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Addicted to.... being Sick.... How to recognize them

posted 1/30/2008 11:04:00 AM |
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There are a bunch of people out there (and maybe here on MD, too) who are addicted to being sick.
They have always some kind of disease, sickness, or at least a cold lurking.

You may recognize them easily because they are always swapping symptoms, and because their knowledge of any drug known to mankind seems to surpass your doctor’s library.

Living with such a person is like a sickness contest (or should I say a “sick contest”?)
If you have a cold, he will have the flu, which could turn into bronchitis, which could lead to pneumonia, which could end with death.
If you have the blues, she will have a full-blown depression.
If your back hurts, he can’t get out of bed for two days.
If you brake a leg, she’ll brake both legs.
If you need a pain-killer, he’ll pop them like candy, and it will barely make a dent into his pain, either.
If you have a toothache, she’ll need five teeth pulled.
You’ll never know when you start the evening, if you’ll be spending the night at the ER.
When coming from a doctor appointment, she’ll tell you what an idiot the doctor is, how he never wants to understand her, how he never writes the correct prescription, etc.
He’ll be in love with all the ER nurses, especially when they give him shots and then ask: “does it hurt?”

If you live with such a person, you may often wonder: “Where is the limit?” After a while, his/her schemes fall flat, because….. the whole thing is evidently only a very self-centered person desperately seeking attention. Attention from family members and friends, from doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and sometimes from complete strangers (especially those who hang out in ER waiting rooms.)

But attention is not all; there is generally a good dose of laziness involved as well.
Hypochondriacs would rather drag themselves from bed to couch to bed all day, than help with anything around the house, let alone go to work and earn a living. Their aches and pains are a perfect cover-up for being lazy. Who would dare reproaching the lack of help around the house when he’s in the ER?

Would you like to share your life with such a person?
Probably not.
Then keep this list handy and when in doubt, check on it. If you diagnose your (future) partner as hypochondriac….. RUN….!
Run as fast as you can….
Because THEY will never learn….

by Travelwoman

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Jan 30 @ 11:09AM  
Oh yeah? Well I've lived with someone who was REALLY sick!

Jan 30 @ 11:10AM  
Boy howdy, do I know a few of these types. One afternoon at our local club a lady asked the other ladies at her table if anyone had an aspirin. Literally, 6 women were pulling more drugs out of their purses then were found in an FBI evidence room.

A woman I know approached me the other evening and simply said, "I'm sick". I said, "Of what"? I told her to stay away from me go home and get over it.

Jan 30 @ 11:13AM  
My aunt is a hypochondriac.

The doctors are always wrong
and she isn't really happy until she is REALLY sick,
so she can say "See, I told you so".
It's pathetic.

Jan 30 @ 11:19AM  


Literally, 6 women were pulling more drugs out of their purses then were found in an FBI evidence room.

Sounds like my former work place. Somebody says she has a migrene, and there you go.... from Tylenol to narcotics, they have it all...


"See, I told you so".

Don't they all? All the time?

Jan 30 @ 11:19AM  
Hey Jim is your aunt my mom???

Jan 30 @ 11:33AM  
Saturday Night Live has a character named "Penelope", who is always trying to "one up" everyone. She would probably say: I invented illness! Hmmmm, I've had cancer for 500 years, Hmmmmm, I've survived 100 worldwide epedemics Hmmmm, Illness is my best friend! Hmmmmm, We're getting married today! Hmmmm.

Jan 30 @ 11:35AM  


We're getting married today!

... remember: RUN !!!!!!!!!!

Jan 30 @ 11:40AM  
I might, but I might not.


Jan 30 @ 5:35PM  
It's generalizations and condemnations like this that often lead people with both undiagnosed and certain diagnosed chronic conditions to either withdraw further from society or to blow their brains out.

Thank you very much.

Jan 30 @ 5:49PM  
well heres what i think about all of not feeling well.......this blog must have made me sick....hehhehehehe...cookie

Jan 30 @ 6:10PM  
Yes, some are also described as "Zippers"
Why? Because they've had many surgeries as well!
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