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Living Under the Same Roof

posted 3/12/2018 4:18:41 AM |
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While younger the thought occurred to me that relationships might work out better if couples lived next door to each other, instead of in each others pockets. When asking men, at the time, what they thought about the idea they were horrified at the prospect. Perhaps their first thought was, "who picks up my socks?".

So today Anthea lives on the same floor as me, the 7th with the best view of the ocean of course, and Bill lives on the 1st floor with only a garden view. Bill and Anthea have been a couple for 10 years or so, and they live under the same roof even if it's not on the same floor. So now I am more convinced that the space apart gives a relationship the best chance of working. Live alone and that way nobody fights over the remote. Here's a cool photo from our seventh floor below where the ocean and sky views change all day every day. The time was early evening with pink hue in the sky.

She used to join Bill in his apartment when he got back from work to cook his meal and to spend quality time together before she went back home at 8pm to relax in front of the telly while he did his bookkeeping before going to bed. Then they changed because she got a siamese cat, so Bill would cook for himself downstairs and then join her upstairs until 8pm. That worked for a while then Anthea got tired of her cat and give him to Bill to look after, so now she goes down to his apartment again until it's time to go home. Bill loves Anthea dearly and will do anything to keep her happy. They spend every weekend together, at this stage their time is spent in his apartment with the cat.

Here's another of Anthea's zany habits, will try to describe as best I can, but really you need to see the picture to laugh your head off. She has always had a perfect figure, she says it's her lifestyle which we should all adopt. She could be in the dieting business, because she tells everyone what to eat even if they don't ask. It seems to be her passion, no malice intended, just loving care. She's checked it out and swears by the Banting diet today.

Anthea is in her early 70's but a lot more active than people in their 50's. Not that she goes to gym, nope she's not keen on that, she maintains losing weight has got more to do with eating the right foods than using gym equipment. Having said that she watches a show called "My 600-lb Life" and when they lose even the smallest amount of weight she jumps up and down with excitement, she claps her hands loudly and generally behaves as if she's in the same room as the doctor and patient when she talks to the telly. It's very amusing to watch her. She's in her own zone.

Neither Bill nor I understand why she watches that show, she's even tried to get us to watch My 600-lb Life. It is her soap opera that she won't miss, she will even excuse herself to watch the show. I don't know how anyone can allow themselves to lose all self respect by getting that fat and personally I find that size body repulsive, that's why I can't watch the show. Once they lose the weight all that excess skin must be cut off, agh. I suppose if someone acts fake then they will need to comfort themselves, with food or something else, as a substitute to cover-up their real faults.

Anyway when we spoke briefly last night I suggested that she should open a 'diet business' because she has just sold a large house and has to funds to do so. She was so happy to discuss it, the passion was evident in her voice but not sure she will do so. She said we will chat on Wednesday on route to the follow-up appointment for my tattooed lipliner.

Do you think living in separate homes would keep more couples happy?


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Mar 12 @ 9:01AM  
When I was over the road, I'd spend a week home with my wife. By the time I was comfortable being at home, it was time to shove off again. Except for paying the bills, this worked well enough. On the rare occasions she would ride with me, it would be fine for me, but for every day she was with me on the road, she'd have to spend 3 days in bed recovering. We discussed the situation, and I was completely happy with having an 'occasional wife' and she was, too. It seems more people enjoy having their own space and time that the relationship doesn't suffer for it.

For the record, I've never worried about my socks; all I need is to have my towel.

Mar 12 @ 12:29PM  
Thanks Dayv, long time no see.

For the record, I've never worried about my socks; all I need is to have my towel.

Does that mean you need your towel picked up?

Mar 12 @ 1:40PM  
My current relationship lives a mile away and that works for us swimmingly.

I moved from Ohio to be with him in Colorado. When I split from my husband, I knew I didn't want to marry anyone, live under one roof, etc. I also thought I would never fall in love. I just wanted to live out my bonus years (retirement) having fun and enjoying life.

He sometimes sleeps here and I sometimes sleep over at his pace. He still works ( a younger man :) ). We are together 4-6 nights a week. I smile when I think of our routine. Most of the benefits of married life without much of the downside because we live separately.

We are also poly (polyamorous). He lives with one of his other partners, but she prefers to actually sleep in a separate bed. She and I have become good friends. It works for us.

Mar 12 @ 2:39PM  
We are also poly (polyamorous). He lives with one of his other partners, but she prefers to actually sleep in a separate bed. She and I have become good friends. It works for us.

Interesting not sure I'd wanna share my man though. Nick tells me he loved Colorado.

Mar 12 @ 3:49PM  
I think a duplex is the ideal situation for couples. Right next to each other but each with their own space.

Mar 12 @ 4:51PM  
That's a good idea Strega, keeps costs down too, because that would be the only drawback. Now we just gotta find a decent guy who has the same vision.

Mar 12 @ 11:03PM  
Great blog!

Katherine Hepburn stated years ago that the way to stay happily married was to maintain separate residences. I believe she's right.

At this stage of the game, I have zero interest in being someone's maid or nurse, nor do I want someone underfoot all the time. I want and like my own space and there's no way I'm sharing my hard-earned assets in a break-up, nor do I want any of theirs.

So yeah, I think maintaining separate residences in a relationship works for both parties, as I know many men have stated that they don't want to share their assets either. In my experience, the only one's that want to move in are the one's with no assets whatsoever.


Mar 13 @ 6:26AM  
Thanks for your comment Imp. I wasn't aware that Hepburn said the same thing.
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