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No wait...Dumb Indians

posted 2/16/2018 11:25:49 PM |
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Indians are a subclass. We have put up with them for about 175 years. But they have been subserviant so we allow them to occasionally speak. Most don't because they know their place and there are very few of them that have the intelligence or the balls to defend themselves. A subculture we thought we eradicated but we still have a few left.

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Feb 17 @ 12:24AM  
They resent the White man because the Whites took from the Indian, what the Indian stole from the Indian before him. They think hunting on land once or twice a year makes you own it.

All most of them own is a big pile of empty Mad Dog bottles.

Feb 17 @ 12:45AM  
Our mistake was allowing them to breed.

Feb 17 @ 11:04AM  

Feb 17 @ 11:21AM  
I think Crow was a good sport about "the only good Indian.... etc", but looks like you got him speechless, (but still effectively "vocal". Stoic...showing restraint rather than hurt feelings) with your latest. And that, not in a good way .
BTW, society and political correctness have bent over backwards for another segment of society... allowing colleges & universities, beauty pageants, assorted clubs (social, professional and political) and fraternities/sororities... etc, etc... to be exclusively for THEIR race only . Thereby continuing and enhancing the chasm and divide.
While a lot of the Natives are still confined on reservations with not much motivation given for success, there ARE exceptions, as evidenced by that one, sole, lonely member here who has succeeded on HIS own.. and beyond the dreams of most others, WHITES included! Thereby provoking much hate, insults and pure envy of the less than successful lemmings here .

Feb 17 @ 11:23AM  
CORRECTION. "lone"... certainly NOT lonely!!!

Feb 17 @ 11:25AM  
We have put up with them for about 175 years.

Who is this "we" you speak of?

Feb 17 @ 2:32PM  
You deleted your blog about Indian dances that had some real nice, positive comments on it, and replaced it with.. this? Why?

Feb 17 @ 2:54PM  
I'm with Lilly on her first comment on this blog. Hawk has every reason to hold his head high. Not many here could begin to have his enviable character and accomplishments, while being as humble and down to earth as he is.

Feb 17 @ 4:45PM  
But on the other least no one can accuse the op of being politically correct.

Feb 17 @ 7:47PM  
Please forgive me if I am a bit cynical, but most of the Indians I have seen here on Match doctor are of the souvenir shop dream catcher variety.

Their photos, if you believe them, are loaded with faux indian knick knacks, the kind frequently sold in roadside eateries along the tourist routes in Florida. They slip in and out of Great Spirit injun talk and ranting in plain old English like everybody else, alternating between the two. Their stories have more holes in them than a porcupines mattress.

I am descended fron two ethnic groups. One is responsible for most of the modern inventions that make our lives possible. The other was the sole people to keep the light of learning alive, when it was extinguished in the rest of Europe during the Dark ages. But you have never seen me write about them. Those were the achievements of the dead. I can only take credit for what I MYSELF have done.

As they rant on about their great ancestral ways, I cannot help but to think that if the most illustrious members of their family are the dead ones, that doesn't say much for the living ones.

Feb 17 @ 11:38PM  
Crow knows of whom I speak. Kid of questionable origins, unknown father, pass around mother who booted him out early, brother who pays for keeping him out of trouble. Probably be dead by 30 with his drinking. Just a broken human being like the Florida shooter. No self esteem....

Feb 18 @ 6:51PM  
The original title for this blog was "RED NIGGERS". Why on earth would you have changed it? Pray tell, what came over you?

Feb 19 @ 8:45AM  

Feb 19 @ 9:28AM  
Cat got your tongue? Why did you delete the original blog title and replace it with this one? Surely you weren't afraid to stand behind your convictions were you?

Are you afraid to be the white warrior you know yourself to be? Stand up and be proud of your race. Defend the a noble fighter for the cause!

KKK (Kaulous-Kruel-Kill)

C'mon don't be a wallflower...time to blossom and to show us your true colors....boy.

Feb 19 @ 9:34AM  
You are a racist. You are an antifeminist. You are anti trans. YOu are a Nazi. You are a facist.

All that foolishness is just the updated liberal version of a kid in a sand box calling another kid a poopy-head, and is about as meaningful.

Feb 19 @ 9:40AM  
^^^And your buddy is a coward. He changed his blog title because like you he is a racist but tries to hide behind guise of respectability.

"RED NIGGERS",...that's a putdown of Northern, that's a putdown of me....I'm black you see. Drc always uses the racist card...can't seem to stand on his arguments. Always has to go with race or gender...can't debate without falling back on that...little man with no real argument at all.

Feb 19 @ 11:49AM  
you are a miserable piece of work doc.

Feb 19 @ 12:37PM  

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Feb 19 @ 1:24PM  
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These are the old women who won't let me comment on their posts: but run their mouths on mine....Lol

zulu (our throwback black )
widdle fweddie (short man's complex)
virtue?? (who?)
beetlejuice (Miss IT)
favorite (#3martini me)

Keep those cards and letters coming in

Feb 19 @ 3:01PM  
Honestly I don't remember ever blocking you......but not now...unblocked.

Feb 19 @ 3:05PM  
Well, when it comes to technical issues your track record is dismal, if not non existent.

Feb 19 @ 3:06PM  
Charitable sister Beetle,
if thou belivist in ye,
second chances,
then why not,
Frederick Putz of MD?

Verily ye angel of unblockidness,
hath passed over ye,
this day,
brother Cocktail.

Feb 19 @ 3:13PM  
widdle fweddie.....shouldnt you be slapping your widdle monkey to all those imaginary conquests? Day off on us right don juan?

Feb 19 @ 3:16PM  
zulu (our throwback black )
widdle fweddie (short man's complex)
virtue?? (who?)
beetlejuice (Miss IT)
favorite (#3martini me)

if you meant fayvorite - you are not blocked - I don't believe I have anyone blocked except scammers

Feb 19 @ 3:18PM  
Ye truth,
verily 6 beist,
not only in mine,

6 in 1 year...
believeth me,
or not.....

Feb 19 @ 3:29PM  
Widdle fweddie, you're full of shit....PERIOD. Now go find your cubicle in your fifth tier government pigeon hole. It's right next to the ladies room....

Feb 19 @ 3:31PM  
^^Ye jealous ass.

Feb 19 @ 3:42PM  
Have it your way hot are free to come on my blog. Careful what you ask for in life...because you might just get it.

Feb 19 @ 3:51PM  
You don't blog BOON. You can barely compose a sentence. Literary wit is not your forte....but then again I'm not sure what your purpose is....possibly a backup singer to tonto and his band of hayburners. Keep pumping him up Aunt Jemima, he's buying it lock, stock and barrel. He actually believes you like him. Now go make dinner for your husband. He's paying for your time on here.

Feb 19 @ 3:57PM  
What no fractured psalms Mr. Frost?

Yeah, widdle fweddie I'm dying with envy at you and tonto bragging about your masculine Keep slapping that stub, pop.

Feb 19 @ 4:04PM  
Humorless brother Cockroach,
ye doth not understand,
there beist ye humor in it,
(mine tales of conquest),
it beith not vanity,
that I crave,
but rather glee and merriment,
but ye angel of laughter,
hath sadly passed over thee.

I shall pray,
for thy redemption.

Feb 19 @ 4:12PM  
Comedy, imagination, creativity.....not in your grasp pop. Dim wits may dine on it but that is just food for the masses served at a choke and puke diner...possibly why it appeals to tonto. Now, you had your shot at the big leagues and got cut....back to your cubicle drone.

Feb 19 @ 4:14PM  

***Professionals only from here on out.

Feb 19 @ 6:40PM they begin to spin.

Riot you have the slam dunk on the half breed. And the boon deleted her smack down. Lol...on cue.

Tonto just couldn't man up....easily dispatched. And stat, well he's the type of worm who never meets you face on, the kind of low rent who throws rocks from a safe hiding spot.

I gave them their shot. Now it's back to their pep Niggers, natives and numbnuts. BAM!

The crown rests

Feb 19 @ 7:00PM  
...... ......

Feb 19 @ 7:13PM  
I know fweddie....they didn't fare well did tonto lasted all of about 2 comments before he crawled back to a safe distance. I think his surrogate mommies will help him lick his wounds. Now he can go back to sending Dick pics to Sump_pump, and I'm sure stat would like some as well. The Crown rests securely.

Feb 20 @ 5:38PM  
Bump...look everybody...the real deal here.

Feb 20 @ 6:52PM comes the breakdown....

Mar 28 @ 9:35AM  

Mar 29 @ 3:45PM  

Mar 29 @ 3:55PM  
The breakdown is complete for nanook and drac and

Apr 2 @ 12:41PM  
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