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Where are ALL the Internationals?

posted 2/11/2018 4:30:16 AM |
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If enough internationals returned to blogland the sooner the drunken stupidity will be drowned out. Those who are new have no clue how great it was back in the day, to wake up to interesting well-written blogs. Sadly, those days are long gone. That aside, I do agree with this numbskull blogger, even though I didn't bother reading his blog, but not for the reasons you may think. He is not that important anyhoo, as his only objective is to annoy other bloggers.

Jim Carry (sic) dumps facebook and so should all the Millennials (aka generation Y)

Firstly Jim Carrey is seeking attention because his popularity has waned. He wasn't that funny in the first place, not in my eyes as I prefer British comedy. There's a huge difference between British and American comedy, but the yankees wouldn't know it because they can't see further than their noses, AND they are afraid to leave their continent. lol.

Secondly, I agree 100% with this numbskull (judging by the title) because these millennials are more stupid than any other generation that I have known. The only way to correct that now is for all the millennials to drop out of the social media and pull out their study books. Leave FB to the older generations, surely they'd prefer the millennials to grow up and study instead of sitting in gma's basement causing havoc wherever they go online.

Third and lastly, anyone who thinks they can cripple or control FB has got rocks for brains in their heads. That covers the bunch left on MD. You will never, not even in your wildest dreams, shut down FB. Too many people communicate with their families and friends to share photos, and much much more, especially with family members who live abroad. But most here think the good ol' USA is the world, so they won't understand the concept, as they prefer to fight on FB.

In future I expect a monthly fee to be charged to keep existing social media profiles, or to join the crowd, because the US government is busy rewriting laws to keep out fake news and hopefully child pornography. Can't say I'm unhappy about that. Unmonitored platforms will suffer massive fines. These laws will require hiring new employees to manage what the stupid people can and can't see. You can only blame yourselves, because had you not believed and shared all that fake news it wouldn't be necessary to monitor these platforms at huge expense to owners and shareholders.

From what I gather, most people are willing to pay a fee to keep their FB accounts active, because as you now know, the purpose is to keep in touch with their loved ones who are abroad or elsewhere in the country where they live.

Pay up palooka's it's about time you learned your lessons. As for the millennials, it's time to study you imbecile.

P.S. Yay, a kudo already... and my views are being pushed up. It means I've hit a nerve. I know exactly who you are.

I am still waiting for the evidence illgal claims to have about me gossiping about my friends. And Frank is her partner in crime. The trouble with liars like these, is they judge others by their own actions, and they know full well that they're able to con ignoramuses. No matter how often she runs like a rabbit, the truth will always chase her down, as I'll make sure it is never forgotten that Ugly Americans start false rumors, which she and Frank cannot substantiate about me. That's the problem, too many dumb people believing fake news without any proof, as in my case where there is none.

illgal said:
Poms if you call me bitch one more time I'll bring some of the mail that you and Frank shared. He saves everything.. and I do mean EVERYTHING. He's got copies and has gave me copies. Maybe your friends would like to know how you really feel about them.

I'm still waiting. You people are troublemakers, and those who believe you without any proof are truly idiots

btw here is the link to Riot aka Drac blog that he stretched on purpose: SO why not post that link instead? The coward knows the Mod would delete his stretched blogs and ban him, he wouldn't dare if the Mod was here. He's a COWARD


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Feb 12 @ 1:43AM  
yes pompoms
i went to tokyo columbia and jamaica on the strength of women i met on matchdoctor

and i prefer british comedy to american
i don t like being told when to laugh

Feb 12 @ 2:52AM  
Excellent comment. Also the British laugh at themselves while the yankees only laugh at others and are usually incapable of laughing at themselves. I am still waiting for the evidence from the Ugly Americans who lie and then shrink into the darkness with the view that it's alright to lie. No doubt their president, and both voted for Trump, encourages this behavior.
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