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posted 6/1/2018 11:00:00 AM |
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The accolades from every corner of the country, AND THE WORLD -- from THE PEOPLE -- ROAR ON!


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Jun 1 @ 11:30AM  
lol……. like "fine print"......bigger glasses ( filled with BOOZE )are needed.....

still waiting for trump to be impeached for high crimes and treason....


Jun 1 @ 11:48AM  
Trump IS the swamp, or at least worse than any swamp.

Officially overall THE WORST president in the history of the USA;

or simply click here

Even conservatives ranked him as the 4th worst president in US history.

Most historians realize, that he has made America much worse.


Jun 1 @ 11:53AM  
Kudos, as always!

Jun 1 @ 12:19PM  
Hey Traitor,

You're every bit as tone deaf and clueless as your hero.

Wharton Alumni: Making America Grotesque Again

PSSST! I'm talking about just the two of you, Traitor.

As I pointed out to you some time ago, the vast majority of Wharton students, faculty, and alumni are tripping over each other to distance themselves from IQ 45.

Just curious: How many American jobs will be lost if The Very Stable Genius imposes tariffs on German cars? You think those folks will be "roaring" those "accolades?"


Jun 1 @ 12:53PM  

Jun 1 @ 1:03PM  
Thanks to the Obama recovery


Jun 1 @ 1:04PM  
Way to not answer my question, Traitor.

But then again, it is impossible for me to overestimate your ability to obfuscate and deflect.

I suspect you and The Truth have not been on speaking terms for a long, long time.

Here's a little something to mull over, Wharton Boy:

Note that it comes from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, hardly a bastion of progressive thought.

Jun 1 @ 1:05PM  
Annual unemployment for the past 10 years shown above.
Obama really turned that down with his policies, that Trump
hasn't screwed up YET.

Jun 1 @ 1:20PM  

Jun 1 @ 1:25PM  
Mr. Trump is an uneducated dangerous idiot who divides the free world and declares economic war to Europe.
He is leading all of us in a disaster.
Good luck over there
and greeting from Germany.

Jun 1 @ 4:19PM  
Listen... RESULTS talk, not "feelings."

You want to hate Trump for no reason, go right ahead. But it is YOU who sound like the idiot for making up all of these ridiculous complaints that not only don't have any facts to support them, but are completely blown away BY the facts.

The RESULTS that President Trump is achieving prove every single criticism you people charge WRONG. Don't you EVER get tired of being wrong?

You are working against the best interests of America, that means your OWN best interests. That looks like more than just idiot, it looks like deranged. In fact it looks dangerous to the country.

The fact that you are unable to acknowledge FACTS is scary at a minimum, and a threat to the welfare of America.

Jun 1 @ 5:50PM  
guten tag
the next war will be the last

Jun 1 @ 7:05PM  
The definition of psychosis is not being able to acknowledge objective fact and instead replacing it with an imaginary alternate reality.

I can't think of any people who fit this definition better than the hate Trump crowd.

Jun 1 @ 9:35PM  
The definition of psychosis is not being able to acknowledge objective fact and instead replacing it with an imaginary alternate reality.

Clearly, that's you DR.
Your alternate reality, is that Trump should get credit for the economy he inherited.
Clearly, Obama git us out of the great recession and the economy has continued to recover from it. If Mickey Mouse was president, we would see the same effect.
However, Trump's tariff proposals are threatening market stability.
Follow through may have catastrophic affects.
The market has warned this.

Jun 2 @ 12:18AM  
Let's say your portrayal of the falling unemployment rate is accurate. Why then would you give credit to Obama yet refuse to give credit to President Trump lowering the rate even further after he was elected? Instead you accuse President Trump of hurting the economy and the jobs market. Even by your own portrayal this is completely false.

That's psychotic.

Jun 2 @ 1:08AM  
Okay, you want graphs? Here's one.

Note two things.

1. Real household income was actually lower when Obama left office than when he took office. Families actually earned LESS after 8 years of Obamanomics.

2. After only one year of Trumpanomics, real household income is not only higher than it ever was under Obama in his 8 years but higher than it has ever been at any time this century in at least the last 18 years.

What this means is that not only are more people getting jobs now than at any time Obama was president, but under the Trump presidency THEY ARE GETTING BETTER JOBS as well.

So President Trump is doing not only a quantitatively amazing job on jobs, he is doing a qualitatively amazing job as well.

You can live in denial all you want. The facts PROVE YOU WRONG.


Jun 2 @ 6:52AM  

Jun 2 @ 8:28AM  
By watching Television they are self deluded.

The Governments [ state, Fed. UN, papacy & crown] continue to G R O W....and there be not
A single "conservative" voice anywhere--just a mood that the Left imagines from the relentless propaganda.
...True conservatism begins with upholding the Law- abolishing the heinous Fed.Reserve bank
And eliminating the lawless alphabet agencies.
..Thus eYe maintain we on the non-magical "Right"
Do not have a historical figure we can point to as a standard bearer in this regard...unless you choose to pick JFK ( magic D) ..who did go through the motions of by-passing the Fed.-- which led directly to a date in Dealey Plaza...

Jun 2 @ 9:04AM  
It isn't just that the Left is hopelessly locked -UP in Time/ warner, disney, rolling stone gibbering.$

The right is Equally deluded in not perceiving the great $ocialist Victory of Abe Lincoln, U $ Grant, and the Intel. Bankers. For surely- Abe, a decent Republican- was forced into suspending the Constitution along practical means...
To wit: A $tanding Army is only bested by a Navy with Wings in the great business of War.
..The accusation reduces to a Non-magical, non-Con$piracy, bullet point. The future of Amerika is already embedded in the Currency ( 10 minute, advanced, microscopic vids. On YouTube).
So Libs...just keep watching TV & everything will get clearer n clearer, better n better.....that is, if you can keep UP with it...good Television health I$nt cheap.

Jun 2 @ 9:20AM  
It's like you TV heads never heard of geneolgy, geometry, George Washington, the Magna Carta, proaganda Due, the Holy See, the $ociety of Jesus, the cult of Mithras, or the book of psalms.

For you of that skool; the magicians made a Film ($). back to the Future....along with the companion series ** star* trek.

Even the $impsons are in on the Act.

Jun 2 @ 10:57AM  
President Trump's policies are leading to real household income that is higher than it has been at any time this century.

EVERY AMERICAN should be CHEERING and applauding President Trump and HELPING him make it EVEN BETTER.

Yet Democrats want to go back to the policies that actually left people with LESS income after 8 years of Obamanomics than when he took office and are doing everything in their power to OBSTRUCT President Trump's success.


Jun 2 @ 11:29AM  
all that BS...…. reality is....trump is getting even richer as president....his actions are not altruistic...

seems republicans would embrace the devil if it increased their money....

btw..... money is not all it's cracked up to be....

I see all the lonely people out there living their doom and gloom lives...not happy....and totally focused on their portfolio's...

meanwhile..Obamacare is alive and well and giving the poor the best health care they ever had....

Obama set the stage for trump taking the credit....on everything trump takes credit for...

and trump has small

it's not right for him to prosper at the detriment of everyone's happiness....

my point is simple.... most everyone was happier under Obama....the only ones saying they are happy now ...are the old white men of the USA....and the neo Nazi's....

as I am an anarchistic man..... nothing affects me enough to keep me from doing the snoopy dance….and enjoying my life...

I long and prosper....while everyone else seems to want to die off and go to have a better life....

me... I take the cautious road and assume there is no heaven or hell....just the NOW....

ps...since the tax cuts....what has the federal government actually done???

everything is really business as usual...just with more drama....not less....


Jun 2 @ 2:29PM  
DR - I see no significant change in the direction of those lines on the graphs
you posted from 2014 to 2018, again verifying that the changes the Obama
administration made not only got us out of the great recession but began a stable
economic recovery that continues today.
However, as the recent corrections in the market have indicated,
there is danger that this will be reduced by Trump's toying with the tariffs.

Jun 2 @ 2:41PM  
Bla bla bla... don't you ever get tired of crying wolf and then being wrong?

I'm not talking about what "might" happen. The planet might get hit by an asteroid and of course you would blame that on Trump too.

I'm talking about WHAT ALREADY DID HAPPEN.

And what already did happen is that real household income is now higher under President Trump than it has been at any time before in this century. That is an undeniable fact which exposes the Trump haters for the fakes, phonies and frauds that they are since they completely dismiss it.

NOTHING would be enough for you Trump haters. You don't care about facts, reality or the fate of your fellow Americans. All you care about is trying to hurt the president FOR NO GOOD REASON.

You people are sick. You ARE the problem in this country. You are so full of hatred, anger, and loathing for this greatest of all nations in the history of mankind that has given you so many blessings, that you would rather see America fail, than President Trump succeed.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Jun 2 @ 2:49PM  
The left is either blind, stupid or just hateful when it comes to judging the job Trump has done. Just take your pick. Ask anybody if they are better off today than they were 3 years ago and most will say yes. Only the hateful Democrats programmed to obstruct will say they are not. Quietly they know they are better off but will not tell the truth because of their blind unmitigated hate towards him.

Jun 2 @ 3:35PM  
…..Oh rainman… are such a tool......cookie

Jun 2 @ 4:08PM  
You just don't get it. There's no significant change in the direction.
It's just a continuation of what changes took place before Trump took office.
He has had no positive influence.

A cat as president would have had the same effect on the economy
AND would probably have offended a lot less people AND wouldn't be screwing with the tariffs AND wouldn't be taking backdoor payments from companies through shell companies set up by Michael Cohen.

Indeed, the cat would have a MUCH better approval rating.

Thanjks for making America purrrr again Morris.

Jun 2 @ 5:10PM  
There's no other explanation other than that they need to make the economy fail so President Trump doesn't expose the big lie of liberal economics and what an utter disaster it is.

They are having seizures at the stark contrast between the 8 years of Obama's go nowhere economic malaise under liberal policy and the off to a boom economy of President Trump's conservative economic path.

If they allow the economy to boom under President Trump, which it is already doing, they know that their liberal agenda is dead at least for a generation and possibly forever. They realize it's the last chance for their discredited, bankrupt Stalinist ideology to survive.

So they are like a wounded animal desperately trying to make America fail and cause some kind of catastrophic event for Americans to derail President Trump's success.

Listen carefully... YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED

Jun 2 @ 6:51PM  
Apparently, you simply (pun intended) have no clue whatsoever on how to interpret a change in direction in the graphs you posted.
During any time segment, a relatively straight line in any direction indicates
The CHANGES in direction signify changes of significance and likely changes in policy that brought about those changes.
That's why we see a relatively straight line.

Jun 2 @ 6:54PM  
The significant changes seen in the graph were late 2008 and late 2010.
That is where things changed a lot. Indeed, the directions reversed.

Jun 3 @ 4:24AM  

I don't know who you are referencing....
But it's not the real Trump account. It could be a bot for all we know.

The real Trump has a blue check after his name.
So..... All you're doing is peddling opinions of a fake account. Not that his real account is any better....

Jun 3 @ 4:27AM  
Unless it's not Twitter.....
I haven't checked out Facebook.

He seems to live on Twitter!

Jun 3 @ 10:40AM  
I don't know who you are referencing....
But it's not the real Trump account. It could be a bot for all we know.

The real Trump has a blue check after his name.
So..... All you're doing is peddling opinions of a fake account. Not that his real account is any better....

It isn't a tweet. It is from President Trump's official Facebook page.

And all you are doing is making yet more false accusations based on erroneous assumptions and fake imaginary facts. This pathetic behavior is all liberals have left.

Jun 3 @ 11:05PM  
And all you are doing is making yet more false accusations based on erroneous assumptions and fake imaginary facts. This pathetic behavior is all liberals have left.

Actually I'm not. I did say unless it isn't Twitter.
I also did say if it was Facebook I've never checked out that account. So, I did allow for the fact I might have been mistaken.

I don't subscribe to his cult following! Get over yourself!

Jun 4 @ 1:46PM  
So..... All you're doing is peddling opinions of a fake account.

Maybe you should do your homework BEFORE you make accusations like this and then come back to play the poor victim.

In any event, thank you for proving my point about how angry, vindictive liberals shoot their mouths off against President Trump and his supporters with no evidence to back them up, no concern about the facts and no regard for the damage it is doing to the country.
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