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People putting down othes

posted 2/11/2018 10:46:56 PM |
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When I see a blogger come here and critisize, bully and ridicule another blogger, it's disgusting. You know what I see in the constant bloggers that put down other bloggers. In my mind I see a blogger that thinks so little of themselves they have to put another blogger down in an effort to make themselves feel better. A few alternate between their socks to join in so it looks like they have followers and some do have followers.

If one feels good enough about themselves they have no need to critisiaze, bully and ridicule another blogger or make fun of how they write.

While they are making fun of someone it is showing their mean streak and that is what they are like in a relationship because they obviously have a nasty mean streak.

You don't know who you are (because denial is so strong here) but there are many of you. I just wish you were happy enough with yourself you wouldn't have to waste time being such a debbie downer. It is not an enjoyable read, it makes it judgemental on the poster who shows their level of maturity. Not very high.

just saying

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Feb 11 @ 10:58PM  
it is easy to critisize and bully
what is hard is to ask the dreaded question
what did i do wrong?

i think that pompoms case that she has been systematically trolled has been clearly proven
pompoms claims that the object of the excersise is to destroy matchdoctor completely
and there is no need to batter on about my fetishes
everyone knows already
they do not wish to be reminded

Feb 11 @ 11:11PM  
Yes... Very true!!!

I may have even been guilty a time or two... But only after being provoked. Or sticking up for someone.
But.... Still makes me guilty doesn't it.....

It is rather sad that as adults we need to be reminded to play nice.

Thanks for the well needed reminder!

Feb 11 @ 11:15PM  
If you don't like what you're reading then don't read it. No one is forcing you to log on to the site.
One member says something, the other writes a comeback and so it goes. It will never stop, best get used to it or don't log on. There are deep rooted grudges here that go back years. If you want fantasy then go to Disneyland. Reality is the f***ed up world we live in and rotten human nature. This site just shows it in all its honesty.

Feb 11 @ 11:40PM  

Feb 12 @ 12:20AM  
People putting down othes

Never believed in oaths. No one ever seems to keep them anyway.

Feb 12 @ 12:27AM  
Oh othe*R*s!

I think it's a mistake to take anything that goes on here seriously. It's an experiment in fiction ... a silly place where anything goes and some people use it as an outlet for their gripes, mental illnesses and just to blow off steam. Probably not a good place to hang out if you are easily offended. If you keep it in that perspective, you should be fine.

How much do you really care what some anonymous person you don't even know and who doesn't know you has to say about you?

Feb 12 @ 12:59AM  
the blog comments are nothing
anyone remember the late unlamented chat room ??

Feb 12 @ 1:14AM  
which proves pompoms case stattcling the trolls are trying to shut the site down completly

and my relatioship with jessie is out and out fantasy
i found her on matchdotor and i am very happy with the arrangement

and there are some serious people here diamond it is just a matter of sorting the wheat from the chaff

but i agree with fay
we dont need or want bloggers criticizing bullying and ridiculing others
if you cant say something good don t say anything at all

Feb 12 @ 2:39AM  
Being attacked is just a part of being on this site.....I remember a time when it wasn't...but like everybody knows...this site has gone to hell....the troll political bloggers have ruined it for everybody else......cookie

Feb 12 @ 2:47AM  
But I also remember a time when I woke up to a silent matchdoctor with plenty great works of art to read right here. And Tosh is correct, I have been told straight up by more than one that they want to shut this site down because they are f***en vindictive little control freaks. .

Feb 12 @ 2:48AM  
I should've added to that comment that there was NO politicas on the blogs back then.

Feb 12 @ 5:07AM  
DrCockroach is competing with you by pushing up his views.

Feb 12 @ 5:09AM  
Maybe I should push DrCockroach stupid blog right off the page, because that is what he does all the time.

Feb 12 @ 5:50AM  
I agree with you Fay.
2 wrongs do not make a right.
It sinks that person down to the level of the troll
and the troll actually enjoys the negative attention.
They are that desperate for attention and fools give it to them.
It's one thing to retort to the validity of a comment,
it is another to personally attack an individual with lies.

Feb 12 @ 6:37AM  
I think there's at least one person here who is turned on by boasting about his fetish which may also include the criticism it generates.
There are just some things that should either be shared in the appropriate place (which this is not) or kept to one's self.

Feb 12 @ 7:11AM  
It's nostalgia for childhood as it really was.

Feb 12 @ 7:23AM  
^^ I must admit you are more adult than me.

Feb 12 @ 7:44AM  
I remember when I volunteered as a Little League parent for the kids. My husband and I were very involved. The most shocking thing back then was how badly the parents acted at the games. Many parents were volunteers, from the coaches, the food stand, the refs, score keepers etc.

The Parents were brats and constantly bickering. The loudest bickerers were the one's that gave NOT ONE MINUTE of their time. Those same type people are the chronic complainers here.

Yep there is no escaping it, I don't read most of the blogs I speak of. I open them, see who all in involved with their many posts about someone, then I close it without reading.

However it is hard to avoid the titles.

Feb 12 @ 7:52AM  
It's difficult when one has a troll who is hoping to get rid of you. I lash out in my own way because it really is the only way to squash it. For years I ignored it, like Jim does and look where its got him and me. THEY WILL NOT STOP until you find the soft spot to hit them back. Things are easier now because some have seen that I am no push over even though many years were wasted ignoring the BS and LIES. And everyone knows that is true.

Feb 12 @ 7:56AM  
Anyway, it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks of me on the internet and that includes you my friend. Life is accepting others for who they are, you won't change anyone, only they can do that for themselves... as I did.

Feb 12 @ 8:12AM  
in the old days there was a clearly established convention that we did not comment on a blog until we had read it all
as louise the crackhead said
the parents today don t sort their children
they do not tell them
if you do this this wil happen
and if you do that that will happen

thank you very much pompoms u r the first person on md who has ever called me by nmy pet name tosh

now then prpepper
i hae aspergers syndrome
if i have done something wrong i like to be told exactly and precisely what i have done wrong
but i dont need or want to be bullied or ridiculed
i want hints and guidelines on how to do better in future

Feb 12 @ 8:20AM  
The most shocking thing back then was how badly the parents acted at the games.

If this is still going on after 60 years, then the sins of the fathers are certainly visited on their spawn.

Feb 12 @ 8:27AM  
here follow the guidelines on how to be remade whole
not quite pompoms
if someone is open to it they can be changed
eg yoga classes

Feb 12 @ 8:32AM  
^^ I have changed, I don't put up with their lies and BS anymore. I tell them where to get off....

Feb 12 @ 8:39AM  
If people are tired of me standing up for myself perhaps they should tell the troll to back off. How about that? I know you have Tosh, and so has Northern and his friends lately, which is a refreshing change and I appreciate all of you for doing so.

Feb 12 @ 9:16AM  
Blogland strips the ability to discuss subjects anymore because of a few who apparently have a need for attention or, their day is ruined, seems to me!!


Feb 12 @ 9:24AM  
One more thing, if anyone doesn't like my opinions on the US perhaps you shouldn't have opinions on other nations. If you can't accept that I'm allowed an opinion, just like you are, then you are a selfish little hypocrite.

Feb 12 @ 9:26AM  
....^^ hypocrite and a crybaby.

Feb 12 @ 9:46AM  
Entertainment plain and simple. You can all mock the fool on the hill but remember...that the fool is also laughing at all of you.

Feb 12 @ 10:44AM  

In other words, you aren't going to stop putting people down if you dont agree with them.

Feb 12 @ 10:58AM  
one comment does not usually make anything about me...

unlike you two who flood the site daily.... with redundancy..I say what I mean...mean what I say.... and just

I made a this blog....( how many did you all make?) and rather than address that comment ..if you must.... you start in with the personal attacks...

name callings.... and....


reread my comment for my position here.... and remember... if you don't say anything idiotic... stupid..or just personally attack.... my position is clearly stated...

tit for tat.....


Feb 12 @ 11:25AM  
In other words, you aren't going to stop putting people down if you dont agree with them.

no.... I only "put people down" when they post stupidity.. or spin distortions or lies...

I personally attack them only after they personally attack me....

I can agree to disagree too....especially if the facts show that opinions are weak...

saying it another way...

trump has limited influence on the stock a fact cut in stone...

veterans could and should be treated better by our government is a fact cut in stone...

going after illegals to make needed changes is just stupid.... as the simpler action is to go with those who have the money..( money to burn)...

tyrump says... "I want a may day parade because I think it will be cool....and it will make me feel good...."

gets spun by his cheerleading squad into how it's all about the veterans....and not about trump..

these are examples of action.....

you asked.... HERE...I answered....HERE.... and northern will say it is because all blog comments I make is about me....


Feb 12 @ 11:39AM  
I like Northern for the same reason that I like you Smoking. The two of you are not afraid to tell it like it is. (your version of is)

But the two of you never seem to be able to forgive...actually Northern and you both had issues with Pompoms. Northern was able to get past that with her, have you my friend?

Carry on.

Feb 12 @ 11:56AM  
If you don't like what you're reading then don't read it. No one is forcing you to log on to the site.
One member says something, the other writes a comeback and so it goes. It will never stop, best get used to it or don't log on. There are deep rooted grudges here that go back years. If you want fantasy then go to Disneyland. Reality is the f***ed up world we live in and rotten human nature. This site just shows it in all its honesty.

People can disagree and debate with each other and still just stick to debating the facts of the matter and not go after someone personally, That just tells me the person who gets personal has no real facts to back up their argument, We do have a few on here who are immature bullies and wannabe trolls. I say wannabe because they are not very good at it. I just remember that they are weak little people who think they are strong when they try to push others around, Nope they don't look strong, they become the annoying little fly at the picnic that no one enjoys having around and just hope flies away to buzz somewhere else, Best thing to do is just stick to facts and otherwise ignore the offenders and not give them the attention they crave so much.

Feb 12 @ 11:10PM  
Pissant! Don't let the pissant crawl up your pant leg and bite you on your balls!


Feb 13 @ 6:38AM  
what Fay is asking is that everyone stop the personal attacks...regardless of who started them...

Well I can't stop or even try to stop the personal attacks EXCEPT on my blogs.

I'm enforcing, "My blog my rules" I will tolerate the negativity on MD just not on my blogs.

Feb 13 @ 10:09AM  
if I was as bad as others think I am.... I would be irritated that my first comment was deleted...

but as I respect the rules laid down by people and their blogs.....

nuff said....

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