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posted 3/12/2018 10:59:48 AM |
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My world would have been a cold dark place without them. In fact my life would have been pointless without the creator's gift to mankind.

Who listens to me when my heart is heavy? Who understands when no one else can? Who is there to make me feel alive? Who can make my heart grow wings with just a smile?

Who besides the three women in my life, can soften the anger I sometimes feel with just the sound of their voice?

When my back is hurting, and my hands are callous, my feet are sore from work and my head aches from stress I look to my mother, my sister, my girlfriend and say to myself. "It's all been worth it for there they are". My three jewels that were dropped down from the heavens above.

Why was I so blessed? Perhaps the creator is a female and loves me as they do?

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Mar 12 @ 11:24AM  
Perhaps the creator is a female and loves me as they do?

Perhaps? more like Of Course!

Nice to hear someone that is thankful to Mother Earth and Father Universe

Mar 12 @ 11:54AM  
And I am also thankful to you for posting.

Mar 12 @ 12:07PM  
Loved this blog! It is so refreshing to read from a man that appreciates women. Kudos for the blog, and for your gratitude.


Mar 12 @ 12:43PM  
Thanks Imp, I see the child/men trolls are out in full force. They wait like rats to nibble on a piece of cheese. They have nothing to offer the blogs except sarcasm which is the lowest form of wit.

But let us digress to more important matters. These two cretins have never been able to form close associations with the fair sex. Why?...Because they are incapable of comprehending the majesty and wisdom of women as is taught to us in our culture. I pity the women who are stuck with white men who consider women to be inferior as opposed to we natives who recognize women as superior beings, that the creator gave to us in order that we can develop as real men.

Mar 12 @ 12:59PM  
I came back Northern to offer support and to admit that you were right about a certain member and I was wrong. I really did believe that he was just misunderstood. Now I accept that you were accurate when you felt that he was immature. I am shocked by his recent behavior.

You are twice the men they will ever be. You are strong yet gentle...that is a real man....something those other -boys- will never be...kudo and I'll leave you to the trolls. I really can't stomach this cesspool.......

By the way, I loved this blog.

Mar 12 @ 1:10PM  
Thanks Zulu, it takes a big person to admit that they may have been wrong. I saw through ASM right from the get go. You admired his writing style and always stuck up for him when no one else would.

Squeeze them hard enough and the pus always comes out. His phony stand to defend the planet and social issues etc. is a charade. See how low he goes taking about my supposed incest with my family....when all I wanted to do is to celebrate my love for them. ASM is a sick, twisted, evil little man/boy. He is in his 60's but look how he evolved over the years.

Mar 12 @ 4:41PM  
An individual's mental and emotional health is a reaction of his or her personality to the multiple stresses of our environments. As far as I'm concerned you have demonstrated constitutional stability and toughness to have overcome all the adversities of your life, and still have maintained a certain softness towards those you love.

I am proud of you, do not let your inferiors on here deter you from your own growth and development towards being a good human being. Your detractors are underlings...fleas on a dogs back..the dog being the blogs.

Mar 12 @ 4:53PM  
Whoa Beetle, you are another clever one! Not 100% sure I understood what you wrote but I think that I liked it.

I just felt a need to give thanks to the blessings that I have received from Mother earth. I do not expect these white city slickers in the lower 49 to understand, nor do I particularly care if they do not.

Mar 12 @ 5:16PM  
P.S. I find it amusing that ttomtar and Melvin who have never been anywhere or done anything set themselves up as experts. These two bums go on the internet and armed with these facts become our blog experts on my life and my experiences. They simply do not understand what life is like up here in Alaska. EVERYONE here who works in the bush has had bear encounters. There are hundreds of locals who have fought off bear attacks....hundreds!

Without fear of any exaggeration I know that in my life I have run into at least 60 or 70 black bears and probably a dozen grizzlys. It happens all the time and no biggie out here. I cannot help it if they find that unbelievable, but that is life out here in the Alaskan bush.

Go to the dump out here and you will see at least 6 or 7 bears. You can see them every single day if you want to. Not a day goes by where I do not see eagles or deer, not a single day.

Mar 12 @ 5:21PM  
P.P.S. We have elk that come right into town and sometimes moose right down main street. A friend of mine had to chase a cougar out of his garage this week. These city slickers just do not understand. So them it is all bullshit and lies because they cannot imagine life as we have it out here.
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