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why wink?

posted 10/13/2007 1:37:44 PM |
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Why do men wink at you when they have no interest in you? is it to see how many respnses they get back? i find this to be misleading and sometimes can be hurtful. has this happen to you and what are your thoughts?

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Oct 13 @ 1:41PM  
its just another button to push!

(its a guy thang)

Oct 13 @ 1:46PM  
I have received numerous winks, returned the wink, then no e-mails or other further responses, never to hear from them again. In some ways I do not understand it. But most of these people are heavy controlers. They wink, trying to get you to "initiate" the conversation. They are simply playing a control game in an effort to get a "fix" for their "habit of choice." If you e-mail this type of person after they have winked, you have fed right into their "game." Just wink back. Then if they continue by e-mailing you, its a good start.

Oct 13 @ 1:47PM  
Why do men wink at you when they have no interest in you?
Maybe they're interested, but not interested enough to think of anything to say. So why bother? No idea.

Oct 13 @ 1:52PM  
I kinda feel odd about doing that- it's somewhat impersonal. Perhaps with familiarity I would do then do that. I prefer to take the time and read someones profile and try to learn something about them- and then I email them. It's a much better approach at an icebreaker.

Oct 13 @ 2:08PM  
I will only send a wink if there were a few things in the person's profile that caught my eye, to see if there is mutual interest in return. If so, then I'll go into detail with an introductory letter.

Oct 13 @ 2:14PM  
i cannot answer your question, i never received a wink from a male

but i guess is for the same reazons females sent a wink, or send a friend request
when they are not interested in corresponding

that is what usually happens to me
my opinion is that they are players that enjoy hurting people feelings

males can behave the same way too


Oct 13 @ 2:17PM  
I have had some winks- I don't mind them so much. I do like to have a look at their profiles.... (I have a curious nature.) If Iike the profile I will say hello.

I think some men do it to get your attention... I don't necessarily think it is a bad thing.

How do men feel when they wink at people and get no response... do you think it is their way of testing water?


Oct 13 @ 2:39PM  
i wink cause i seen something about ya. leting them know they been noticed. thats why i wink. what they do with it after that is their loss or gain or nothing at all

Oct 13 @ 2:43PM  
I have received winks but have never sent a wink.

Oct 13 @ 2:50PM  
I appreciate the winks and I do like to check their profiles. I only reply if someone caught my eyes. I like some of them but I never reply them back because they are far from me.Well thanks for them..

Oct 13 @ 2:59PM  
Well, I have asked them why they wink at me, when their profile says they smoke, they are not willing to relocate, various and sundry things and they usually say, they winked cause they liked my picture.

Okay............. it is an answer anyway.

Oct 13 @ 3:01PM  
heh, most winks I get are from scammers

Oct 13 @ 3:10PM  
Complete guess:

Because there's a limit on number of emails sent. Some guys REALLY like using the "shotgun" approach: email everything that has two legs, two breasts, and a vagina.

When they run out of emails, they wink.

Oct 13 @ 3:18PM  
I think a few people hit it on the nail here. A wink is nothing more than you saying hey I think I might be interested in you, the question is are you interested in me? It causes someone to evaluate the profile of the winker and then make a decision on how to proceed based on their perception of that profile. I think maybe its less of a let down to have someone not respond to your wink then to not respond to your email. I also think it might be a tool for people who are more on the shy side or have foot in mouth syndrome.

Now why would someone wink and then not respond to your email response to their wink??? Maybe your response was in opposition of the perception they had of you, maybe they found someone else in between, maybe they are too busy, maybe they havent logged in, maybe they are now living in a van down by the river.. To make any assumptions in this scenario is borderline paranoia and a waste of time. When it is right there will be replys, there will be emails, there will be phone calls, there will be dates, there will be magical kisses and more... When it is right.

I personally havent bothered with the wink though I have replied to a couple.

I hope you have better luck in the future with your winks in the future...


Oct 14 @ 4:09AM  
They send you winks because there is something about you that they like.

Personally I think that you are cute and have a great profile and seem ambitious, so I am going to send you a wink too. We are pretty far apart but my intent would be more serious if you lived within 40 miles of my home, Oh well.
Take it as a compliment when you get them.

Oct 14 @ 1:58PM  
I winked at you because you wrote this blog
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