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What Ever Happened To "Russian Collusion?"

posted 4/13/2018 12:16:42 AM |
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Remember over a year ago when Mueller started investigating President Trump because liberals couldn't believe the voters rejected them unless President Trump "colluded" with the Russians to rig the election results? What ever happened to that investigation?

Over a year later, a fortune in taxpayers' money spent and NOT A SINGLE IOTA OF EVIDENCE OF ANYTHING REMOTELY RELATED FOUND, and so now Mueller morphed this into a search for a sex scandal === A SEX SCANDAL!!! === and raided President Trump's lawyers office in collusion with the New York Attorney General like the Gestapo to get the goods on President Trump about an alleged affair years before he was even president?

ARE YOU KIDDING???!!! They are desperately trying to justify their failure to find anything on President Trump by conducting a witch hunt to try to find === A SEX SCANDAL????!!! ===

This is a stinking, disgusting display of anti-American subversive activity by people who cannot face the reality that they lost an election and have now turned into rabid dogs with only one objective -- to bring down the duly elected President of the United States and overturn the will of the voters whether there is any legitimate reason to do so or not. They will stop at nothing, no matter how evil, no matter how much damage it does to the country, and no matter how unjust it is. They have a single minded mission TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY.

You people are demented and you make me sick. I can only believe that the vast majority of Americans feel the same way.

I've got some bad news for you libs. President Trump is not going to fire Mueller even though you (and Mueller himself) so desperately want him to. Mueller WANTS to be fired because his investigation WAS A COMPLETE FAILURE. He found NO EVIDENCE that President Trump did anything wrong whatsoever much less broke any law. So he wants President Trump to fire him so he can blame it on him. And he is using ever more despicable and outrageous tactics to try to harass the president to goad him into firing him.

Sorry, it's not going to happen that way. What IS going to happen is that the Nunes committee in Congress is going to bring down all of your heroes like a house of cards. The contempt of Congress charges, and impeachment of all the crooked FBI and Justice Department officials that you love so much is just around the corner.

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Apr 13 @ 8:27AM  
What happened to it? It got debunked.

Apr 13 @ 8:48AM  
Obviously it never happened. It's the biggest farce of an investigation since Geraldo Rivera investigated Al Capone's vault.

Apr 13 @ 10:04AM  
it has not been debunked and it continues.... to the conclusion today ..that trump is considering doing something totally illegal to stop it...

A bipartisan group of senators put forward legislation on Wednesday to protect Mueller and his investigation, which the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to consider next week.If passed, the legislation would allow the special counsel to be fired only "for good cause" by a senior Justice Department official, with a reason given in writing; provide recourse if the special counsel was fired without good cause; and preserve the staffing and materials of a pending investigation

."Anyone advising the President - in public or over the airwaves - to fire Bob Mueller does not have the President or the nation's best interest at heart. Full stop," Republican Senator Orrin Hatch wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

Apr 13 @ 12:51PM  
Obviously it never happened.

Just because you are unaware of the evidence found, does not mean "it never happened".

The prosecution does not report it's findings to you, nor me.
The evidence they HAVE found (and are still collecting)
will come out in Trump's trial,
which evidently will contain many charges against him.

What we do know, is that there are so many links to Russia & Trump,
it would be difficult to believe that there was no collusion.

Two of those links (so far) have plead guilty to the FBI and are cooperating with Mueller. Others are indicted.

or simply click here

Apr 13 @ 1:25PM  
They dropped it 'cause Clinton's name popped up!

Apr 14 @ 12:18PM  
it is still happening....

putin knew where and when the attacks were to happen....

and he now claims that he shot down a significant amount of obsolete cruse missiles.....with an obsolete missile defense an obsolete war.....where there are no winners....,


Apr 14 @ 1:04PM  
Ah, when will Dems stop beating a dead horse......

Apr 14 @ 8:51PM  
When it's Hillary's horse?
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