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A gift from my mommy....

posted 3/12/2018 12:10:53 PM |
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You're such a good boy...yes you are, yes you widdle baby

Oh my sweet

Who listens to me when my heart is heavy? Who understands when no one else can? Who is there to make me feel alive? Who can make my heart grow wings with just a smile?

Almost brings you to tears doesn't it? LOL....check this boy out to see if he has a

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Mar 12 @ 12:22PM  
it was a strange blog ..yes it was...

no purpose in life but to fawn over not poms..fay or imp..... but incestuous perversions of mother.. sister and the not good enough to

how immature of me to say something is rotten in Alaska..

~kudos~ for the youtube video... the guy was cute in blue....


Mar 12 @ 1:09PM  
.... They have nothing to offer the blogs except sarcasm which is the lowest form of wit. Then again not all of us are Rhodes Scholars. By all means petunia, keep us enthralled with your skills with your coloring book. Now that is truly blog


Mar 12 @ 1:12PM  
sad to see mother bears rushing in to comfort a little man who acts like he is all grown up...

for the women..... ALL guys do play rough....and sometimes do kick a whiny brat when they are down..

welcome to the big leagues where there are no rules..... just winners... vs whiners...

Zulu.... all the old time members knew I was pulling my punches.... nanook just bit off more than he can chew...

I am what I am..... spinach and all.... I like spinach.. it makes fettuccini Alfredo more a Machiavellian way...


Mar 12 @ 2:53PM  
It sure did.. bring me to tears . Such beautiful, such touching devotion! And such... sincerety! .

Mar 12 @ 2:59PM  
And the malfunctioning whiny cat abuser, who pontificates about ignoring all she doesn't like.. is still harping about Crow and Lawman . Such impact they have still, even when they're not around, totally ignore her.. and couldn't care a fig less about her. Such power they still have over that pitiful whiner, just another scorned rejected woman! Makes a heart glad!

Mar 12 @ 4:31PM  
Simply is once again 'over doing it', as she trys to convince herself she's immune. Just as she was immune to getting rejected by Lawman, just as she was immune to her 2 year rants over being evicted by Strata, immune to commenting on her rejection of her daughter and her disabled mother.....and on and on.

But my how she loves to preach to Nanook, her adopted porn pal.I hate using cliches but the woman does protest too much.

Now nanook, he loves being coddled, he practically begs for it. Nanook is the epitome of needy, as he whines his way through all his perceived pressures of life. This boy has no spine, no real life experiences and only his fantasies as he rides his snow plow in place of his pony, battles with addiction rather than his iimagined grizzly, longs for acceptance rather than standing on his own two feet. An amoeba....not much there.

Mar 12 @ 4:44PM  
His imaginary woman story is almost as good as that of the imaginary waitress who just happened to land on MD and "recognized" Crow !
Were you here when the cat abuser regaled us ad nauseum about her venture into dating... MEN!? Daily and even in multiples . If was all NEGATIVE! Every one of her poor hapless victims had something wrong, not even ONE was judged acceptable. And of course, it was all THEIR fault.
Translation: All those smart men ran as fas as they could to get away from the maladjusted whiny, sad always complaining, uber judgemental wench.. and wanted nothing to do with her after that first miserable date. Wench, thy name is REJECT... still today, still by smart, successfulful men that won't give her the time of day no matter how she pursues them and begs! !

Mar 12 @ 4:54PM  
Oh... you're right! her poor mother who took her in when she was homeless for a while,helped her out, fed her and stored her stuff for her. ALL her blogs about that time and that poor woman, were full of her usual complaints about everyone else (nothing is EVER her fault!) , and vindictive hate for her own mother!

Mar 12 @ 5:07PM  
Was re-reading some of Crow's comments about his family. What a huge difference about how he feels about and treats them! You can easily see the true ffection and tangible respect he has for both his wife and his mother. And that starts with his own self-respect.
Vs. the way nanook and cat abuser talk about the women in their lives.. nothing but complaints, judgementss, accusations and snide derogatory comments!
No wonder those poor mistreated women are estranged. Self preservation I'd say!

Mar 12 @ 5:47PM  
Sumps comments are very similar to pompoms...they would like you to believe they don't read other blogs....thats so much BS. They both devour every word about them. The only difference is pompom is obsessive to respond to each one, can't help herself. Sump just reads them and burns inside. Poor Sadie takes the beating.

Mar 12 @ 6:58PM  
That clip was hard to watch, I just knew he was going to spit up any minute.

His timing was way off, missing a good photo op like that and not spitting up, brings shame to the baby world.


Mar 21 @ 4:32AM  
Rocky Mountain High .. John Denver


Mar 24 @ 8:15AM  

Apr 3 @ 7:01AM  

Apr 5 @ 12:14PM  
I don't know why I keep coming back to this site, it must have something to do with this BUMP on my head.
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