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Fourth of July

posted 7/3/2007 10:35:27 PM |
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tagged: progress, july4, fauxworld, imitations, fireworks

I suppose millions of people will blow up fireworks tomorrow. Some will burn their hands and some their faces. It happens every year. The hospitals are always busy with the people who had more excitement than they could actually deal with. I hate to rain on everyone else's parade but I hate the noise and mess made by such a foolish pursuit as this holiday begets.

My opinion is not very popular regarding the fireworks issue but I will state it anyway. The Internet is good for that. Maybe the Internet is like a huge river of self expression for many people who would have never been heard. Imagine viewing a daily blog with pictures as Michelangelo paints the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Similar history is being made today in just the same way only with all new players. Maybe Shakespeare was refering to the Internet when he said "All the world is a stage" Perhaps he was a prophet of things to come.

Then again, who would respect Michelangelo nowadays? Most of the young generation would call him a fool. I can hear them saying "You can digitize that artwork and have it applied in vinyl" Of course the newly built Sistine Chapel would have Faux Marble Pillars and Drivit walls.

I think I will go to the kitchen cook a TV dinner (just kidding) I have real garden grown veggies to add to a stew in the crock pot.


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Jul 3 @ 10:46PM  
I have to agree to a point on the fireworks....although I love to see a fireworks show (put on by pros) I HATE it when the neighbors go to one of the neighboring states and bring back tons of illegal fireworks. I have been kept up late into the night for days now, listening to all the cracks and booms, and trying to calm my dogs down and convince them the sky is not falling and they really dont need to take cover under the bed. *sigh* I will be glad when they have depleted their supply.

Jul 3 @ 11:39PM  
I have real garden grown veggies to add to a stew in the crock pot.

Do you also do dumplings with your stews? Yummy!

psssst - secret -- add in 3 tablespoons of butter or imperial margarine to stew gravy...... OMG -- so heavenly -- sinful but heavenly.

Jul 3 @ 11:45PM  
I hate it also.. It drives my dog to terror and she opens literally opens the back door to get in.. I like seeing the works that are big I admit this I hate the crowds of people though.. A little crowd of people phobic here.. I cannot always tell the differance between the firecrackers and a gun shot so this makes me nervous also..

I in reality hate holidays anymore they no longer have any meaning to me and haven't for years.. A bunch of money spent on food and junk and if I haven't gotten together with you all year what makes you think I want to today..

call me a scrooge but it's how I feel.. SMile and soon this too shall pass and the neighborhood will quiet back down and th dogs will be happy once again outside.. SMile

Jul 4 @ 10:59AM  
I agree that a professional fireworks display is an awesome thing. I have seen only one which has caused all others to pale by comparison. It was in 1970 near Toledo on the river. There I watched a buffalo ride across a fence line and a Native American on a horse ride out and meet him with a fiery rocket arrow. I saw flags and miscellaneous figures of history, all depicted by fireworks. The night was spectacular. No fireworks display since then has even approached the standard set by that display

I have not added butter to the stew. I did allow the drippings of olive oil to be stirred in which I had seered the stew meat in. To tenderize a tougher cut of meat it is great to cook it in tea. The acids in the tea make it super tender


Jul 6 @ 2:51AM  
I totally agree with you about fireworks. I know shocking right. Im the young generation I should be sounding off on what you said! :) However I have been raised by my grandmother and she has always hated and been deathly afraid of fireworks so I have learnt to not really care for them. I remember when I was fourteen she bought me those hand held sparklers (thats all, the cheap kind) so I wouldnt feel left out, she lit it for like 5 seconds then made me put it out because she was afraid I was going to burn myself. Anyways it is dangerrous and I dont really see the point anyways. However I am like you and I do like the professional shows. I like to watch the one from chicago and all that great stuff!! As long as it is controlled.

OKay but now here is my pet-peeve. Why would you go and generalize my generation as art hating idiots? Everyone talks about us like we were thrown back to the stone-age or something! There are some of us that have opinions and can articulate very well! yes there are always the stupid ones, but hey every generation has some of those! Im just saying that maybe you should use the whole " The generation of today" thing a bit more loosely. I mean come on... some of us are going to be the leaders of tomarrow... and we can handle it... Just like yall did! :)

Jul 6 @ 3:16AM  
Dear ShyTexan,

I did not generalize your generation as "art hating idiots" Those words came from your keyboard, not mine. Nor did I make any generalization since I was careful to say "Most of the young generation" rather than refer to the entire group. Nor in any way does my blog denote that the younger generation hates art. Contrarily they, as do most generations, embrace art in many forms. I work with art on a daily basis and the current trend is more and more towards computer design. Am I not safe to say that most art these days, whether commercial or otherwise is in some way affected by the digital age?

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