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Learn To Forget The Past And Move On

posted 4/30/2008 9:35:34 PM |
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It is stupid to live in the past, hold on to painful and negative memories, whip ourselves in anger and fret and fume with self-pity. But most of us do just that. We need to ask ourselves if it is worth holding on to these memories in our mind’s vaults.

These are toxic memories that can damage you every day for the rest of your life. Let us do a cost-benefit analysis of whether it is worth the trouble to live with pain, helplessness and anger.

We cannot build a future on our broken past. So start healing yourself today as life is short and time is of essence. If we do not deal with our pain, it will slowly devour our insides.

If we want to take a happy step into the future, it is important we bury the burdens of the past. Our present is much more valuable than the past but we are wasting it dwelling on a past that cannot be repaired or changed. It is the present that can change for all of us as we are in charge of it.

Junk self-pity starting today. All of us have bad experiences with people or go through trauma because of some unpleasant incident. Dealing with it only makes us stronger and helps us think logically and unemotionally.

Forgive all those who caused you hurt. This is absolutely crucial as otherwise you will carry the anger to your grave. It takes both magnanimity and courage to forgive but you must have both to heal yourself. The moment you forgive completely from the depths of your heart, you will feel light and free

You do not see yourself as a suffering human being anymore, but as someone who has a new confidence and a new direction. You transform yourself from a victim to an empowered individual. You start realising the value of the present and stop living in the past. You stop being self-destructive.

One good way is to give positive self-suggestions. You can also write down negative feeling and then decide it is the last time you will think of them. Or you can draw, paint or just talk to someone close to you. Re-live your pain and then let it out of your system forever.

Sometimes, you realise that you were to blame. So accept responsibility. No more will you live in shame and guilt.

Reliving the experience and then letting go requires effort, energy and strength. But when you do, you will feel lighter than ever before. You see a new world emerge before you. It is important to let go off the self-destructive anger, you have been holding on to all these years.

Tell yourself you have the power now to let go and do it. Don’t allow any of it to linger on, as you will again be encircling what you hate most. Only then, can you move beyond suffering to discover a new you — a self that accepts every moment of life is wonderful and beautiful.

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Apr 30 @ 9:42PM  
Excellent blog! ~*~

One thing, I don't live in the past, but I am so thankful of having lived it.
As horrific as part of my past was, it has helped to mold me into the
person I am today, ..and I think without my past experience I wouldn't be
who I am, in fact I know I wouldn't have. I like me, .. and years ago I
probably wouldn't have been able to say that.

Apr 30 @ 9:46PM  
Can't change the past...Live in the Now, only thing to do. Hey, are you guys going
to have the annual campout in your part of the state this year??? Oh, Hi Wes...

May 1 @ 3:36AM  

EXCELLENT insight and new direction for you, hon. Keep strong and keep an eye on the prize: a sense of peace, confidence, optimism, and a content future.

May 1 @ 5:30AM  

May 1 @ 7:30AM  
Very good blog ! I sometimes, thought that the lessons I learned from the past would help me in the future . Like to be more smarter this time. But there are some things in our past, that we are not willing to let go .

Now, I agree with you , it is stupid to live in the past, holding on to painful and negative memories ( like, who doesn't have those ? ). But sometimes, it is a "wake-up call" telling you that, even though Life is ... what it is . ONLY you can change that in the future . It doesn't ALWAYS have to be this way .

Thank you for sharing ! You're a good man . And, a wonderful Soul.

Kudo !


May 1 @ 3:15PM  
Forgive, forget, and move on. It takes time, but its the recipe for getting over heartbreak.

Can't forget laughter..

Keep on rocking Wes.
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