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They never get it right

posted 2/2/2018 12:04:14 AM |
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It never gets

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Feb 2 @ 2:02AM  

Ms Popularity; the Crown is Mine

Not one of you, on this dusty old site, are as popular as me. Multiple pricks watch my every move; none of you here are as lucky. And because they can't have me they stalk me to make sure that I always know they are there, as if that makes an impression in my life. I'm unique, excuse me for not suffering as the obedient little Stepford wife type. 

To be honest I wouldn't be chasing me around if I was them, although I have been told that I have great presence by more than one person in real life, so perhaps it's that. Whatever the case I doubt they will ever get over me, they can't help themselves as pathetic little desperados vying for attention, can you blame them?

Stand up now if you think you're more popular than me, or forever hold your peace.!!!! 




Feb 2 @ 3:24AM  


.... AMD blocked him repetitivity it should be known. Why is he here?....

repetitivity???? LOL....I love when she trys to write....LOL

Feb 2 @ 4:38AM  
EXCERPTS from Wingnuts.....

 Also out of respect for CrowHawk I will try to refrain from using the word Tonto in future, but can't guarantee it. All I'd like to pass on to him is that I don't put him in the same category as this ugly Northern. 

....This site has always had little groups of people who target others in a gang. That is why we have so few members left here and each time they attack more leave MD. They are the cowards and bullies; they bullied kids at school, family members, women, foreigners, etc... but they ONLY bully when they are in a gang. It's a cowardly trait. Take this boy Nothern, he is so angry and volatile at this young age, he is the epitome of a term "crazy maker" but he is not alone. He is the kind of guy who might land in jail and if that happens he will cry like a baby but he won't learn.  

It could be that Northern is not truthful about his age or anything else, if so that's why he is so forgiving of others lies. And by the way the little hypocrite behaves on his blogs and comments across the board makes it very clear that this is not his first MD profile but he will knock me for having other profiles, all cancelled by the mod (generally because I was reported for some infringement). btw I haven't reported anyone, but liars will claim that I have, how about they prove it? And on that subject, if anyone thinks they are bigger and better than me because I've had multiple profiles, if you need to believe that sh*t to boost your little ego go ahead, it means nothing to me, it's only in your weak mind. 

Here's a list that only sign on to target others, they post nothing of value, they're only here to be Ugly Americans.

socklover (who belongs to zulu plus these below, who cancel after commenting or kudoing)

....Northern has targeted CrowHawk, firstwatch, cocktail, Jim, and me and more I'm sure that we are not aware of.

. ...Northern loves his blogs as if they're the crown jewels but any stranger reading those blogs would not leave with a good impression of him, but he's too blinded by his BIG ego so he can't see it. When I think of these people it reminds me of this quote. These are the small minded people who, without provocation, have nothing to add except insults directed at MD members when they are here.

..... Read Northerns blogs to see how many times it's happened. The saphead claims that he lives in SA but is never online in the morning when I login, not even on weekends, how come? And he still has not emailed me his cellphone number even though he prompted the deal to do so. I've ignored the boneheads for a long time and will work at continuing to ignore but as they are crazy-making-people I can't guarantee that I won't lose my composure and call them names again when I've had enough, and if that includes racist slurs get used to it, you have ALL done the same to South Africans in the past. 




Feb 2 @ 9:57AM  
Like an ebb tide, always fluid, always changing... so are the ephemeral so-called "friendships" of MD . If you still have those old posts, think of how much another soon to be former member has .
BTW, it was confirmed about the sorry wench here whose advances were scorned and rebuffed.. and who took her revenge with her smear campaign. There might've been more than one, but no other took it as badly. C'est la Vie.. LOL! Fun blog, and I now have 1 kudo, YAY!

Feb 2 @ 10:02AM  
I saw the ridiculous idiotic graphics on some blogs. Doesn't she realize that when you overuse anything and over saturate the public (as it were), it loses all impact and effectiveness.. and becomes just another predictable, tedious bore. Like its author (or perhaps authorS, plural... as we have another one with daily doses of regurgitated pablum ) . That's all a limited intellect can create

Feb 2 @ 10:46AM  
If blogging is to show how clever, rich and well-travelled one is then I have more bragging rights than any other on this site... however I don't need to brag but should since this is the company in which I find myself.


Feb 2 @ 10:52AM  
Moron... even without the oxi ^^^... Pitiful !!

Feb 2 @ 11:03AM  
.....who feel the need to bash people on this site. Sure I've been guilty of being defensive when attacked without provocation but I am working on ignoring the attacks. The penny dropped the other day when I realised that you can't help yourself but to attack someone you don't like. I don't need you like me, but you look the biggest fool when you sit on this site with a chip on your shoulder for everyone to shamelessly see the real you.

I'm not the nicest person here, but I'm also not the BIGGEST turnoff who can't be trusted. Think about how you come across to others, unless you are so selfishly thick skinned that the only reason for being here is to bash someone, or worse being a person who sits quietly by enjoying someone else being bashed. If that is you, no wonder you are here because you too are a total turnoff in real life.

PS. Nobody in mind while writing this blog, just everyone as the group shows



Feb 2 @ 11:12AM  
Awww.... don't that get you all warm & fuzzy. Such an altruistic, selfless, morale person! One who is loyal to a fault, never switches allegiance. Never says an unkind or negative word, never ever insults or call names to ... anyone here! And, lest we forget... who never, ever.... GOSSIP! . She will certainly remind you of that, loud and clear and extoll all her many vertues if you forget... and tell you how wonderful a human being she is! TTFN friend

Feb 2 @ 11:15AM  

Jan 31 @ 6:13PM Beetle says that you are ttomtar and I f***ing well believe her. northern233

Jan 31 @ 6:14PM Running down low income people who live in trailers is a no no you asshole

Its not nice to fool Mother Native...think young tonto has a mommy complex, surrounding himself with all the hayburners to coddle him? I think mommy took him off the tit too

Feb 2 @ 12:40PM  
LOL..." I work with what I have".......too funny.

Feb 2 @ 1:07PM  
LEMMINGS! One bleats out its nonsense.. and they all follow! Blindly, no questions asked, no individual personality, no personal existence but that of the pack.

Feb 2 @ 1:18PM  
LEMMINGS! When one bleats or brays, all agree and kowtow to the one at the head of the pack for that day ... One follows the other... no question asked. Led by the nose, no individual personality, no personal thought of their own. Their only purpose is to just blindly follow the pack, without which, their lives have no other purpose.
Speaking of bleating and braying.. the vengeful scorned wench here who attempted character assassination with a falsified.. smear campaign of defamation.. may just get its comeuppance .

Feb 2 @ 1:34PM  
What is truly amusing to me....look at the list of socks that wingnuts has slandered and gossiped about. All are now her good friends....( she believes). Misfits will go to any lengths to gain acceptance, but the flaws in their characters that initially made them rejections will always resurface. They share a common desperation to belong, even as the redbone hound will follow a pack that spits on him. That sums them all up perfectly.

Feb 2 @ 1:50PM  

I had an unpleasant experience this morning dealing with a client who just wasn't happy with the adjustments I made on his site. He was totally rude and unfair, I felt very down trodden

This from IT wizard of MD. She sold tonto a bundle but then again the kid is an easy mark. Lol....and she continues to pump him up for the next sting, but he's so desperate for acceptance he doesn't see what he's being fed. The kid's just too needy, too gullible. But.....he's

Feb 2 @ 2:14PM  
Check this out, a beautiful house in GA MLS for just under 150K. As a realtor, you can appreciate the good deals to be had in GA Realty!!. Crow's big beautiful house sure was a bargain... and this listing should put THAT in perspective, even for the most stupid and dense (envious) of lemmings!


Feb 2 @ 3:45PM  
Like I said, Crow got a lot of house for his price. For a first time buyer, which also saved him money, I'm sure he'll continue to be enjoying that property for a long time. Put that house in my market and its 6 and change.

Teepees are not quite as much, and the maintenance on an igloo, beats me. What do you do, water them down? I'd ask but mommy's boy wouldn't answer. I'd ask his Dad but.....

Feb 2 @ 4:49PM  
Gives me joy every time I see that video.

Feb 2 @ 5:06PM  
That was a tonto sock Lily, a mangy redbone mutt if you will and I hit him dead center.

Feb 2 @ 5:44PM  
Looks like PATGAL's comment on northern's blog hit the mark dead center and made quite an impact on many !! And now the idiot copycat lemmings are crawling out from under their rocks !

Feb 2 @ 5:47PM  
Except PATGAL's comment has been manipulated, of course ... that is not EXACTLY what she said.
But that is definitely how the pack of lemmings is perceived by one who has not been on here for a while!

Feb 2 @ 6:00PM  
They're exactly where I want them. Bring 'em. Tonto isn't a draw, he's the weak ticket that provides them a space for their part time participation. The redbone mutt is just a stray dog looking for someone to feed him and I'm holding his collar.

Feb 2 @ 7:39PM  
PatGal?? I dont keep up with the comings of socks, just the goings. Lol....maybe why I affix my own label to their profiles. I'll have to go read tontos blog to see what you're talking about. I'll wipe my feet at the door....

Feb 3 @ 8:56AM  
Hey Boss.. looks like we are surrounded by idiots... stupid dense lemmings! And the vain idiot who thinks of herself as popular thinks it's all about her of course.. and predictably wants the credit for the smear campaign I mentioned , Watta dork!
So I need to be more specific for the tiny sick brains here. There were 2 smear campaigns aimed at discrediting 2 good people here, recently. They were started by the same sad whiney unhappy dysfuunctional wench (yea I know, that does fit many here!). One guy was viciously attacked and his job debased and denigrated. Then he was attacked again because the dorks here were envious of his nice big house! That HE bought thru his work and a settlement.
The 2nd campaign was again, started by the same nasty wench against another good man!! From all appearances, he rejected her advances and ignored her and her interest in him!. So she she went after him, and again, denigrated HIS job and insulted him all over the place. She continued to spread vicious lies, innuendos and rumors against 2 decent people. A vicious scorned wench bent on revenge who went after 2 good men with her character assassination, joined by the predictable pack of lemmings, turned hyenas for the occasion.
I am sure those men are now the happier for having left. And are living a good, happy and productive life around REAL people who love and respect them.. as they so richly deserve! I hope this has now been made clear for even the most dense and stupid here.

Feb 3 @ 1:59PM  
Miss Popularity's comments are rarely taken seriously. Normal folk just laugh. Her comments are used as filler, they take up space, not thought.
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