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posted 4/5/2018 12:05:38 PM |
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tagged: bully, nasty, joke

Don't you love it when manipulative people manipulate their way into a corner? As we all know, the last commented column has been taken over by a petulant bully who's incapable of seeing that she is the author of her own problems.

As she cries 'victim', those of us who have been here know full well that her own need to control and manipulate others has led to this full on ridicule of her. She isn't the victim, she's the bully, as she tries to manipulate others, much as a child does. If you stop bullying me, then I'll leave the column alone. The last commented column means so much to her, that she sees it as her ace in the hole to try and control everyone else.

What she didn't count on, was that other people had more integrity than to be manipulated by her and her need to control everything and everyone. What is more than funny is the stretched pages. Due to the stretched pages, no one can see the last commented column anyway. So her need to control that column becomes moot.

What do people do? They scroll down for blogs by normal people, ensuring they ignore her blogs. So her attempt at attention and to control everyone is a huge fail. Even less people care what she writes now. But then, whenever you see someone who cries victim after personally attacking pretty much everyone on this site that didn't agree with her at some point, we all know the victim is not her.

No matter how much she whines and cries victim, we all know she is not, but simply the conning, manipulative bully that is attempting to control everyone through the last commented column and stretching the pages. But she keeps it up, thinking the column is as important to us as it is to her, completely clueless that we are actually in control of her, by simply commenting on one blog, so she has to spend the time to push it off the column.

It's tremendously funny to see someone so in need of drama and attention, that they will do anything to attain it. All the names that she attacked everyone else with, she is so self-absorbed and judgmental, she can't see that they all apply to her - not anyone else.

Sure, there were some of her blogs that I agreed with, but as a victim of her trolling when she was tequiero, I knew better than to trust her. I know exactly how toxic she is, and while I attempted to encourage those blogs where she'd focus on ideas and events, her need for drama and attention and all those views and comments on her attack blogs she just couldn't give up.

The statement of 'I just want to be left alone to blog' is such a joke. If she truly wanted to be left alone to blog, she'd do exactly that. She'd blog and ignore everything else. But she can't, because she LOVES the attention, the strife, the drama, and thinking she is controlling us. So she continues to play the victim, telling us we're to blame for her manipulating the last commented column, instead of accepting the fact that no one is commenting on her blogs because she's alienated everyone through her own behaviour.

Take for example, her whining that she was banned because someone reported her. Um, yeah, usually one is banned because they can't behave according to the rules of the site. So instead of accepting that her own behavior was the reason, and change her behaviour, she blames everyone else. Just like all bullies and children do.

Now, she's painted herself into the corner where no one can see the last commented column, so it really doesn't matter, and people are scrolling down to read the blogs of 'normal' people, bumping blogs just for fun to see her frantically pushing them off.

No one believes she's the victim except her, although she'd probably convince someone who hasn't been one of her targets and seen her behaviour over these past months.

And what has her manipulation of the last commented column done? Nothing. We're still blogging. We're still not commenting on or reading her blogs. Everyone else is still going about their business, while she hovers over this site, waiting for the opportunity to bump her own blogs up.

In the meantime, she's painted herself into a corner where she has completely alienated herself from everyone due to her own behaviour. There's no return, no forgiveness, no 'if you don't behave as I want you to, I'll leave the column alone' - because the rest of us are adults here, and none of us is prepared to kowtow to some manipulative bullying child who has zero social skills.

All the blogs she writes on positivity and spiritualism are just platitudes she repeats, pretending she's something she's not. One should actually pity such an unhappy person, that feels so out of control in their lives, that they have to try to control what and how other people blog and who they comment on.

While she 'thinks' she has control of us and this site, she's loving the drama she creates, needing the attention as any narcissus does. She can't see or accept that her own behaviour is the problem, and thus, sees us as the problem, rather than herself.

Yes, she would love it if we all left and she had control of who blogged here, except there will always be people who don't agree with her, so regardless of who blogs and who doesn't, someone will always be her target for not bowing to her idea that she's queen.

I've venture to say, if we truly did leave her alone, completely ignoring her and the last commented column, she'd find some other way to attempt to gain attention.

She'd probably blame us for more bullying because we're ignoring her. What she's reaping, she has sown from her own behaviour. If she doesn't like the harvest, she should look at herself for what she's spread, and maybe sow better seeds.

What she's getting right now is called 'just desserts'. Basically, getting exactly what you deserve. If you want respect, then you have to earn it. And showing a little respect and consideration for others is the start to earning it. We all know that'll never happen.

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Apr 5 @ 12:19PM  

I'm sure we are all talking about her in emails and she does have one or two sock friends ( two at the most) she has asked to help her destroy the site, one of them being Drac and the other being either Grouchy Bill or RDL. That is not my accusation but that is what many are telling me. At least that is the general consensus as well as her own socks which we both know she is using and totally lied about. Her hatred is so toxic....that what she is a toxic vampire along with Drac, they deserve each other. She hated that he stretched the page and she is EXACTLY like him.

At least most of us have never had the need to resort to socks to cause grief.

As I was telling another friend in email - their need to destroy the site stems from the pitiful childhood and their pathetically sad lives...such a pity.

Apr 5 @ 12:24PM  
You know, you can blame a horrible childhood only until you're of age. At that point, all the choices and decisions you make are yours. There are many people that haven't had great childhoods but are wonderful adults.

There's no excuse for bad behaviour as an adult, and it's all on her. Every single choice. The resulting consequences are due to her poor choices.


Apr 5 @ 12:58PM  

I hadn't been online for a few days and was greeted on the blog page by stretched screens, etc. Not an inducement to return.

Thank goodness there are a few of us left who bring a wee bit of normality to the site.

Apr 5 @ 1:07PM  
Pom's is not going to see her faults, and I don't think there's any hope of her realizing this on her own.

She needs to seek some kind of mental health in my opinion.

Apr 5 @ 1:10PM  
east - yes! While the stretched pages are an attempt to force people to leave as is the manipulation of the last commented column, people see them for what they truly are, and go about their business anyway.

It's actually kind of sad in a pitiful way that these people have nothing else to occupy their time.

Apr 5 @ 1:13PM  
Lover - no, she's not, as she can't accept any responsibility for her behaviour. I agree, she's badly in need of psychiatric care, but will never seek it, as she's incapable of seeing her own issues.

I guess MD is her strait jacket.


Apr 5 @ 1:17PM  

Apr 5 @ 1:22PM  
You are pounding out more blurb than this troll is worth reading about. Obviously this thing is an obsessive lunatic or an incorrigible minor. You won't reform them. Just keep reporting the angry blogs, in case the Mod should happen by, and for chrissake don't let them reply in yours blogs.

Apr 5 @ 1:27PM  
You are pounding out more blurb than this troll is worth reading about.

Agreed. But she hates what I've written and is doing her utmost to ensure it's pushed into oblivion.

and for chrissake don't let them reply in yours blogs.

They are always blocked. There's no way my blogs are going to be their toxic vehicle.


Apr 5 @ 1:41PM  
Sometimes you just have to release it when someone just intentionally tries to annoy you. Of course when we post the truth, without calling her names like fat, or bitch or Roach or all the other names she bullys with ....she just goes barking mad and stretches and manipulates the column so everyone see her disgusting name.

She wants us to stop, then she has to make the first move or the bumps will never stop.

Apr 5 @ 1:48PM  
What people don't realize that in addressing their behaviour it doesn't mean you don't like them as a person, just that their behaviour is unacceptable and if they change their behaviour, then people will change their reaction to them.

Mind you, the behaviour issues are far more than any one of us here can deal with, and I agree with Lover that a lot of psychiatric help is required.

It's so funny that the last commented column means so much to her that she thinks she's controlling everyone else, when, in fact, everyone else is laughing as they watch her jump through hoops to try to maintain her status.


Apr 5 @ 1:53PM  
The gazillion emails we are all dealing with - Lord she is the laughing stock of this site.

Apr 5 @ 2:05PM  
Yep - and will be forever more.
Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Karma, baby, karma.


Apr 5 @ 2:13PM  
Up she goes - because Poms can't handle seeing your blog in HER column

tsk tsk

Apr 6 @ 8:16AM  
You nailed it!

Apr 6 @ 8:49AM  
yep you nailed it

Apr 8 @ 7:38AM  
And here we go, this is how you make a meanie go bonkers!

Apr 8 @ 10:57AM  

Apr 8 @ 11:22AM  

Apr 8 @ 11:56AM  

Apr 8 @ 12:01PM  

Apr 8 @ 12:32PM  

Apr 9 @ 7:36AM  

Apr 9 @ 7:54AM  

Apr 9 @ 8:14AM  

Apr 9 @ 8:42AM  

Apr 9 @ 10:10AM  
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