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The Chant of the "Open-Minded"

posted 5/13/2007 4:11:40 PM |
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tagged: open-minded, tolerant, politically correct, life, politics

The chant of the "open minded" :

We have freedom everyone should
we want freedom we think it's so good
Everyone should do their own thing
Everyone should have that right
Except for Jehovah's Witnesses
Who often spoil our dinners
by making us angry for saying hi
Oh and the Mormons who are at least
as bad and wear funny suits: why can't
they learn to dress right???
Oh yeah, and the Jews and the Arabs who
seem to not be able to do anything without
it becoming another stupid fight.
Then there are the Lutherans No one knows
what Lutherans do so let's disband them
Oh yeah and people who like plump women
because I don't like plump women so
people who do are gross!!
And dudes that date women 10 years or more
older than them are really lame
Also anyone who likes monogamy is so lame they
shouldn't be allowed to breed Everyone knows
that it takes two to tango, but it takes five to get a
decent nut on! ha ha ha show us your tits or get
the f*** out and no we ain't giving you a ride home!
Ass, gas or grass.. nobody rides free!
We have the right to have sex with you because
we are open-minded so quit saying no because you
ain't got no excuse for that shit - it's boring! zzzzz
Oh yeah and that freak at the convenience
store should go back to where he came from
Also the Pope shouldn't be allowed out in
public and David Bowie is too old Neither one
looks good in a dress anymore!
Oh yeah and what's with these oldsters who want
us to "take responsibility" for "our" actions?
Don't they know the world is screwed up because of
them? We have nothing to do with it! We don't make
laws so why should we follow them? Just don't steal
MY shit or kill MY family .. f*** yours!
But other than that, you know .. anyone who
wants to flout authority, tradition, take down
society by their apathy, burn the homeless, screw
the "underage" because they are the ones with the
really hot bodies, skip school, shoot their classmates,
ignore or have sex with or stalk their teachers, refuse
to read or learn, do drugs, reject the natural beauty of
their own flesh and mutilate themselves, start an impromptu
orgy, make pornos, have the "gay experience" or whatever else
it is that we want to do ..

well, they are everybody to us, and everybody should
have the freedom to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness

just not those other people .. because they aren't like us..

Or are you too close minded to see that we are right and you
never were or will be? Don't be judging us - Man, that's hateful: you sound just like a Nazi!

How come you have ideas about what you like and want, different from ours then? Yeah, that's what I thought: you close minded f***! Now excuse me while I put you on ignore and sing the new Anthem! Yeah I know it don't rhyme or shit Who are you to judge? :

We have freedom everyone should
we want freedom we think it's so good
Everyone should do their own thing
Everyone should have that right

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