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Black Caucus Sits on Butts

posted 1/31/2018 9:06:37 AM |
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Refuses to Applaud Record Low Black Unemployment Rates at SOTU

This president has revealed those who are false and those who are real supporters of the America our founders envisioned.

They've proven they're Un-American on national television, once again!

(Gateway Pundit) – WOW!

Congressional Black Caucus members sat on their butts and refused to applaud when President Trump announced the record low unemployment rates in America today.

You’d think this would gain a little enthusiasm, but no!

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Jan 31 @ 9:13AM  
They must be shitholes, can you even blame them?

Jan 31 @ 9:15AM  

Jan 31 @ 9:27AM  

President Trump talked about how since he became president:

Black unemployment reached THE LOWEST LEVEL IN HISTORY

Hispanic unemployment reached THE LOWEST LEVEL IN HISTORY

Female unemployment reached the lowest level in 18 years.

Employee wages ARE HIGHER for the first time in a DECADE

Total unemployment is the lowest its been in FORTY FIVE YEARS

Illegal immigration reached the lowest level in two decades.



This PROVES what I have been saying all along. Democrats aren't afraid that President Trump will fail, or that America will fail. They are afraid that President Trump and America WILL SUCCEED.

And under President Trump AMERICA IS SUCCEEDING.


These SICK SICK mental cases who oppose everything he is doing to make the country better have become THE ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.


Jan 31 @ 9:30AM  
I prefered Joe Kennedy's III speech after Trump. Don't worry my friend, I won't post anymore comments.

Jan 31 @ 9:32AM  
Oh and by the way...

Yes, the members of the Black Caucus were disgusting. But it was also 95% of the rest of the Democrats including ALL of their leadership. They ALL did the same, negative, counter productive, obstructive, childish, unhelpful, anti-American, mentally deranged circus act last night.

What a SICK bunch of (American hating) FAKES, PHONIES and FRAUDS!

Jan 31 @ 9:38AM  
Joe Kennedy is a circus clown.

"We have to take care of the Dreamers."

What the hell does he think President Trump is already doing.

President Trump proposed doing a lot more for them than Obama did (which was NOTHING).

And he proposed doing a lot more than the Democrats have even proposed.

He offered to not only give them amnesty, but CITIZENSHIP.

And he offered to give THREE TIMES AS MANY of them amnesty and citizenship then the Democrats have. BUT THE DEMOCRATS WON'T AGREE because they don't give a shit about any Dreamers, all they care about is SAYING NO to whatever President Trump wants to do.

The Democrats aren't the answer for the Dreamers... they are the PROBLEM for the Dreamers. They are the OBSTRUCTION that is keeping their problems from being solved.

So Kennedy is a moronic circus clown. No one has done more for the Dreamers than President Trump or less for them than the Democrats.

Jan 31 @ 9:56AM  
And did you see that stupid car behind Kennedy when he was talking?

It looks like they fished the car out of the water at Chappaquiddick that his drunk uncle used when he murdered Mary Jo Kopechne after he raped her.

Jan 31 @ 10:01AM  
^^ oh don't tell me you feel so threatened you're starting rumours already? Sorry Batman.

Jan 31 @ 10:08AM  
Oh, WHAT rumors????????

Jan 31 @ 10:17AM  
Sour, angry, bitter faces....and its only going to get worse. Be proud liberals, these are your leaders.

Jan 31 @ 10:22AM  
Recasting President Reagan's brilliant quote:

The Democrats aren't the solution to the problem ... the Democrats ARE the problem.

Jan 31 @ 10:38AM  
Poms doesn't answer and back up what she says, just like her counterpart, smoke.

Jan 31 @ 11:40AM  
Well... Kim Jong Un says he is so angry and Trump, and he mentioned his speech, that he's gonna make a whole bunch of ICBM. You must know Putin is helping him. Putin is the danger here because and he's two faced he won't mind using Kim Jong Un towards his own ends.

Jan 31 @ 11:57AM  
Train taking GOP Congress members to a retreat hits a trash truck.

Jan 31 @ 11:57AM  
Lol....everytime she writes in her own words you just want to get out the red pen and correct the grammar.

That aside, I don't see where she answered your question TG. The blog is sbout the BC and shes talking about Putin and Kim Jong un.....???? Does she read the blogs even?

Jan 31 @ 11:59AM  
^^ why not ask the OP to block me?

Jan 31 @ 12:09PM  
Don't worry my friend, I won't post any more comments.

You ruin every blog you comment on. You're a complete and utter fool, but every site has a wingnut like you. Beat it boon.


Jan 31 @ 12:33PM  
That's true, she didn't answer the question, what rumors??

Jan 31 @ 12:40PM  
She has two blogs going but no one thinks enough of her to even make a passing comment, so she ruins every other blog that she hasn't been blocked from. Naturally tonto will take her, he doesnt like her admittedly, but he needs her help. Any port in a

Jan 31 @ 2:43PM  
And, these are the people along with the Pelosi's and Schumer's that keep espousing how they want to help Americans, create jobs, yadda, yadda, yadda! No, they don't... they want to finish what Obam-ass started, turning our country into a third rate country, with all of the 'spoils' going to the Progressive, Socialist, Liberal Democrats by having complete control of our country and its citizens!! The 'red flags' are all over the place, every time they open their mouths, post ridiculous comments and/or try to pull off some other way to obstruct Trumps agendas to help our country and its citizens, by eliminating the 'old establishments' way of doing business for themselves, and maintaining an establishment of a "government of the people, by the people, for the people" as it was meant to be in the first place!!

The USA belongs to all legal citizens here, not just certain groups like the Liberals or the illegal immigrants who think they can come here and make demands or others who don't belong here! We, like other countries, have a finite amount of resources for our own citizens, not for the rest of the world's population! And, we aim to keep it that way, despite the 'gangs of marauders' we're having to deal with at the moment! A country without borders isn't a country. Just ask any country with 'checkpoints' at regular intervals!!


Jan 31 @ 3:41PM  
Checkpoints and Walls:
For the l-o-n-g-e-s-t time, we have shared an unguarded border with Canada, which allows us easy passage between countries. We will encounter checkpoints on both sides, but they aren't militarized. As a trucker, I passed through them on occasion, even had to submit to a full vehicle inspection once. On the other hand and to our border to the south, we are stopped on our side, and have to turn over our loads to Mexican drivers, due to NAFTA. In doing so, we submit our trailers to all sorts of abuse. One of our drivers turned over a brand new trailer, only to have it stripped of new tires and damaged, and we on our side have to pick up the remains and try to finish our deliveries with them. This is the routine, not the exception. I also wonder about statistics about accidents caused or involving foreign drivers on US soil (class A drivers).

Jan 31 @ 4:03PM  
In the 80s I lived in southern Arizona and had a job that required me to go into Mexico regularly. First observation was that as soon as you crossed the border, it was like being in hell. Shithole is too mild a word to describe it. One step over the border and you instantly feared for your life.

I used to drive all over Mexico. It was so corrupt that every time I got to a new place I felt like I had to take a shower. You used to get stopped by the Mexican police on the roads every 50 miles or so and they would "inspect" your car for drugs. If you didn't give them some cash they would find some (even though there weren't any there). It was a greasy, sleazy place with human cockroaches like these dirty cops everywhere.

But here is the point I wanted to make. Sometimes I would sit on a road on the American side for a while in the morning and get a cup of coffee before going into the sewer to work.

While I was in my car drinking coffee, I used to see illegals holding up a flap in the fence so that other illegals could pour through into the US side. Happened every single time I was there. I watched as maybe 50 or more would come through the flap in the fence (it was just a simple chain link fence like you would have in your yard) each time I observed it.

And get this... they were about 150 yards from an official US border crossing that was loaded with border patrol agents. You mean to tell me they didn't know this was going on? Yeah right! It probably happened every day. In fact, I'm betting a lot of them were working on the US side during the day (taking away jobs from Americans and siphoning wealth from the US to Mexico) then going back through the fence at night.

It was way back then when I realized that the effort to stop illegals from Mexico from coming here was a scam.

Jan 31 @ 4:16PM  
As Americans we have a sense of trepedation when we cross any border. We are not universally loved. During a recent visit to Germany, I marveled at the routine presence of heavily armed agents in their airports. Its intimidating because we are not exposed to it. One can believe any misstep would be dealt with harshly. I've seen it happen.
Contrast that with the expectation that aliens feel we owe them an open arms right to citizenship. They get that 'home of the brave, land of the free' nonsense from demos hoping to get them into the nearest DMV. The blacks bought it 150 years ago and they're just figuring it out. Their chosen party is an empty vessel.

Jan 31 @ 4:52PM  
I think I know why the Democrats didn't stand last night. The speech was in English.

Jan 31 @ 4:59PM  
They conducted a poll to find out how many people thought illegals should get amnesty:

80% Said:

"NO! Illegals should NEVER get amnesty!"

20% Said:

"Sí! Todo extranjero ilegal debe recibir amnistía!"

Jan 31 @ 5:13PM  
Lol....well done. Subtle humor.


Jan 31 @ 5:13PM  
Lol....well done. Subtle humor.


Jan 31 @ 5:17PM  
Good one, DR. Even tho it's a joke (?), it's probably true.

Jan 31 @ 7:35PM  
My man dayv hit the point ..well done my man

Semper fi~

Feb 1 @ 4:00PM  
That's true, she didn't answer the question, what rumors??

I wasn't talking to you Einstein. And tell me are you going to complain about me all your life? Evidently you feel threatened. You are the one that looks foolish can't you see it, especially when your president calls African nations shithole and I am from SA. The right wing extremists shows the world their true colours, or should we call them Ugly Americans. I wasn't the one to coin the phrase, take a look within and ask yourself why. This is just one example MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Feb 1 @ 4:22PM  
My little shadows that makes me embarrassed to belong to the caucasian race.

Feb 1 @ 4:32PM  

Tsk, you STILL didn't answer, you just went on a rant.

You accused DR of starting rumors after he talked about Ted Kennedy murdering that girl on his car.

Feb 1 @ 4:35PM  
Hey I don't talk to you loser. And your bully tactics don't work on me, like I said you make me embarrassed to be a white. Now split.

Feb 1 @ 4:50PM  
Lol...for somebody who doesn' talk to us she sure shows up a

TG, I don't think she is white. That explains her 'always the victim' whining. And certainly it would explain the difference in writing ....CP vs her rants. Nah, socks don't post profile pictures.....#1...shes been banned 6 times we know of, #2 everything about her is phony, and that's why she fights so hard to be accepted by the real members. Nah....she belongs with the other socks.

Feb 1 @ 4:52PM  

Feb 1 @ 5:53PM  
Of course we all know she won't answer because she CAN'T answer. How juvenile.

Feb 2 @ 12:48AM  

She and he are like my shadow, following my comments all over this platform. They are afraid that I'll expose more news on the crook trump.

LOL....Alert the media...the boon is a special Wonder if President Trump knows she's on his Wingnuts....MD's imvestigative African super sleuth. She probably has an app for

Feb 2 @ 12:52AM  
^^ DrCockcoach attacks.


Feb 2 @ 1:26AM  
[QUOTE] Pompons

Ms Popularity; the Crown belongs to ME

Not one of you, on this dusty old site, are as popular as me. Multiple members watch my every move; none of you here are as lucky. And because they can't have me they stalk me to make sure that I always know they are there, as if that makes an impression in my life. I'm unique.

To be honest I wouldn't be chasing me around if I was them, although I have been told that I have great presence by more than one person in real life, so perhaps it's that. Whatever the case I doubt they will ever get over me, they can't help themselves, can you blame them?
Stand up now if you think you're more popular than me, or forever hold your peace.!!!! 




Feb 2 @ 1:32AM  
Cocksucking cockroach.


Feb 2 @ 1:35AM  
That was a real good blog thanks for the C&P cocksucker. That's a better name.

14 hrs 58 mins ago  
Yes black lives do matter to them

14 hrs 33 mins ago  

14 hrs 10 mins ago  
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