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Who is Tiffany Brown?

posted 2/7/2018 12:01:11 PM |
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Tiffany Brown is the owner and sole employee of Tribute Contracting LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. Following the devastation wrought in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, Brown obtained a $156 million government contract to provide 30 million meals to the people of Puerto Rico.

I did mention she is the firm's only employee, right?

Well, somehow, after gaining and losing five other government contracts, Brown convinces (lies) to FEMA she can provide these meals and live up to the requirements of her contract.

What does she do? She contracts out the food to a local wedding caterer, who had all of 11 employees. The wedding contractor freeze dried three kinds of soup and shipped these packages for distribution to the people of Puerto Rico. When Tribute Contracting failed spectacularly to meet the requirements of the contract, she was supposed to have delivered 18.5 million meals and she had delivered 50K, the contract was cancelled.

Ms. Brown is now suing the US for $70 million. She is complaining on local media that the mean old government should have given her the whole $156 million up front instead of in pesky installments. Insert sarcasm here.

Clearly, the woman is a scam artist, whose one single attribute is her ability to fill out an application for a federal contract. Going forward, she should be barred in perpetuity form applying for any government contract and perhaps a healthy 5 year sentence for fraud might be in order.

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Feb 7 @ 12:26PM  
Oh geez, like this is a surprise with this administration. The same thing happened with the electrical by a guy in Montana that was contracted to do the electrical work in Puerto Rico. Sole employee.

Of course, he couldn't fulfill the terms of the contract either.

Puerto Rico Moves to Cancel Whitefish Contract

The entire administration is full of nepotism and f*** ups. They can't even get their own country up and running, and there's #45 wanting to spend millions of dollars on a military parade to stroke his ego.

And they wonder why the world thinks this clown is such a despicable pig.

Did you know that hate crimes doubled last year? Is it surprising? Not in the least, when you look at the arrogance and ignorance from some on this site - all thanks to #45's arrogant attitude. He's a pig. He's always been a pig, and he always will be. There's no amount of money or parades or anything else that will make anything other than a pig, and he's turning the US and the White House into his own personal sty.

This kind of bs is just the top of the sh*tpile that is #45's legacy.


Feb 7 @ 1:49PM  
Once again, not nearly as droll as you think you are...

11Alive, an Atlanta television station, is now reporting Brown secured a second contract with FEMA, this time for the distribution of toiletries. The second contract has not been activated as yet. It should me cancelled as well.

11Alive's investigative report was eye-opening. Brown's company rents an office from another company, which had let the entire floor of a building in NW Atlanta. One of her subcontractors has no physical office, just a PO box at a UPS store.

And when FEMA was asked about Brown's previously cancelled contracts and the fact she's apparently on a list of companies no longer eligible to compete for contracts with other agencies, they lamely answered Ms. Brown had been flagged by another agency, but not by FEMA. Huh? Did it never occur to you she fail to fulfill this contract when she failed 5x previous?

Feb 7 @ 2:00PM  
Is Tiffany Brown on #45's extra-curricular activities list? That would explain a lot of things.

There is absolutely no accountability in your current government. None whatsoever, and those supposedly running the show have no idea what the left hand is doing while the right is spanking the monkey. Or under golden showers, whatever the case may be.


Feb 7 @ 3:19PM  
Isn't America Great yet?

Feb 7 @ 5:15PM  
^^^ It was great before - not so much with the current pig in power.


Feb 7 @ 8:30PM  
Tiffany Browns main qualifications are her Black skin and the fact that she has a vagina. She is part of the minority contract system, that gives government contracts to Blacks, and to women, who are considered a minority despite the fact there are more women than men.

Minority contracting has spawned a second occupation, which is cleaning up behind minority contractors. Typically, the minority contracts fail to be carried to completion, and cleaning up the mess if a high paying profession. As with motorcycles, nobody wants to take over a basket case contract. Often, the money has been stolen or stupidly wasted, and the paperwork is scattered or nonexistent.

Aint diversity great?

Feb 7 @ 8:46PM  
Lol....the people I know from the Bronx aren't nearly as thin skinned. You sure you're from NY?

Feb 8 @ 8:48AM  
Maybe she read Art of the Deal?...

This would be a tough job for a large corporation. For that kind of money why wasn't she investigated?

Now some Trumpsters would say... Hey, that's just good business... He would have found a way to deliver... Most anyway. Then not pay the people he contracted out to.

She should never have been given a contract! Diversity is one thing.... STUPID is another!!!

Feb 8 @ 5:22PM  
But the two men who "won" a noncompeting contract to rebuild the island's grid were white guys from Montana who happened to be besties with Zinke.

Feb 9 @ 10:23PM  
A friend of mine brought this up over lunch and I said "Wasn't someone responsible for qualifying her bid?"
His response was "I suspect there were kickbacks involved."

Mar 24 @ 11:50AM  
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