas To The Middle Class From President Trump And The Republicans!
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Dec 25 @ 12:00AM  
Not what I heard...
My mechanic said he is going to have to pay more this year according to his accountant. He said something about doing as awar with his exemptions???


Dec 25 @ 12:06AM  
He won't pay more. That's Democrat propaganda.

Only 4% of taxpayers will pay more. And they are all wealthy.

The Democrats are lying.

But the lie will be exposed in February because people will see the difference on their paychecks.

You can't fake more take home pay.

Dec 25 @ 2:12AM  
Hey, Rainman!

Happy Holidays!

I would think a Wharton graduate would know this, but "Democrat" is not an adjective.

Funny thing about Joe's paystub: He's making $9.00 an hour.

Now I don't know how good Joe's quantitative skills are although they're probably not on a par with a Wharton fellow. But I suspect Joe, like most of the country, loathes the tax bill and would much prefer an increase in the minimum wage to, say, $15.00 per hour.

Can you make a list of all the Republicans who support such a policy? I'll wait.

Anyway, let's explore the consequences of an actual living wage for Joe's paycheck.

His two-week pay period would show a gross salary of $750.00 as opposed to $450.00.

I'll assume his required deductions increase by 67% : $10.15 for Medicare and $43.29 for Social Security. (Note another benefit:
More money to sustain those "entitlement" programs. I guess they're called that because we're entitled to them, right Rainman?)

Arithmetic: 750.00-$10.15-$43.29 = $696.56

Now, neither Joe nor I are Wharton graduates, but I'll bet you we would both rather have $696.56 than $518.00. And we could both do without Trump defacing our paycheck with his fvcking Yellow Magic Marker.

Just wondering: How come Joe is only working 25 hours a week? You think that's his choice?

Gonna hafta save that discussion for another time, Rainman. I think I hear sleigh bells.

Dec 25 @ 6:46AM  
If you think the Democrats' heads are exploding now, just wait until February when every working person's paycheck suddenly shows lower taxes and more take home pay. They'll be foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs!

They literally have SEIZURES when people get to keep more of the hard earned money they worked for. They think it belongs to the government. Boy are they in for a rude awakening because, although this is the biggest middle class tax cut in history, it won't be the last tax cut in the Trump presidency.

Gotta love it!

Best first year presidency in history. Obama legacy expunged from the record. CHECK!

Seven years, one month to go!


Dec 25 @ 7:19AM  
Merry Christmas, Rainman!

There. I said it.

Saw an ad recently that said I was allowed to say it again. Whew! What a relief.

Anyway, I notice your deflector shields are up as well as your emoticon usage. Not to mention your use of semi-hysterical hyperbole.

You'd think fvcking Cujo was on your doorstep.

Anyway, I'm willing to bet you Joe's new, Trump-enhanced, supercharged paycheck that Donald J. Trump does not remain president of these United States for another "seven years and one month."

You may think I'm just kidding or blowing smoke. I'm not.

Let's each put $518.00 in escrow. If Trump stays in office for the remainder of his first term as well as an entire second term, you win. If he doesn't, for any reason, I do.

How much do do you believe in your Wharton bro?


Dec 25 @ 7:52AM  
Here's some arithmetic for ya...

11 months done...



Dec 25 @ 8:07AM  
Hey, hypno, no matter how stupid you are, Trump will still be your president.

Dec 25 @ 8:21AM  
Well, that was random.

You must have dual black belts in deflection and deliberate obtuseness.

You just converted "seven years and one month" into 85 months. Now, I know I'm not a Wharton graduate like you Rainman, but my calculator and I can multiply 7 x 12 and get 84. I don't even need the calculator to add that one remaining month and arrive at 85. Not really sure how your clarification added anything to the dialogue.

So, should I assume from your eel-like behavior that your failure to even acknowledge my proposal constitutes a rejection of said proposal?

I'm shocked, shocked to find that no gambling is going on in here.

Dec 25 @ 8:32AM  
Merry Christmas, Texas!

I've missed the wit, maturity, and insight you bring to any discussion.

Given your last remark, you just might be missing those things too.

There you go, Rainman! Perfect excuse to trash my comments!

Dec 25 @ 8:53AM  
the math..... is bogus.....

just some simple facts.....

AP FACT CHECK: Trump on making Christmas great again
WASHINGTON — To hear Donald Trump talk, you'd think Barack Obama was the president who stole Christmas.
Although Trump doesn't generally single him out by name on this subject, the president's meaning is unmistakable when he declares, as he has done since long before the holiday season, that's he making it OK to talk about Christmas again. Obama, it would seem, did not. But that's not what the record shows.

A look at that matter and others that arose in a week bristling with action on taxes and Trump's words on foreign policy, politics and more:

TRUMP: "People are proud to be saying Merry Christmas again. I am proud to have led the charge against the assault of our cherished and beautiful phrase. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! — a tweet Christmas Eve.
THE FACTS: "Merry Christmas," the president said when presiding over the lighting of the National Christmas Tree and celebrating "the birth of our Savior."
That president was Obama, marking "my family's Christian faith" and other faiths in his final Christmas tree ritual in office, in 2016.
The White House holidays under the Obamas had plenty of Christmas trappings and cheer. Obama offered a more general holiday message on the official greeting card, but wished "Merry Christmas" at the National Tree lighting, on his

TRUMP: "The bottom line is, this is the biggest tax cuts and reform in the history of our country. This is bigger than, actually, President Reagan's many years ago." — remarks to reporters Friday.
THE FACTS: Not so, in either case. For months Trump has refused to recognize larger tax cuts in history, of which there have been many, or to grant that other presidents have enacted big tax cuts since Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. The White House won't explain how he arrives at his conclusion.
An October analysis by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget found that it would be the eighth biggest since 1918. As a percentage of the total economy, Reagan's 1981 cut is the biggest followed by the 1945 rollback of taxes that financed World War II. Trump's plan is also smaller than cuts in 1948, 1964 and 1921, and probably in other years.
Additionally, a Treasury Department analysis found Reagan's 1981 tax cut had an annual average cost of nearly 2 percent of GDP. This would translate into roughly $400 billion in today's dollars. The current tax cuts peak at $280 billion in 2019.
Valued at $1.5 trillion over 10 years, the plan is indeed large and expensive. But it's much smaller than originally intended. Back in the spring, it was shaping up as a $5.5 trillion package. Even then it would have only been the third largest since 1940 as a share of gross domestic product. The government uses percentage of GDP to measure most budget and tax issues over time because that measure puts tax revenues and federal outlays in context relative to the entire economy.
VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE: "You're delivering on that middle-class miracle." — to Trump at a Cabinet meeting Wednesday.
THE FACTS: Modest doesn't usually make for a miracle. Pence's praise to the boss reflects Trump's assertion that "it's a tax bill for the middle class," as he often put it, but average people are not the prime beneficiaries of the tax cuts.

Aside from businesses, rich people get the most.

The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center estimates the biggest benefit of the new law will go to households making $308,000 to $733,000. Households making over that should get a tax cut worth 3.4 percent of their after-tax income. For the richest 0.1 percent (making over $3.4 million), the tax cut should be worth 2.7 percent of their after-tax income. For middle-income earners: 1.6 percent, the center estimates.
Moreover, only high-income people would get a meaningful tax cut after 2025, when nearly all of the plan's individual income tax provisions are due to expire.

Dec 25 @ 10:36AM  
50 hours over a two week pay period. Not even a full time job. No health insurance so that means Joe is having to pay for insurance out of pocket. Doesn't stretch that measly paycheck very far

Dec 25 @ 11:06AM  
hey rainman this is what we see when we read your blogs.

but we don't see any logic to you being a trump cheerleader. all you showed us is a part time paycheck with no health care. that's the same as it always was. governments don't want blue collar jobs. governments don't want to pay health care. governments want you to work for free and die without health care. show us proof that's not true. or just keep coming back with illogical rhetoric about how great trump is.

Dec 25 @ 11:10AM  
your employer
1234 some street

that pay check is as bogus as your trump propaganda.

Dec 25 @ 11:14AM  
so you brown nose trump and texas brown noses you. what you guys doing, forming a brown nose conga line.

Dec 25 @ 12:48PM  

Dec 25 @ 1:02PM  
Doesn't stretch that measly paycheck very far

So you're with the Democrats. Let's deny Joe his extra take home pay.

How about asking Joe if he agrees with you on that?

By the way, Joe was working in a coal mine earning $35 an hour and now is flipping hamburgers at McDonald's with 16 year olds after losing his job 6 months after Obama was elected.

How much of a pay increase did he get under Obama?

Maybe we can ask Mr. Math to figure that one out.

Dec 25 @ 1:15PM  
joe is fake

Dec 25 @ 2:01PM  
Hey, Rainman!

I see you've conjured up quite a rich fantasy life for Joe the Coal Miner.

Does Joe the Coal Miner have Black Lung?

Did Joe the Coal Miner lose a father and a brother in a mining accident at a Massey Energy mine?

Why doesn't Joe the Coal Miner currently have a job in the coal industry given Trump's commitment to restoring those jobs?

Just curious how far you're willing to go with Joe as you try once again to defend the indefensible, this time by exploiting the hell out of some imaginary innocent. You've learned well from your Republican heroes although they much prefer the exploitation of actual flesh-and-blood people.


By the way, am I Mr. Math? If so, thank you for such an extraordinary compliment. It means a lot coming from someone with
an exceptional quantitative background.

Dec 25 @ 2:25PM  
Keep that crack pipe lit because when a hundred million plus people start seeing even bigger paychecks next year than the already bigger checks they have been getting since President Trump was elected, you're going to need to have an even smaller grasp on reality than you have now to handle the pain.

Dec 25 @ 2:53PM  
So now I'm a drug user with actual drug paraphernalia? Huh. I'm so glad to see your rebuttals are evidence-based. Or is that a term no longer in favor?

Well, I'm sure the current administration has a plan in place to help me break my addiction.

You really don't like it much when someone contests your bvllshit pronouncements, do you?

You have the intellectual depth of a parking lot puddle after a ten-minute sprinkle, Rainman.

I can see you've got the IDIOT part down cold. The SAVANT part, not so much.

Merry Christmas! I look forward to another wholesome and enlightening debate sometime in the future.

Dec 25 @ 3:08PM  
Temper temper!

Dec 25 @ 5:44PM  
He won't pay more. That's Democrat propaganda

So the two republicans that I heard talking last Thursday morning, about what the garage owner's account said was Democrat propaganda? Why would an account do that? Ummm.... He wouldn't!

I stayed quite. Again he is my son in law's friend... So they most likely thought I was also a republican because my son in law is.

Sorry DR... It wasn't propaganda... It was a real conversation.

Dec 25 @ 7:01PM  
Look there are 350 million people in the country. I don't know and don't care what one person said. It's irrelevant.

All I care about are the facts and here they are:

The facts are that 100% of Americans are going to be better off because of the tax cuts because they will grow the economy, create jobs, increase wages, grow their portfolio and pension investments and ensure we have the resources necessary for better national security. That's what tax cuts have done EVERY TIME we have had them. That means more prosperity for EVERYONE including people on welfare because where do you think the money they get comes from? The private sector economy. More business, more wealth created, more money for paying for welfare.

In addition to the benefits of a growing economy, 80% of taxpayers will pay LESS tax than under the old system, 16% will pay the same amount and only 4% will pay more (and all of those paying more will be higher income people). That means the entire middle class got a tax cut IN ADDITION to the big advantages they will reap from a growing economy.

The Democrats are lying about the tax cuts. They are claiming only "rich people" will benefit from it. That is a flat out lie.

What they are really afraid of is that it will be a gigantic success and people will find out they lied to them. That is their biggest nightmare.

And their nightmare is about to come true next year when virtually every working person sees less taxes taken out of their paychecks. The Democrats can't lie that one away.

All they have to say is "Oh, it's only a thousand dollars. Big deal." Good luck with that one! Try telling that to a family that has been living paycheck to paycheck struggling to keep their head above water for 8 long years in the failed Obama economy. See if they think it's "nothing."

The Democrats are just digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole. I think it's over for them for good.

Dec 25 @ 7:16PM  
The comments by liberals here are evidence that if you tell a lie enough times, the liberals will believe it and swear that it is true. Hypno's comments are laughable and Angels are examples of believing lies. Riot is proving the fraud that he really is.

Dec 25 @ 9:32PM  


Again.... I heard it from republicans... It was their conversation

I guess you're calling republicans liars... In that case your right...
Angels are examples of believing lies.

Dec 25 @ 11:10PM  
Speaking for myself I'm not saying you are lying, I am not saying whoever you were talking to lied to you, and I'm not even saying they were wrong. Could this guy be part of the 4% who will have to pay higher taxes? It's possible. But I doubt it. If his accountant says so, then I think it's more likely he doesn't know what he is talking about than lying. I can't comment on what they said because I didn't talk to them so I don't know if what they are saying makes any sense or not.

What I AM saying is that whatever they said, it has nothing to do with the question of whether or not the tax cuts are good for the country. No reasonable person can argue that they are not. The facts aren't on their side, the empirical evidence is not on their side and logic is not on their side.

The Democrats opposition has nothing to do with facts, logic, evidence or reality. It's all about trying to appeal to the emotions of people who hate President Trump so much -- for no logical reason -- that they would rather see the country fail, than President Trump succeed. It's despicable.

Dec 25 @ 11:12PM  
PS... I have met a lot of accountants in my career. Never assume they know what they are talking about. Half of them don't.

Dec 26 @ 1:52AM  
hey rainman, where's our wealth from steel mills. Old United States Steel bit the dust on bush jr's watch. that's what made America great, steel. You have your head so far up trumps ass, that you can't see that china destroyed to global steel mills. steel is a country's backbone, England and china ripped America's backbone out and there is no way to get it back, so trump can't get it back, so trump is a liar about making America great again. America is a poverty stricken country, pull your head out trumps ass and look around, homeless through the damned roof, homicide through the damned roof. healthcare non existent. oh yea don't forget the housing market dump.

your stance is trump is making America great, prove that bullshit you're saying. looks to the world like America is in atrial fibrillation, do to china and England.

but you keep believing bullshyt, while we keep speaking facts. son.

Dec 26 @ 8:36AM

a quarter a million dollars per (US) person is now owed.....

and that number is just going to rise...

so you see dr....

your ilk is sending the USA to it's end...

and I am not going quietly...

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