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~~RANT on guys with a NO-SHIRT picture~~

posted 1/18/2007 11:18:00 PM |
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Ok.....I understand that people naturally think others think as they do....this is normal for most people....BUT! woman are NOT turned on by some guys pic with no shirt...we are tactile, we are turned on by the sense of smell..things we hear said to us....not by no shirt pics gimme a break!!!!
Thats a turn on for GUYS because guys are visual in nature.....not for woman. .
Having a pic of yourself with no shirt makes you look and seem GAY! TOTALLY GAY!!!! because only men are turned on by the no shirt like woman with no shirts in turn they think woman might like men with no shirts in a pic but they are WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!

I delete any mail I may get from a no shirt not wanna get into an online, possibly romantic kind of a friendship where the man is actually bi sexual... and they MUST be bi if they are posting a NO SHIRT PIC because only GAY MEN LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whan I see a no shirt pic and I am in the chatroom I put this man immediatly on IGNORE. ..I do not want to hear anything this weird sexually confused man has to say.......When I see a NO SHIRT PIC I always make a twisted up face thinking they look 'smelly' and are in need of a good hot shower.... .....OMG DO NOT GET ME STARTED on the assclown guys who grease themselves up to take a no shirt pic HEAVEN HELP ME they look so dirty and smelly it is JUST GROSS!!!! !!!!! PEEEEE YEW !!! very pew very very very pew very very GROSS!

(VERY PEW, do ya get me yet?)

A man who wants to turn on a woman dresses nice and looks CLEAN....he does not post some rediculous no shirt pic............that is so low class.....unclean lame.... ULTRA UBER GAY

No shirt pic guys? just go away. woman want to see this...if they DO they go to a porn site or an adult site and get an eyefull......we KNOW WHERE to look for such pictures if we want to see them....then we return to this site in an attempt to meet a nice man who looks like he showers ......
......who does not come off as possibly gay and sexually confused....

PUT on a shirt allready ...or go to a gay site where ALL the guys have no shirt where you FIT IN so much better than murking up the waters of this nice site where straight folks are trying to meet other nice straight folks.....

(this was re-posted by popular request)

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Jan 18 @ 11:29PM  
wow!!! i just have to say i dont agree but there are some things that you said that i do agree with one is i love to see a man clean, shaven and in a suit. but i dont think guys without there shirts are gay. the truth is that i dont mind at all seeing a guy without a shirt. but those pictures are not what makes me give out a wink.

Jan 19 @ 12:09AM  
To each his, or her, own. I post a no shirt pic because that is me! I am not at all gay. I am a nudist. I don't like wearing clothes any more than I have to. Nudists take lots of showers. Cleanliness is a very important issue with nudists so showers are taken often.

While you have a right to be you and to screen people to your liking, I have a right to present myself as I am and screen people to my liking. Obviously you and I would not be well matched so the system works. So I have to wonder why you are bitching at people you don't like anyway.

Jan 19 @ 12:21AM  

your opinion does not make something true, facts do. i think your opinion that women are attracted to things by smell is quite true,,, but it isn't only men, but flowers, candles, rain, etc. to automatically eliminate a guy with a shirtless pic is your choice, as is your right to rant about something you don't like. good luck.

Jan 19 @ 12:22AM  
I wrote this as a public service announcement in a way. Guys with a no shirt pic wonder WHY they do not get very much mail so I am telling them why......
A good picture of your face is always the best choice.
You want to be a nudist? thats cool.....but try going to a nudist dating will probebly get mail that way and not be viewed as gay..................just sayin..

I am just brave enough to speak up where other woman may just 'THINK' you gay without saying a darn thing to you......but they will pass you by.
If you had a shirt on you might have gotten a wink or a letter.

Jan 19 @ 12:46AM  
You probably don't look at a lot of women's profiles but you would be amazed at the number of women's profiles that have pictures of them bending over their webcam just to show cleavage. They may not be shirt-less but to me it's pretty much the same thing. And while you are probably right in stating that most men are visual and like seeing profiles like that, I personally think it's tacky. I suppose most see it as a form of "advertising" what they have to offer. I think that it's totally unnecessary and tells me that this person is lacking confidence in themselves as a person...thinking that's the only way they can get someone's attention. JMO.

Jan 19 @ 12:54AM  
OMG betty,,,,,,woulld you like to see me witout a shirt on?........lmao

yeah Im still sittn here inn the wings, hope to back to chat soon

Jan 19 @ 2:36AM  
TRS1958 got it right. There are women who have photos in their profiles taken from a low angle that gives the impression of looking up their skirts. That must seem OK to you, right?

Jan 19 @ 8:03AM  
By your pics I see you like showing your stuff off

Jan 19 @ 8:33AM  
facial hair catches my attention faster then anything.. not any facial hair tho..
goatees... love them!!
most the ones with no shirt are too young for me anyway.. so i dont bother...

but a man about 40 or so... goatee and a smile.. i'm looking!

Jan 19 @ 9:15AM  
I apologize! My tuxedo was at the cleaners when the photo was taken.

Jan 19 @ 8:03PM  
I was never into the no shirt guys either, it was always a turnoff for me. But...if you are a nudist I can perfectly understand why your photo is in here like that, makes sense in that case.

My main turnoff is guys with facial hair, hate it. Alot of guys 50+ have a mustache, alot lol. I call it the 50s mustache. Mustaches are not in style guys, goatees are. My man has a small goatee which looks good on him, so I am used to it now.

Jan 19 @ 8:51PM  
ummm...could someone get in touch with MD right away and have them delete the pic with no pants I just uploaded?

Jan 20 @ 1:06AM  
Just out of curiosity, Helena, do you believe that women who post a photo in which they are completely clothed are gay? Men are visual creatures, right? So if a woman does not post a revealing photo, then obviously she must be searching for another woman!

Jan 25 @ 10:20AM  
I think it's a total turn off to see a guy's picture and there is a girl cuddling with him, what's he thinking? I personally don' t mind one shirtless pic as long as its not the main one and he has chest hair

Jan 25 @ 10:35AM  
funny, i guess from your cleavage pics i can feel free to call you a lesbian because that's what you're looking for. people are free to express themselves however they like. maybe they feel comfortable doing what they want. but they surely don't care about a hypocritical rant by a lesbian on shirtless guys haha. i guess everything about utah having nothing but closed-minded, off-kilter people was right. you do an awful lot of assuming in this blog, and you know what they say about assuming. and then you cast judgements based on your own assumptions. utterly crazy and bizarre.

perhaps your cleavage pics make you look dirty, low class and peeee yew!
and it's spelled ridiculous. and i have no lack of winks or emails so maybe you should consult ALL the women on here, because you're speaking for all of them, and actually get your facts straight. but you won't becuase you don't want to hear you're wrong. you seem to prefer swimming in your own righteousness

Jan 25 @ 11:39PM  
Lots of VERY DEFENSIVE and PISSED OFF guys......who know so MUCH MORE than I do about men's profiles on this site. They sure must spens just oodles of time cruizen guys pictures to become so 'expert' on the topic.
So....none of them even NOTICED I am talking about no shirt guys who GREASE themselves up??????? ??????Just like they way gay magazines show men? all chest shaved and greased up????? they fail to NOTICE this and reply to me all 'KNOW IT ALL in manner blah balh calling me names......poor sots. I guess I said something they truly feel relates to them in a personal manner
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