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The NRA owns the USA

posted 2/23/2018 1:28:43 AM |
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tagged: gun, laws, children, vs, government

It will take more than the Florida High School shooting to stop the sale of dodgy weapons and stop the lobbyists from controlling the government of the USA.

I have no doubt this #NeverAgain movement will gain more support as students reach the age to vote. The millennials have watched mass shootings increase for many years in the USA with no hope of it ending, and no control over gun sales, in fact it's only got a whole lot worse even as other nations report less gun crime with stricter laws. The US has proven that they are more in love with their guns than they are with future generations of successful leaders.

As the old guard dies off in age, the younger generation will take the reins. Give it 10 years, 20 tops.


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Feb 23 @ 1:33AM  
here here

Feb 23 @ 1:37AM  
The times they are a changin'.

Feb 23 @ 2:15AM  
we can t wait 10 years
lower the age of majority i say

Feb 23 @ 2:16AM  
lower the age of majority i say

What does that mean?

Feb 23 @ 2:20AM  
You bet they are Poms!

Corporations are now beginning to leave the NRA behind in the Rethuglican Swamp.

Just tonight less than 3 hours ago, the First National Bank of Omaha cut their relationship with the NRA.

One of the world's largest rental car companies, Enterprise Holdings has ended their partnership with the NRA.


Feb 23 @ 2:24AM  
Oh wow that is so good to hear Angel, no wonder the NRA leader was ranting yesterday at CPAC, from your comment it seems they are beginning to feel the heat.

Feb 23 @ 2:41AM  
it means pompoms that we allow and encourage young people to vote
i guess it would have to be done in stages

but with a little bit of luck as soon as the young perople start to vote they will allow younger people to vote

it would snowball exponentially

if i had my way if a child was too small too make a cross on a piece of paper the responsible adult would have two votes

it s their future
why should they not have a say in it

i d like to help you sonny but your too young to vote [summertimne blues]

Feb 23 @ 2:47AM  
I wouldn't support that Tosh, above 18 is too young to make responsible decisions, which the frontal lobe is still developing.

Feb 23 @ 2:57AM  
You have to get the real people out to vote. You have to show 3 weeks before election the voting habit of a dam republican with his 30 pieces of blood stained silver.
You have to vote them out. Put the white trash killing minds back in their swamp.

Feb 23 @ 3:00AM  
You are right Tuck, more people must vote, the voting percentage is too low, and you can bet all the hillybillies are voting, now the normal peaople must go to the pols

Perhaps we should sign off now to give DrCockroach the chance to BUMP up old blogs, he's sitting there like a dog waiting for a bone.

See you later guys.

Feb 23 @ 3:11AM  
i assume u meant under 18 pompoms
it s a very radical solution
it wont happen overnight

now kentuck
i never yet met an usa citizen tourist or expatriate who voted for gwb father or som
from which i logically conclude that their electoral base were stick at home rednecks who did not give a tinkers cuss about me thee or anyone except their own selfish selves

Feb 23 @ 3:24AM  
Interesting idea. The way to get gun control laws passed is to let people with incompletely formed brains vote.

Maybe give everybody in insane asylums 5 votes, so they can have a say too.

Because sane voters just don't buy that anti gun crap. Save your 97% BS too. They called me on the phone with the survey. All the questions were rigged, and no options for conflicting views.

Feb 23 @ 4:33AM  
They called me on the phone with the survey. All the questions were rigged, and no options for conflicting views.

Conflicting? Ttom, that feels ominous. But I'd be interested to know the difference between this and previous surveys?

Feb 23 @ 6:22AM  
Most gun owners favor more restrictions but their voices are drowned out by the NRA and other opponents of gun control. It's a sad predicament we're in.

Feb 23 @ 6:44AM  
These assault weapons must be taken off the streets asap. Above that you are not allowed to drive a car without a competency test? So what's the problem with a gun competency test in lieu of mental health? The problem is blood money being paid in favours, so the NRA continues to own the USA. These teens are not stupid they know anyone who takes NRA money is not fit for office and they should be retired or make radical changes, in the way of laws, background checks, registry of guns at point of sale, registry of gun thefts, etc.

At the moment everyone has someone else to blame, same old same old, this time it won't work.

Feb 23 @ 7:51AM  
i know u make some valid point tthoms
i want to investigate rigorously the effects of predjudice on statistics
clearly the surveys are gerrymandered

if someone is mentally incompetent then their primary carer should get 2 votes
but that comes later
the first priority is protecting the kids

with proper parental guidance and supervison toddlers could vote responsibly
9 year old are being taught how to defend themselves on facebook
why should they not be taught how to vote properly?
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