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Students Encouraged To Just Wear Large Paper Bags To Prom To Avoid Offending

posted 5/8/2018 8:16:19 AM |
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tagged: satire

U.S.—High school students across the nation are being encouraged to simply wear large paper bags in lieu of traditional, formal prom attire, in order to avoid offending any cultures that may have influenced the design of a particular style of dress or suit.

Thousands of high schools have adopted the new policy, making the giant paper bags mandatory for all prom attendees.

“Let’s just err on the safe side and have all prom attendees slap something together out of a paper bag or newspaper,” one principal in Ohio told his students at an assembly. “That way, no one could possibly take offense at the slightest nod to another culture present in an outfit.”

Should the move prove successful, many school administrations are also looking to make the uniforms mandatory for homecoming, winter formal, and even day-to-day school attendance, lest the slightest hint of “cultural appropriation” be detected in a student’s style or dress.

At publishing time, the vast majority of high schools across the nation had begun asking students to also wear paper bags over their faces, lest someone take offense to a hair or makeup style influenced by a different culture.

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May 8 @ 9:14AM  
before he retired father Gott the catholic minister in mythlmroyd in west yorkshire was giving out the notices after mass

he said they were holding classes to teach people the meaning oif a catholic marriage so if anybody was thinking of getting married..

oh we re not supposed to say this

if anyone is thinking of getting married..

i understand that he was just trying not to unneccassarily offend ANYONE but this is political correctness gone mad
how i would like to know is ANYONE suposed to get married without a body

there is case to answer folks
donald trump is just saying what people are thinking but don t dare to say

May 8 @ 9:52AM  
Have you seen the wedding gowns made of
toilet paper? Some are amazing!

I can see a whole new trend here!!

May 8 @ 12:17PM  
That is not new. I am always encourage to wear a large paper bag, as to not offend people, But in my case people want me to wear it over my head!

May 8 @ 12:49PM  
Next they'll want to just do away with prima and other dressy occasions.

May 8 @ 1:44PM  
That's proms.

May 8 @ 4:29PM  
There are a lot of prom dresses out there without actually ripping off someone's culture that you are not a part of, However if you are not a part of that culture I cannot really see how you are offended by it, It kind of drowns out the voices of the people who have every right to be offended or not by this, They are talking about a girl wearing a dress from Chinese culture, This was not an inspired dress this was an actual ceremonial dress from China, The girl was obviously not Chinese at all. She could have made a better choice in her attire, People's culture is not a costume,

May 8 @ 4:36PM  
This is tagged SATIRE

The site is a satire site.

May 8 @ 9:58PM  

May 9 @ 10:20PM  
A good looking girl in a pretty dress is a part of every culture on earth. Liking that is part of being human. How can you appropriate what is already yours.

Do Indians still live in Tipis, or have they appropriated White cultures houses?

Has the rest of the world appropriated European designed cars?

We know who appropriates White women's long straight hair. Some even sew real hair from people of other cultures on their head.

Everybody appropriates other cultures every day. Cooking, language, clothing, technology, people all over the world appropriate whatever is desirable.


May 9 @ 10:20PM  
PS A brown paper bag is good. A cellophane bag is better.

May 10 @ 4:29AM  
I sure spent on awful lot of money on Prom dresses or tuxes for my kids. Back then I probably could have saved a chunk of change.

I thought my son would be cheaper than my daughter when it came to dances, I was very wrong.

I know this is satire but paper bag clothes are actually real now.
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