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Tracfone upgrade

posted 9/24/2007 12:17:47 AM |
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I know how technology changes quickly these days. Seems like we all have to upgrade at least every couple years to keep up. Well, my cell phone company upgraded in my area, so I had to relinquish my old model cell phone and adapt to a new one. When you're my age, this just isn't something you like to do. None of us like changes, especially seniors!

It took them a week to send me my new phone, but of course they cut off my service in the process as I awaited shipment! They insisted the service was down for my area. However, my neighbor lady has same model as my old one, and she still had service! When my cable tv went down one evening the same week, along with my bundled digital phone service and broadband, I was left with no phone service at all!

When I received the phone, I went ahead and unpacked it carefully. I read my instructions after figuring out which way to turn the book for English. After assembling and the frustration of figuring out what I was supposed to do, I called service. I got somebody in another country with limited English. Her favorite line was "Take your time, I am waiting." She repeated this so much, I ended up hanging up on her! She was telling me to insert the gold bar of my sims card downward, but it never worked. Then getting that darn back cover on was also very frustrating, as it did NOT slide as indicated. After 20 minutes trial and error, I closed it all up and went to Wal-Mart.

There I went to electronics and found a gal to consult. She suddenly started laughing. She asked me what in the world I did to my battery! Well, I saw sticker tabs on it and pulled off all that white tape - that's what I do for my printer ink!! It left a gooey mess underneath. Oh, that's my BATTERY, and no, not supposed to peel off the battery number! I explained, "That's a battery? I thought it was the SIMS CARD!" No wonder I couldn't insert it with gold bars downward! They really need to make special instructions for people like me. She asked where my sims card was? I didn't know, what's it look like?

So she showed me exactly where it went, and what one looks like. I went home, and checked the box again. It was clear over at the side where one would never expect to look. I inserted the sims card as she told me, and put the gooey battery in on top. It worked!

I knew then I would have to call back the rep again, as the phone had to be activated and have my number moved, etc. The second rep was very helpful with much better English. We got everything done, and now I'm fully active again.

My question now is, how do I operate this thing? I have all these different icons. So I'm dragging the instruction book out again and hope I can figure them all out. My youngest son, who works for Sprint, came over to give me a quick rundown and to set up my controls, so I'm thankful for that.

Now to get that tv remote programmed....

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Sep 24 @ 12:33AM  
Thank goodness for sweetie pie son's. He certainly deserves a ton of kisses and hugs from mom.

I am so sorry, but I am laughing at me it sounds like a fun adventure....... but then nothing works for me............. since I drowned my good keyboard and had to dig out this piece of shit......... that barely works.

Later and as some copy me......... later gator.


Sep 24 @ 12:45AM  
I feel your pain. I call it"Technology Hell" I went through a very similar experience about two weeks ago. Will you loan me your son? I will probably never learn all the in's and out's of this dang phone.

Sep 24 @ 1:00AM  
Oh my gosh.....ok, I feel for you. I work at a cell phone company in Tech Support. I am not going to say what company , in fear of a law suit. They all scuk and think only of money. They do not care about there customers only how many and how fast you take that calls. .....the one that I work for bought out a great comany and it all went to shit!! I will NEVER work for one again. The one I am now working for ( well for one more week) treats the people like crap. Closing centers in areas that they have to pay more people to places that they can take advantage of there employees and pay them sub minimum wage. I know for a fact that they have sent a specific part of the business to India. So if you can not understan them that is why. Not the same company that you have because we don't use sim cards. So.....I have one week left becasue they are closing down the center I live in because they pay us to much. I waited for my severance ( I am not stupid) and have a great new job to start with a company that you are not a number. NEVER work in a call center for a cell phone company.......Sorry, I am not bitter!! I feel for you people!!

Sep 24 @ 7:32AM  
LOLLLL....funny story! ....but I'm still worried about that gooey battery....??? It's not leaking is it...or is the goo just the tape residue???

Sep 24 @ 11:13AM  

Oh, Judy, I am so sorry! I know you had to be so aggravated.
I am techno challenged, myself. It is soooo frustrating!
Glad you atleast got the phone working before you were back on the road to work today!
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