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MayDay=5 or 5&1or VorV&I (6=SIX). VI+king =Viking = Saxon/FreeSaxon/Freeman911

posted 4/13/2018 9:42:56 PM |
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NEW PART: On the radio, people call out, "May Day, May Day, May Day" [or VI, VI, VI (or 6,6,6) - and 6 is spelled, "SIX" or SI"X" ("X" means unknown or hidden); S = 19, I = 1...... and so on...... "666" from the Bible = Mark of the Beast. The word "Beast" decoded = Be, a, s, t or Be, 1, 19, + (the "+" sign with the circle hidden, for the "911" sign or symbol). The word, "mark" means..... (hint look it up in the OXford America Dictionary.....

"May Day" is Odin's (Saxon God) Wife's day/festival. She is called or referred by a few different names and one is "Liberty." May Day = 5 or 5&1 or V or V&I. VI+king =Viking. Viking = Saxon or FreeSaxon (coded name “Freemason“). Think about the connection between: radio "May Day" (say it over & over 3 times) and dial "911."

From their well known and popular icon or drawings, they wore horned (2 horns like the bull [bull decoded = "Be"& 21/12/12; note: May Day decoded = Maya = Mayan.]) helmet and carry a shield with white background and a red cross (shield & red cross = the "plus sign" inside a circle or the "911 coded symbol," and with the other hand carry an axe (the axe is shaped like the #7 - 7=G).

Sometimes the Viking Icon or drawing is drawn with one eye (the other eye - right side, covered with an eye patch) just like the Saxon God, Odin (or "One Eye" - on the back of the US One Dollar Bill has the "One Eye" God symbol). Viking(s) sail on ships.

The Pirate icon or drawings are drawn with one eye (the other eye - right side, covered with an eye patch). Their flag is the "Skull and Bones " (circle and two lines drawn in detail to represent the skull and bones. - or the circle with the "+" sign inside symbol). Pirate(s) sail on ships.

Extra bonus. Why the words, "ax" and "axe" are the same. It's part of their code or one of their coding method.

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