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Why does a cat roll over on its back and lie there when it sees you?

posted 9/24/2007 9:49:27 PM |
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Ever have this happen? Ever wonder why the feline decided to pull this one?

You ever come home and walk in the house or room where your ball of fur is asleep on the floor and when it sees you it may roll ove ron its back, stretching out its legs as far as they will go, yawning and exercising its claws in a kneeding motion, tail tip gently twitching as it stares up at you with those half closed eyes like it was keeping a secret from you?

It keeps an eye on you checking your movements and mood just be be sure. Cats are great judges of mood and motive.

This is just a cat's way of offering you a passively friendly reaction and it is something that is only done to a close family intimate and some pride members. Few cats will risk such a greeting if the person or animal entering the room were a stranger or new family member, because the belly-up posture makes the cat highly vulnerable. This is the essence of its friendliness. It is a gift from the heart to you and you alone. The cat is basically saying "I roll over to show you my belly and to show you that I trust you completely and adopt this vulnerable posture to show you how much."

A more active cat would most likely rush over and greet you by rubbing against you as a form of affection as well as ensuring its scent is on you to let all the world know you belong to it, but a cat in a calm, lazy, sleepy mood prefers the belly-roll display if they trust you enough. You can watch the tail and if there is a little twitching it indicates it is having some conflict with this display but usually this is just its mind saying jump up and run to you or just roll over and yawn. Cats always twitch their tails when they are thinking things out or having a conflict of interests.

It is not always safe to assume however, that a cat making this belly-up display is prepared to allow you to touch or stroke its soft underside...this is the most vulnerable area of a cat is is protected at all times. It may appear it is offering you a chance to rub but often an attempt to stroke the belly with a friendly hand gets you a swipe from an irritated paw! The cat protects its belly more than any other part of its body and often find it unpleasant t be touched there, except in a relationship where the cat and its human have developed a very very high degree of social intimacy. You show me yours and I'll show you mine ha ha. In this case the cat may trust you so much it knows you will not harm it and will allow almost anything from you. The typeical cat however is wary of this especially from a new owner or stranger.

Bottom line .... if they do it, you must have really scored some kudo points with the feline in question and means they truely do love you something ferce ha ha.

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Sep 24 @ 9:57PM  
mine has always rolled over......looks up at me with those begging eyes, and i have to bend and give it a good chin scratching or the toe rub on the tummy.

he used to rush to the door when i came into the apt as a baby, but soon learned "mama" made a beeline to the bedroom to take off shoes asap. he got accidently booted in the butt one time. so he now lays down in front of bedroom and when he sees me wants attention that way. lol

i do so enjoy your blogs on cats. thank you.



Sep 24 @ 9:58PM  
How true! My cat Butchie only rolls over on his belly for my friend Reggie and myself. He had only seen Reggie a few times when he did that and now he did it again for her this evening. She is like a sister to me and he absolutely loves her.

Sep 24 @ 10:05PM  
if they do it, you must have really scored some kudo points with the feline in question and means they truely do love you something ferce ha ha.

I have two cats and they do this. They want me to rub their belly.


Sep 24 @ 10:17PM  
Wow! If you know women half as well as you know cats - you won't be single for long, methinks!

Sep 24 @ 10:19PM  
I've had all sorts of cats do that for me, even when I've only just met them...I have a habit of greeting any cat whose path crosses mine with a few very soft words and a little chirrup, then waiting to see if they want to make friends with me. Most will make friends, and come up and let me pet them, although some are a little wilder or more nervous and will just leave as quickly as they can; of the ones who do come over to make friends, many end up doing this "roll and stretch," routine after I've petted and loved and talked to them for a little while.

It's a beautiful feeling to be so trusted, and I always give them plenty of room and just let them do their thing...the last thing they want is a "tummy rub," unlike when a dog does this! If I'm patient and quiet, eventually they'll come and start rubbing up against me some more, then it's okay to pet them again.

I guess I'm blessed, or just lucky, but most cats usually sense that they can trust children and dogs, they just know when someone really loves them.

Just my .02's worth, sincerely, "Mac"

Sep 24 @ 10:57PM baby is 15, just as feisty as thinking of getting a kitten, but the problem is...would my baby girl kill it?

Sep 24 @ 11:52PM  
I,ve had my STITCH for almost 3 years and after all this time there are new things she does each week. She likes me to scratch her Belly when she is in the mood. It took a while to gain her trust but she loves it when I do it.
The amazing thing is when I awaken and she has her paw over my arm and is just staring at me while I sleep. Makes me wonder what in the world she is thinking . Vut we have a Love that is the greatest. Sometimes she,s the baby , And sometimes she,s the Mommy . But we have the greatest Love and respect for each other.
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