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Eating Gizzards...

posted 5/17/2008 9:33:20 AM |
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“Euuuwwwwwww! What are they? You can eat those?”

That’s what a friend asked me when I mentioned that I had gizzards for dinner. Gizzards are that muscular pouch that birds have above their stomach that chews up their food. (Birds can’t chew with their beak, ya know.) The gizzard, before it is cleaned for consumption, is full of small rocks to help the bird grind up whatever they eat. (Birds need to eat rocks, ya know.)

Gizzards are a chewy, dark meat with occasional layers of really chewy gristle. It is quite reminiscent of wild game meat, which is probably the healthiest meat you can eat. Wild meat was the only kind of meat our ancestors ate. It’s hard to argue with a million years of successful evolution. (That is just another belief, ya know.) Maybe I eat them simply because my mother always cooked them, from either chickens we butchered or pheasants we hunted. (Those days are coming back, ya know.)

So how does a unusual animal part become a delicacy… instead of scraps that can be left for the slaves? It is merely our beliefs. Nothing more. I’ve eaten goose liver soup at the finest restaurants. Do we believe that we can taste the torment and tears that these poor geese have endured? Why not? Look at what veal goes through. I prefer gizzards. If we want to believe that gizzards are one of the best bargains left in the supermarket, more power to us.

I cook/steam my gizzards in a saucepan with a quarter inch of water. Vegetables like potatoes and carrots can be tossed in along with your favorite spices. Eat with ketchup. We can eat anything if we put enough ketchup, mayo, or salad dressing on it. (It’s that sugar thing, ya know.)

When you consider that we are what we eat, we should eat meat that is similar to the body parts that we want to improve or heal. I also eat the cartilage off of chicken legs and thighs… to prevent arthritis (I can believe whatever I want, ya know.). Vigorous chewing, essential for strong, healthy teeth, is hard to find in this era of processed foods. Why do you think gelatin is good for our nails? All this doesn’t say much for gizzards (We don’t have gizzards, ya know.) unless we categorize gizzards as an organ tissue. Hearts are often included in the packaging. What is that telling us?

[WARNING: Do not eat brains or spinal chords. There is just too much energy swirling around prions at this time.]

Of course, there are realists out there who will argue that all proteins are completely broken down into amino acids before being reassembled for our body to use. Bull f*cking sh*t!! Not in my body. No sirreeeeee! Over my dead body. Every conceivable configuration of any fragment of any molecule of food we consume can slip past the stomach walls, tiptoe around the liver, swim in our blood, laugh at the metabolic pathways, get suited for antibodies, and asks, “Where can I fit in?”

It is easy to believe that more fragments get through as we age, too. Maybe some of us should become vegetarians. Ask your ancestors. Check your blood type?

Oh hell! Let’s me confess. Gizzards at Walmart sell for $1.38 a package. The next cheapest package of meat goes for about $2.80. I can’t help myself. I’m cheap.

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May 17 @ 9:51AM  
Gizzards are good.. I like them any way they are fixed.. They are actually a comfort food in that they remind me of my Mother LOL...

May 17 @ 9:53AM  
Gizzards rule!! I used to get them deep fried when I was in Tennessee. Just add a little (well, alot in my case) HOT SAUCE and you are all set!!

May 17 @ 9:54AM  
You brought back some memories. When I was a kid growing up we used to fight for the gizzard and liver from the chicken. Being from the mid-south, of course it was floured and fried. We usually had fried chicken on Sundays. We were more than willing to help cook because we'd most likely get the prize

Cute blog.

May 17 @ 10:55AM  
OP: Yup, you brought back some good memories for me, too. I can remember fighting for the heart, gizzard and what we used to call "unborn eggs" found inside the chicken my mom purchased from the butcher shop...the one with straw on the floor! When there are 4 children, it's not an easy feat.

I use gizzards in my cooking quite're right about the taste and price...but, I'm not so sure that, as an "organ" meat, it is one of the most healthy?
I steam them, par-boil them and then pan fry, cut them up and add them to soups and them with or without ketchup....add them to stuffing.

Anyone got any ideas how else to add them to our menu? I also enjoy hearts, prepared much the same way.

A kudo is on its enjoyable Blog...

Knittin kitten


May 17 @ 11:49AM  
I make them two ways…
One is if your familiar with beans in red sauce? Well, I put them in a sauce pan with two cans of tomato sauce (not pasta sauce the little cans) a potato or two or three is small cubed, then a large can of beans. I use pinto beans. Now the spices.. Adobo, Sazon Goya. ( with coriander & annatto) and you cam put in onion or onion powder.. You simmer till the potatoes are cooked. I usually serve it over white or yellow rice… Note… don’t be afraid to use spice… try it and if it’s bland, just add a bit more… but, remember too much and it can be too salty..

The second way I make them is, I put them in a frying pan with enough water to cover them… add all the same spices as above. Cook till water evaporates then add some butter or margarine. Then stir and cook till all is covered, about two or three minutes… Again I serve with rise… Sometimes I’ll make just the beans with out the gizzards in it and serve that over rise and pan cooked gizzards on the side….

Even if you don’t like gizzards you can cook the beans that way and serve over rice and pare with any meat selection.. It’s so good!

May 17 @ 12:02PM  
Gizzards are one of my favourite comfort foods! I fry kids love them, too.

My other favourite comfort food is liver. Yea, I know, ya'll KNOW I'm weird now, but I LOVE liver and onions with bacon! My mom used to make it, and my dad LOVED it, so it reminds me of good times at home when my family was intact.

May 17 @ 12:25PM  
I LOVE liver and onions with bacon!

I've never had it with bacon.... wow, that sounds good....

My Mom used to buy chicken liver... I'd fry it up with mushrooms and garlic and onion powder and some butter... again, over rice... Mom loved it!
I really need to try liver with bacon.... I think beef liver would be best with that...

May 17 @ 1:09PM  
Liver is good...Especially fresh, when we butchered a steer I would take the Liver right
away and put it in a pan of Really cold water...let it set in the fridge overnight and the
next day, Yummy the best Liver Ever.

When we were kids to stop the fighting over the Innerds (as we called them) she would
cut them up and put them into the stuffing so we all got some...

May 17 @ 1:15PM  
Opps, still early here in the Pacific Northwest...not enough coffee...My Mom cut up the

May 18 @ 2:43PM  
Wow...liver and onions and bacon....Now we're going back into "college" mode. Where I went to college, this was Thursday night's dinner. For some reason, it seemed that nobody liked it and many went out for pizza...

I LOVED IT....could always get all the helpings I wanted....I even brought some back to the dorm to eat cold..later...Ya gotta taste it with bacon wrapped around it!

I have cooked both beef liver and calve's liver. Enjoy them both, but often find beef liver stringy and chewy. Not too long ago I tried some labeled "veal liver"...Not too happy with all the stories I hear about raising of "veal", but tried it anyway. It was, by far, the most tender and light tasting liver I've EVER had...

Sorry if that makes me a "baddy", but I WILL be buying it again....

Just had a thought about all the innerds going into the stuffing.....I think I'd rather make a deal and keep a list, getting the full enjoyment out of each of those parts, whenever it was MY turn, than settling for it all mixed up in the stuffing.

Just MY thoughts,'

Knittin Kitten

P.S. I DO hope some of you folks have tasted "chopt" liver.....ummmmmm.

Jan 14 @ 1:47PM  
I really like fish gizzards. They have about the same texture as bird gizzards, and a unique taste.

Here in the South, many convenience stores sell fried chicken livers and gizzards, but you have to catch your own fish gizzards. They are good added to chowders and stews, or just breaded abd deep fried. You can feel your arteries slamming shut as you eat them, but they are soooo good !
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