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And you thought you saw....everything?

posted 4/3/2008 11:23:38 AM |
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tagged: man, pregnant

A man having a baby!

Can you actually imagine???

A woman..turned male.... then getting married....and then getting pregnant?

[direct question removed]

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Apr 3 @ 11:31AM  
Thats wrong. If you wanted to have a baby you should have stayed a woman.........

Apr 3 @ 11:32AM  
As far as bothering me goes, I really don't care. My question is why is this such a big news story? A man with all his male parts having a baby, ok I can see being a big scoop, but he still has all his woman parts on the inside so I fail to see why this is so remarkable.

Apr 3 @ 11:34AM  
>>> The Telegraph <<<

Apr 3 @ 11:36AM  
Would this bother you..if you were their neighbors?

No, this would bother me more if this was my husband

Apr 3 @ 11:49AM  
I hope the baby doesnt suffer because of the parents choices.

Apr 3 @ 11:51AM  
I cant wait to see them at the pta !

This is my mom and my ummmmmmmmmm.........

if a dad is actually a mom......

would that me him / her a mad or a dom?


Apr 3 @ 11:55AM  
Would this bother me?? Likely no...I would have some damned good laughs over it however.

Weird as a football bat comes to mind

Apr 3 @ 12:03PM  
People today seem to have gender issues.

Apr 3 @ 12:04PM  
did she go f herself ?

Apr 3 @ 12:35PM  

ok .that was funnie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apr 3 @ 12:37PM  
Just imagine the cheek... where do these people get their balls from ?

Apr 3 @ 12:52PM  
I was shocked then I went and read everything. Honestly I am not super religious or anti too much, but this is not right!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm laughing because the whole thing makes me uncomfy!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 3 @ 12:57PM  
Nothing against transgendered people.But my question is if she/he wanted to be a man why keep any female organs at all?

Apr 3 @ 1:20PM  
Some folks simply don't know a man from a woman

Take the test : HERE


Apr 3 @ 1:24PM  
But my question is if she/he wanted to be a man why keep any female organs at all?

Exactly overlord....I think they thought this was going to make them some money and with media this is sure going to do that

I can understand them having the need for a child and asking for assistance when the ' wife ' had difficulties carry full term etc and accepting help from a doctor that was prepared to help...But why post it on the internet ..if they really had this child's best interests at heart then they would have kept this a quiet as possible so that the child had as normal an upbringing as was going to be humanly possible. That is never going to happen now with all the media interest. That poor child is going to be coming into this world like an accessorry to a bloody circus parade and that is so wrong

Apr 3 @ 1:44PM  
Personaly I don't see why this is an issue to anyone but the couple involved.

As much as I strive for perfection myself I can't see that I'll ever be the one able to "cast the first stone"...

Apr 3 @ 2:03PM  
As much as I strive for perfection myself I can't see that I'll ever be the one able to "cast the first stone"...

I think alot of this 'transgendered' stuff has went way over the line.
There comes a point where the subject becomes perverse and society is supposed to accept this.
If you were born a man or a woman, that is what you are.
No amount of surgury or politcial correctness is going to change that.
Further our children are seeing this circus of 'politcial correctness'.

I'm not saying anything that most people think.
I just have the balls to say it.

Apr 3 @ 2:17PM  
the "person" coulda just ordered one of these and saved the controversy

Apr 3 @ 2:17PM  
To each his own Joshua. Thats the beauty of this world we live in. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to disagree with it.

There is absolutely no "political correctness" involved with my personal opinion on this situation. It is soley my perspective. "Live and let live" works for me. Keeps me stress free and focused on my self.

Cute video by the way.

Apr 3 @ 2:21PM  
hmmmmmmmmm ............very interesting......... yet they can't find the common cure for the cold.............

Apr 3 @ 2:25PM  
If they wanted to have a baby, I wonder why the wife is not having it?

Apr 3 @ 4:10PM  
I Guess Joshua is "THE MAN."........He has the B*lls to say it!

Pun Intended................Now about that video?...Rocky Horror...?...Memories of Long ago................

Apr 3 @ 7:36PM  

Apr 3 @ 7:44PM  
Oh now thats just gross.
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