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Can drinking tea dehydrate you?

posted 3/30/2008 11:31:08 AM |
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Have been noticing lately that I am a bit dehydrated and was thinking what’s the deal, I have been drinking plenty of tea lately.Then it came to me, isn’t tea, as in Black tea supposed to be a diuretic, if so maybe it is mostly passing through and not staying in the body to rehydrate.

There is so much talk in the media about the benefits of tea these days and a lot of us are drinking it more,but when you exercise or work in warm environments and perspire, maybe tea is not good to drink during these times.

I know athletes drink a lot of Gatorade or Power Aid,but there is a lot of sugar in that stuff and I don’t want to get in the habit of drinking sugar drinks all the time.

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Mar 30 @ 11:43AM  
yes both coffee and tea are dieuretics,your best bet if your excersising is to drink LOTS of water,they do make drinks that replace your eletrolites that have reduced sugars,you should be drinking 8oz of water about every 20 minutes when excersising or working in warm/hot climates,plus a WELL BALANCED diet will help keep your electrolites balanced

Mar 30 @ 11:45AM  
Water, water, plain, unadulterated water.

You don't need fancy drinks. It's water alone that your body craves. Drink at least 64 oz. a day.

Mar 30 @ 11:52AM  
I was told by a doctor and have read it a few times since, you should be drinking half your weight in water everyday. If you weigh 150 lb., drink 75oz. of water. Drink an extra 8oz for every cup of tea you drink.

Mar 30 @ 12:11PM  
I rent a reverse-osmosis water filtration system (culligan) for my kitchen sink water and its great - no bottles to junk up the environment and really clean water to drink and cook with. It's about $25/month but its cheaper and better than buying all those bottles of water ... just a thought!

Mar 30 @ 12:13PM  
If you are looking for something with a bit more flavor than water, eat fruit (or add lemon and grade B maple syrup to your water) -- lots of naturally sweetened water plus good vitamins and minerals. Stay away from that sugar or aspartame sweetened stuff. Not only will it not quench your thirst, it will make you crave more food -- especially sugars. No caffeine herbal teas should also not dehydrate, but the best for your body is raw fruit -- including cucumbers and tomatoes.

Mmmmm, now I am hungry...

Mar 30 @ 12:22PM  
Herbal teas are excellent,, cold or hot! Green tea is also very good.
I find though that an orange really helps quench the thirst.

Mar 30 @ 12:22PM  
The diuretic effects are due to the caffeine. But though tea has less than coffee, if you are well-hydrated you will see its effects.

Water is the best means of hydration under normal circumstance. Unless you are putting enormous amounts of stress on your system (pro athlete level workouts), you don't need all the sugars and electrolytes (nor chemicals and paint pigments) found in products like Gatorade. A very-sweaty after-workout drink of a big glass of OJ cut 50% with water, and a dash of salt will do the trick.

You can overdose on water, however, so as in all things, use moderation.


Mar 30 @ 1:25PM  
Great comments everyone.

I rent a reverse-osmosis water filtration system (culligan) for my kitchen sink water and its great

Yeah I have been thinking about finding as clean water source because I want to get away from the environmental impact of bottled water, not to mention the affect on the body of the plastic components that leach into the water from the bottles.

The problem with reverse osmosis and even distilling if your source water is Chlorimated [a combination of Chlorine and Ammonia] as in my area, nether of those two methods removed the Chloramines, which by the way is dangerous to fish and can not be used in Kidney dialysis, so why do they think It is safe for the public to drink?

If I could afford $5,000 for a well, I would get one put in.

you don't need all the sugars and electrolytes (nor chemicals and paint pigments) found in products like Gatorade

Never heard that, how are the paint and chemicals getting in there?

A very-sweaty after-workout drink of a big glass of OJ cut 50% with water, and a dash of salt will do the trick.

Yeah I have done that before minus the salt, I’ll give it a try with the salt add.
Watermelon is good too,I get a big boost when I eat it after a workout,maybe it is the perfect electrolite energy replacement food.

Mar 30 @ 5:05PM  
right about watermelon .....
it is damn near the best food next to mother's milk.
delicious. wet. fibrous. filling. yum.....

water sucks. water is boring.

tea fries my tongue. tannic acid?

i drink strong Puerto Rican coffee ... Bustelo.

where is the evidence that aspartame makes you hungry and fat?

Mar 31 @ 11:09PM  
Green tea is healthful, decaf, and only hot. For some reason the same green tea in cold form isn't as healthful.

Apr 3 @ 3:28PM  
I love tea........... it is a is watermelon.......... coffee and tea........any tea...............will do's soo tasty and really hard on the is not good........

Apr 3 @ 4:17PM  
Yes absolutely!

I live in a hot country.. My father who is a builder, was noticing last year how his stomach was getting upset.

The Doctor, advised he drank less tea. The tea was, as well as the heat of the day, dehydrating the body, and the stomach is one of the first organs to be affected by it.
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